Once Again the Media Acts as GM

Hello hockey fans! Isn’t it a joyous month of July? Things got exciting for two straight weeks, my country won the World Cup and some good changes happening in the NHL.

Yet, it seems media people get a bit mental and start shooting out ideas as rumors with “sources”.Let’s get straight to the point. I am not going to shoot the messenger, in this case HTR member pilourse, but I am really getting annoyed with the media’s speculation.

Let’s start with the Florida Panthers rumors. Yes, they are most likely looking for a goalie. Yes, they got pretty solid depth on defense. No, they won’t be trading Jay Bouwmeester for Martin Biron.

First of all, why would any team trade their top young defenseman, who scored a point a game in his last 30 games played and who is starting to have an impact, for a goalie who has been a back-up all season long and is not too young either. Why?

I mean, don’t these people think? I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a trade for Biron happening, and maybe Jay Bo is involved, but not like that. If Jay is going to Buffalo, Biron is not the only one coming to Florida. And, why make such a trade only to see a possibility that Auld gets to be a better starter? Why trade an 82 game defenseman for an approximately 25….23 game goaltender? Or even 41 games if duties are split.

Aebischer is a decent starter and lost his job to a back-up goalie in Montreal, who may start headbutting if anyone insults him. The guy is not as talented as Biron, so how would it make any sense? Maybe Souray and Aebischer for Bouwmeester? If Souray was guaranteed to play 80 games, maybe but unlikely. Again, where’s the thought put into this?

Also, why do i keep reading the names of Biron, Aebsicher, and Belfour? Whatever happened to Giguere, Nabokov, Toskala, and Legace?

Once again, the Toronto media can’t get enough players to be added on the Leafs. These guys love to ask questions to Ontario natives in hopes to hear the same old “I’d like to play for Toronto” answers. Michael Peca answered it, and the media is desperately waiting for JFJ to sign him. If I was JFJ I’d say….”Welll…….I’m not gonna, ha.” ENOUGH already! Let the poor man live in peace! If he wanted Peca, he would have signed him. If he doesn’t like what Lindros and Allison are asking, then he’ll sign him, maybe. But for now, the guy is also trying to enjoy the summer.

Another radio station goes nucking futs! The Montreal radio station CJAD mentioned the trade between Buffalo and Detroit. Yes. It makes perfect sense for the Sabres to trade their top scorer last season, a quality goalie, and a draft pick for an expensive 35-year-old center in Lang and a smallish defenseman who should turn out to be pretty good, but no guarantee.

The Hartford Courrant ran an interesting article yesterday that ended with speculation that the Rangers would trade top goalie prospect Al Montoya to the Red Wings for what the French say……”i dono`whot”. Let’s get real, please. For once, can the media just think realistic? The Red Wings have Jimmy Howard as their top goalie prospects and still have Stefan Liv. Yes people, the Red Wings are in desperate need to trade for another goalie prospect, or else….. they are doomed. I doubt the Rangers are dangling Montoya around, and if that would be true then I’d expect it to be quite a big deal. Who on Detroit would make it quite a big deal? Hmm…. yeah.

Anyway, enough with the media bashing. But, it just goes to show how lame the media can get. For example, I loved how three different Toronto news papers had completely different reports on Lindros, Allison, and Peca. Just goes to show how reliable their sources are (….not). But anyway, enough and on with…

The New Jersey Devils. Los Diablitos diran adios a Gomez. Why? Because he will be acting as Pedro Sanchez in the next hit movie titled Napoleon Dynamite in Mexico. Could you imagine that? Napoleon living in Mexico.

Anyway, the Devils are pretty much over the cap and have yet to re-sign their two key forwards in Gionta and Gomez. After Marc Savard received $4M a season, you’d imagine that would be the very least Gomez would get. So what’s to happen? He’s got to go. I can’t think of any other options for the little Devils. A most likely destination is Chicago, and maybe the LA Kings would give it a go. Not like the Devils have much power in negotiations as they have no choice but to rid of themselves of Gomez. Devils in shambles for this upcoming season? Could be a possibility.

