On the Indian Reserve

What ever happened to the Chicago Blackhawks? It seems like that have disappeared from the NHL entirely. No draft picks mention that would startle anyone. No free agent pickups. No trades. Nothing.

One of the original six, Chicago has lost the competition it once spat out in the earlier years of hockey. For the past decade the Hawks have struggled to get a good team going. Whether its injuries, player suspensions, team incompatibilty, or just plain bad luck, the blackhawks have experienced.

There only shining moment that I can even remember is when they made it into the playoffs a year or so ago. But that seems so long ago now.

All their good players have been sent elsewhere or seem to have just dropped off the map. Andrei Nikolishin, a pretty good defenseman, the only one for Chicago at least, was just traded this offseason. Tyler Arnason was expected to be a up and coming but that was oversold. He never developed into the allstar every fan wanted him to become.

Eric Daze is no longer a mentioned name on espn come hockey season. Steve thomas made the right decision by going to the ducks. And speaking of birds, Tony Amonte flew to Philadelphia. Chelios was sent to the red wings. And Joselyn Thibuilt is now working at a nut and bolt factory downtown. And Therien Fleury is in AA for years to come.

I sure would be unhappy with the Chicago management if I was a Blackhawks fan. There is no excuse, and a salary cant cut it for that big of an excuse.

Bottomline: The Blackhawks need to sharpen their hatchets.

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  1. aaron says:

    Uh…Nikolishin’s a forward.

    And ppl say *my* information was off.

  2. defenestrate says:

    “I’ll take cheap ownership and idiotic general managers for $200.00, Alex.”

  3. Cyrax89 says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! A Blackhawks post? Thats very rare. I was starting to wonder if people even rembered about them.

    It’s funny though for an original six team you realy don’t hear much about them anymore.

  4. AVS4NYR says:

    I wouldnt worry about the BlackHawks that much. They have some of the best prospects in the NHL. They have just signed Vorobiev. This guy will make up for Fleury and Amonte combined. They have a great defenseman in the Making in Anton Babchuk. The guy is 6’6. They have a lot of other great prospects. The fact that they arent making any trades is kinda strange because they didnt have such a great season last year. And someone has to fill in for Fleury. Maybe Smith is hoping for the Russians to fill in(Vorobiev, Yakubov, Babchuk, etc.)

  5. titans says:

    Blackhawks…Blackhawks??? Hmmmm don’t they run a casino in eastern Michigan?

  6. Aetherial says:

    I actually think they are in a sorrier state than the Leafs and that is something coming from a Leaf fan!

    Honestly, I don’t get it. They have one of the largest markets in the U.S. and a rich hockey tradition.

    This team is going nowhere, now, and for the forseeable future. A very sad state for an original 6.

  7. mattf says:

    the chelios trade was years ago, what about roenick and belfour? michael goulet? what is your point? chicago has problems marketing their hockey team (even within their own city – remember the broadcasting fiascal with tv networks?)…and thibault i dunno wtf your point is. his save percentage and gga was pretty darn good compared to where the team finished. review your info before you bite your tongue, again

    daze still remains an elite forward, a perrenial all star….you also fail to mention their upcoming and rising talent. they ARE a young team, calder/bell/arnason all under 25

  8. kozzy_ says:

    I think all he is trying to say is they suck…..

  9. kozzy_ says:

    Ya see? We don’t need to swear at each other…sarcastic comments are oh so much better!

  10. Slavik says:

    okay well here is soem good news for you,

    the blackhawks have prolley the best prospects in the NHL, unfortunantley they have been int hat position for 5 years,or close to it.

