On the Indian Reserve

What ever happened to the Chicago Blackhawks? It seems like that have disappeared from the NHL entirely. No draft picks mention that would startle anyone. No free agent pickups. No trades. Nothing.

One of the original six, Chicago has lost the competition it once spat out in the earlier years of hockey. For the past decade the Hawks have struggled to get a good team going. Whether its injuries, player suspensions, team incompatibilty, or just plain bad luck, the blackhawks have experienced.

There only shining moment that I can even remember is when they made it into the playoffs a year or so ago. But that seems so long ago now.

All their good players have been sent elsewhere or seem to have just dropped off the map. Andrei Nikolishin, a pretty good defenseman, the only one for Chicago at least, was just traded this offseason. Tyler Arnason was expected to be a up and coming but that was oversold. He never developed into the allstar every fan wanted him to become.

Eric Daze is no longer a mentioned name on espn come hockey season. Steve thomas made the right decision by going to the ducks. And speaking of birds, Tony Amonte flew to Philadelphia. Chelios was sent to the red wings. And Joselyn Thibuilt is now working at a nut and bolt factory downtown. And Therien Fleury is in AA for years to come.

I sure would be unhappy with the Chicago management if I was a Blackhawks fan. There is no excuse, and a salary cant cut it for that big of an excuse.

Bottomline: The Blackhawks need to sharpen their hatchets.