Another rumor being spread is the idea of Brian Leetch coming back as a Ranger. There was a confusion over what would happen with Ozolinsh, and it appears that he is staying, but he will be on recovery until December. With the addition of Matt Cullen, Aaron Ward, and Brendan Shanahan, the Rangers undoubtedly are looking to give their team a more North American look to come up big in the playoffs. Brian Leetch could block guys like Liffiton, Pock, or Baranka (Marc Staal won’t be ready yet), but he could be very useful for the Rangers.

Personally, I’d welcome the guy back. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger and Brian should finish off as a Blueshirt. This isn’t the same team anymore, different philosphy, mentality, and a new kind of talent that would suit Leetch just fine.

I would try to describe how beneficial this move would be to a Rangers fan, but a fellow Rangers fan already did that in a very well written article. Joe McDonald is the writer for NYSportsday.com, and he’s got some good points about Leetch and the Rangers.

Click Here To Read The Brian Leetch Story

My other point of view is if the Rangers end up signing Leetch, then Michal Rzosival would most likely be traded (rights) elsewhere, and although his numbers are misleading, he was solid overall and is good defensive depth to have. So far Rozsival’s asking price is just not good enough, it is believed he wants a tow-year deal worth $4M, and the guy didn’t even file for arbitration. Nevertheless, look for the Rangers to make a trade prior to the start of the season, and most likely after training camp/pre-season, due to their depth on defense.

Well hockey fans, we got about 83 days left for Game 1 of the 2006-2007 season. May seem long, but time will fly.

As always, thanks for reading….


Miguel Peroniguez

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  1. wheresthesoda says:

    mik, like usual good article. Completly agree with u on the media, i love to see bashing on them. Anyway the whole Ozo and Leetch, Rangers searching for the final defensman, if Ozo is expected to take 6 months to recover from this surgery, then i dont really expect him to play more than 10 games as a ranger, and even if he plays those 10 games, its to showcase him for a trade.

    i read the article on nysportsday.com, and the guy had some great points, and he makes it seem like the Rangers will sign him, but i still have that doubt, bc leetch and slats left on bad terms, kinda like my last job. …anyway if ozo isnt back for camp, then i’d expect roszival to come back, or they bring in leetch.

    Pock cant just come into the league and be the PP Qb, of a PP that features Shannahan and Jagr. But if they do keep roszival, Cullen can play the point on the PP, which i believe he did in Carolina, and they can also have Tyutin on the point. so the top unit would have tyutin and Cullen on the point, and shannahan, jagr and maybe prucha down low.

    well, i just cant wait for the season to start, finally a season-home opening game

  2. DeathCab says:

    It’s good to see someone bash the media behind the horrible rumors, and not us poor fans of the teams that those rumors are about.

    And I don’t know how much Biron would like being in Florida, considering Auld played very well last year, and Biron is looking to be the undisputed #1. He may have to settle, and actually play well enough to keep a guy like Auld at bay.

  3. Enigma says:

    JFJ gets payed to improve the team, not enjoy the summer. If he were done making moves why not just say so ? it would end most of the speculation.

    Florida would definitaly be stupid to trade Jay for an average, 30 something goalie, however I am surprised that Legace isn’t signed yet, be it florida or any other team.

  4. Bruins4771 says:

    Wow mikster you almost had me until the Brian Leetch thing. I think if you want to talk about fan based perpetuated rumors, that one takes the cake. Brian Leetch has come out and said previously, its Boston or retirement. He could definitly change his tune and sign somewhere, but Im not so sure he feels he has anything left to prove.

    No doubt he loves the fans in NY but hates the mgmnt. Plus he isnt even what the rangers need. The rangers need an impact defenseman in his prime. I love Leetch, unreal classy guy, but he is a top four guy at best now.

    Look at Ray Bourque when he played in Colorado. They acquired Blake in the end of his prime (but still his prime) and had Adam foote as the work horses, allowing Ray to be what he was at that point, a 3-4 guy. That KILLS me to say that, but its true. And the following year Ray hung them up. I see Leetch in a B’s uniform next year and a suite the following doing tv analysis.

  5. Matt20 says:

    all i have to say is….. Zidane is a terrorist! lmao and of course! FORZA AZZURI!!!!!!

  6. detY192003 says:

    Funny Legace was brought up, 2 nights ago I was reading an article about him on TSN. According to his agent they havent even recieved calls! Which I find funny. Legace like the rest of the wings, die at play-off time, he only looked good stats wise cause he was on a splended team. Is he good, sorta.