  11. Boggie13 says:

    ya granted the hawks have a decent farm system..but ummm what about steve sullivan? mike bell? kyle calder? oh and some dude named eric daze,he missed the first month/month and a half of last season but he still is decent and some russian dude…unnn alexi zhamnov? granted they’re no amonte or J.R..and they have no Belfour..but thibulit, is a DECENT netminder…granted hes not Belfour.and steve passmore is an aright backup,..and not to be a prick,but a friendly reminder that AMonte went to phoenix first,cause GM mike smith didnt agree with amontes demands then he was delt to philly, So i dont agree with some moves that MIke Smith has made,and ya some players have gotten really frustrated in the windy city(boris marinov im looking at you) and went about it as a cry baby,and to this very day i dont understand at how they handled michael nylander,now with chris simon with NYR and nikolishin in the avs sweater, a side from a few draft picks washington is probly laughing at the hawks for letting nylander go for now,pretty much nothing. and the chelios trade,well the dude,as much as i despise him,he did deserve a few cups,and the redwings did compensate the hawks farily nice,but chelios was 5 years ago,so you cant really blame him..but i believe the hawks just need to get thier ass’s in gear and they will be atlest a 5-6th seed in the west 2-3 years from now…

  12. WeStSiDe says:

    Hawks have one of the best youth systems in the league. Certainly nothing great now up with the big club, pretty medicore. Their youth is good though, they are also penny pinchers. lol

  13. tmeyers says:

    Get some of those damn rag heads for me!! Ive got 3 close relatives there and we’re still waiting for the first kill.

  14. titans says:

    Speak for yourself…my potty mouth stops for nobody!

  15. defenestrate says:

    You speak with forked tongue, white eyes….

  16. defenestrate says:

    Wrong article, but it actually made as much sense here as the rest of the threads.

  17. GeniushockeyKID says:

    Give me a freeeeeaaakin break!!! the leafs make the playoffs EVERY-YEAR, how can u even compare the state of toronto to the hawks, you leaf fans do nothing but BITCH!!!

  18. dkball7 says:

    Native americans!

  19. titans says:

    Too much peace pipe!

  20. titans says:

    Yea!! Lets go kill us some injuns…ummm oh…wrong article.

  21. titans says:

    Casino entrepreneur’s!

  22. Seattleaf says:

    Holy racial discriminatory and just plain hateful comments, Batman!

  23. titans says:

    Oh there just arabs…not real people!

  24. Primis says:

    ..which is only slightly-unlike the not-so-cheap ownership and idiotic general managership of the Bulls…

    The Hawks tried Theo Fleury. What more do you need to know about how a franchise thinks it can improve its team?

    Seriously. As a Wings fan it’s been painful to watch the Hawks be this bad for this long. They need new ownership in there and fast.

    — Primis.

  25. hockey_man_018 says:

    uh, man, just make sure you know what positions people play before you criticize the team. thanks

  26. hockey_man_018 says:

    Its definately true that the Hawks haven’t done anything in the past 10 seasons, and thats mostly because they have sat idly by when their big stars like Roenick, Chelios, Belfour, and Amonte leave town. There are probably more big names that have gone, and someone correct me on this if I’m wrong, but there isn’t one big name in there rite now that they got from those four departing.

    So, I propose that this should be a team like Atlanta for instance, that keeps a veteran like Nikolishin around while they shake things up and bring in some draft picks, so that they can build through the draft. However, don’t give the younger players such a huge role so soon, like they did Tyler Arnason and Mark Bell, which probably slowed their development. If they bring in some veterans with a few years left in them to help guide the younger players, they could have a strong team 5 years down the road. If they could get a player like Fleury to clean up his act, his leadership would be vital to help the younger players mature.

    And, if Jocelyn Thibault gets some help on the defensive end, there is no problem in between the pipes for several years, because he is still a decent goalie. But defense is probably where they should start, I can’t honestly think of one big name defenseman on their roster, maybe I’m just missing one.

  27. Bishop7979 says:

    Well the Hawks at least signed former underacheiving penguin Ville Nienemen today to a two year deal.

    Just hand them the cup tonight people cuz nothing can stop them now

  28. DG says:


    Western Michigan.


  29. Kempas1 says:

    I just had to respond to this one. I wouldn´t comment on a team I had absolutely no knowledge on! Here we go: First, Andrei Nikolishin. “A pretty good DEFENSEMAN”, “the ONLY one for Chicago at least”. The last time I checked, Nikolishin played center/ winger… Chicago´s Nathan Dempsey finished last season with 28 points in 67 games, same points against avg as fe. Niinimaa, Numminen, Foote and de Vries had. Second, Tyler Arnason. “…oversold…never developed into a allstar” Arnason last season: 2nd in rookie´s overall points, 3rd in rookie´s scoring and most game-winning-goals of rookie´s! Not a allstar? He left behind rookie´s like Rick Nash, Niko Kapanen, Alexander Frolov, Ales Kotalik and Mattias Weinhandl. Third: Daze was a disappointment? Well, he could have performed better, but he left behind players like Elias, Bondra, Recchi, Amonte and Lindros, when looking at points against average. After all, he appeared only in 54 games totalling 44 points. Almost the same PAA as Brenadan Shanahan had. Was he a disappointment? Is he still a mentioned name on ESPN? Fourth: “Chelios was sent to Red Wings” YEAH, THAT HAPPENED YEARS AGO! Fifth: I have to bring up few facts about “nut-and-bolt factory worker” Thibault. He finished last season with better save percentage than fe. Martin Brodeur and DETROIT´S CURTIS JOSEPH! Better G.A.A than CURTIS JOSEPH! Thibault had 8 shutouts, CUJO had 5! Sixth: Everyone knows that Theoren Fleury has had all kinds of problems, but he is certainly not the last one. What about Hasek and his comeback? After brutally hurting another inline hockey player last May, he might not be playing at all. And let´s not forget that he attacked a reporter in 1997, after a “bad column”. You have your problems, if he even makes his comeback.

    A Blackhawk fan for 11 years, and never will turn my back at them.

  30. defenestrate says:

    Could there be something in the water? Any city that idolizes Mike Ditka definitely has issues…

  31. defenestrate says:

    Does DG stand for “Dances With Goats?” jk…..

  32. defenestrate says:

    unless he walks through another sauna door…..

  33. defenestrate says:

    oh – like baseball fans……

  34. defenestrate says:

    Are we playing “word association”? Btw, casinos are payback for the smallpox-infested blankets and the introduction of alcohol.

  35. Lafleur_10 says:

    Remember Dennis Savard. Boy that guy was absoulutley amazing with his stick handling and skating abilities.

  36. wingsfan13 says:

    I now realize that when I wrote this article that I wrote that Andrei Nikolishin is a defenseman. Believe me I know he is a center. I meant to put that Chelios was a pretty good defenseman. Picky Picky People. Im sorry for the error.

  37. wingsfan13 says:

    Man are you one hostile hockey numskull. I made one typing error in my article and you think your Christopher Columbus. And nathan dempsey is who???? So what he got 20 points. And everyone got so hyped up, especially in Chicago, over Anarson and guess who one the Calder? Barret Jackmen? Leader in rookie scoring??? Henrik Zetterberg. I was dissing the Chicago Blackhawks or their fans I was just saying that the team has fallin behind in talent. Im sure their youth is good but u also need good leaders, called v-e-t-e-r-a-n-s. I never said Daze was a dissapoint I just said that he hasn’t been in the highlights for the past year or so. About Thibult he is a descent goaltender but is really healthy as of lately or steady when it comes to stopping the puck. O yeah and guess what? Curtis Joseph sucks so u compared 2 mediocore goaltenders. Hasek brutally hurting? Come on you wuss. Its hockey. Hasek didn’t do anything besides play hockey. And how many Cups, Vezinas, MVPs, and Harts does Thibult have…..? 00000000 so ha how bout u go back in ur teepee

  38. Madskillz9 says:

    Dont make me laugh. Your A Mess. WHO GIVES A CRAP about Goulet. You say the chelios was years ago so was the roenick and belfour. and thibault is just a mistake. Chicago will not be a stanley cup contendor for at least a decade. idk what your talkin bout

  39. Madskillz9 says:

    You’ll never turn your back? Well u should think again. The blackhawks will never return to there former selves. This team is a disgrace to the NHL nothing has been done for this team in a long time and dont expect anything to happen in the future. Of all the original 6, Chicago is by far the worst.

    Chicago Blackhawks should be sold to become a new team. The Grand Rapids Griffins could beat Chicago

  40. brodeur-hymn_tribute says:

    i don’t believe my eyes… how dare you speak ill of Goulet!! not only is he a HOFer but he’s one of the best players in super nintendo NHL ’94!!!!

  41. dkball7 says:

    Don’t forget the narcotics too!

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