    Right on about the media, they just start stuff to get people going get ratings and stuff like that.

  7. ranger_fan says:



  8. kamullia says:

    MIKSTER!! I did not know you were Italian!? You are alright then, I do not care what everyone else keeps saying about you in my messages or what team you route for in the NHL (they’re losers anyway!). *Running* “I’m kidding! I’m kidding! Put the stone down!”

    But from one Italian to another:

      Porca troia! Siam’ campioniiiiiiiii. Come è bello il tricollore. Ma vada a fa’ Zidane e i Francesi. Tanto non è niente altro che un figlio di mignota. Un porco stronzo. L’unica cosa che mi farebbe piu contento che battere i Francesi e vincere i mondiali, sarebbe stato Elle McPherson facendomi un pompino mentre battiamo i Francesi e vinciamo i mondiali! FORZA AZURRI CAZO!!

    For everyone who needs a translation for the above, sorry but you will have to look it up. My mother does not let me use that kind of language on the internet.

  9. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Gomez or Gionta would look good on a line with Crosby and the Pens have the prospects to trade for one of those two

  10. mikster says:

    Well, not like he has to be in his office 24/7 answering and making phone calls. He’s got a staff to do that as well and everyone is enjoying the summer right now. JFJ could be golfing in the morning, negotiate in the afternoon, and go out to have dinner.

    As for Jay Bo, i agree with you.

  11. mikster says:

    Well….yeah, Leetch did say that but i don’t see Boston going for him either. They need muscle as they have a lot of two-way d-men who are not so strong on D, except for Chara.

    I know Leetch is not a primary need, but he’d be useful nonetheless, especially for a PP with Jagr. The Rangers could definitely use his skating abilities and on ice vision on rushes.

    I’d like to see him become a Ranger, and who knows…maybe he and Slats call it truce. We shall see.

    You make some very good points though, good job.

  12. mikster says:

    I still think he is worth having as a back-up. It surprises me that he isn’t signed yet because even though he was on a good team that made him look good, he is not a bad goalie. He’s pretty good and can win a few by himself.

  13. mikster says:

    Of course i know people talk behind my back!

    And, i really laughed at that. A chi lo dici, questi francesi me stanno faciendo incazzare. Primo, sono italiano e gia` ci odiamo, secondo sono anche americano e cio` doppio odio!

    Forza Azzurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri! EJA EJA FORZA AZZURRI!

  14. TML51 says:

    You can tell who are the “seasoned” hockey fans in here.

    You hit it right on the head Mikster. Where I used to work quite a while ago, we had an old saying…”If ther isn’t a rumour by ten…start one.”

    The same applies to the media in any sport, at either the trade deadline or free agency period. News sells…fuel the fire..etc etc.

    I find it rather humerous that sites like “Eklund” post info that Anson Carter has signed with the Leafs for 2 years, then we all find out that there is no such deal. All speculation. But this is what feeds the fire..and in my case as a leafs fan, leads to Leaf bashing as “Every free agent is going to Toronto.” Don’t blame the fans…it’s the media who reports this to the fans. The fans like to dream too, you know. Pushing 40 years without a cup is frustrating. You saw the celebration for the Italian soccer win…imagine what Toronto would be like if the Leafs actually won the cup!! You can’t fault the fans for not being passionate…but it is the Canadian media that helps to fuel that, by speculating a little too much. Personally, I feel the Leafs are in a no-win situation. If they don’t sign anybody…fans lose it and berate the team ownership. When the do sign people…critics state that they overpay and are doomed to failure. They the media throws it’s two cents in by playing soft music and performing a eulogy and two minutes of silence for the fallen Leafs…and its only JULY!!

    Thanks for reading my rant…

    And one last shot at the Media…who wrote Caroliana off as “over achieving”. Isn’t that what it takes to win? Isn’t that what competition is all about? No worries…they’ll still say Detriot is a lock of the cup…and when some fast, young team (Buffalo, Edmonton, Carolina) “Over achieves” next season…we’ll have the whole discussion again!

    Can’t await for October!!

  15. mikster says:

    I agree, but if you were Lou, would you really want to trade Gomez to a division rival with Malkin, Crosby and possibl Staal?

    Pens need a 1st line winger.

  16. kamullia says:

    Poi via, il pallone d’oro se lo meritava Cannavaro che ha giocato bellissimo dalla prima al’ultima.

    Zidane si e fatto vivo solo dopo tre partite, e poi ha fatto quella cazatta di testatta nella finale. Cannavaro si è comportato come un vero gentil’uomo tutto il campionato. Come puzzano i Francesi!!!

    Ma non importa, gli facciamo un culo grande cosi nella prossima Coppa Europa anche senza Lippi. Gia vedrai.

  17. bartsch says:

    Don’t know many people named Miguel who like hockey.

  18. bartsch says:

    deutschland vor! du italienischen schwule

  19. thatleafsguy says:

    …there are canadians who have the name miguel you know…..

  20. nj814 says:

    give us malkin and you can have the rights to both of them even tho itll suck to lose them we probably will eventually anyway

    Malkin is allowed to play this year right?

  21. kamullia says:

    More like Germany THIRD! What a shame, and in your own country! Tsk Tsk Tsk It obviously stings that you have to come out and ridicule yourself by attacking me being completely out of context.

    Y el unico maricon que hay aqui eres tu, come mierda! Siempre hay un pendejo en cada rincon y hoy fue un Aleman.

  22. kamullia says:

    Short Answer: Yes, as soon as the transfer agreement paperwork between the Russian Federation, IIHF and NHL gets signed by everyone which is way overdue, so it should be soon.

    Details:Apparently the media in Russia has been leaked that Malkin’s team is still dragging their feet into signing the paperwork that everyone else has already signed in Russia, which is stupid, because their own Federation has already agreed to it. So they either sign, or the team has to disband or find some league not associated with the Russian Federation to play in (which won’t happen). They are just being babies because they didn’t get their way, but very soon they will have no choice but to finally sign it.

  23. Wills says:

    No clue what your talking about, but the Sabres would be crazy not to take that trade and get Kronvall. The guy came back from a major injury and still looked like a number 2 defensemen, then went on to win the MVP of the World Championships. This guy is the next Lidstrom for the Wings, and they would be crazy to trade him.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    As always, a great article. I have to agree with the Bouwmeester rumors being pretty ridiculous. There’s just no way that you can justify trading him right now. Not when he is so young and has so much upside still. For either Aebischer or Biron, it’s ridiculous.

    As far as the media goes…as long as you have a city as devoted to hockey as Toronto and Montreal are, the media is going to keep “suggesting” things. Larry Brooks in New York has been doing it for years. It’s nothing new at all. Montoya is the Rangers’ ace in the hole when it comes to trades. I doubt he would be included in a package unless there was a big return coming the other way.

    I pretty much agree with your Leetch assessment. The Rangers flat out need someone to run their power play, and if it can’t be Ozolinsh…then Leetch could do it, as long as he’s not leaned too hard on. I still don’t like the idea of him pushing a younger player out of a roster spot. I’ve always wanted to see what Thomas Pock could do in a regular role. But the team does have certain needs, and if Ozolinsh can’t play until September…well then

    It’s obvious that Leetch isn’t in Boston’s plans. The Chara signing made that abundantly clear. So if not there, then hopefully Leetch and Sather could come to a compromise and allow Leetch to at least retire as a Ranger.

    As far as Roszival goes, now that Aaron Ward is signed, I don’t think that losing him would hurt so badly. He can be solid, but definitely not a difference maker on the blueline. Definitely not as great as some Rangers fans make him out to be. It would be nice to have him back, but if he keeps asking for a 2 year, $4 million deal, then yes, trade him, given the depth on defense. Hopefully he’ll come around.

  25. detY192003 says:

    Agreed, hes decent with an average or poor team. He’s good with a good team infront of him. Guess you could say that goes for anyone. I dunno. I did sorta like that trade that might go down with Chicago, but not involvin Kronwall. Kronwall is the NEXT Lidstrom.

  26. detY192003 says:

    I dont know much German, no italian. BUt that Italy vs USA match was awesome.. I was very surprised at Zidane. This will truely hurt his image. Does anyone remembe Woody Hayes punching the Aubrun player, killed his reptuation. No matter what, Zidane was wrong. Its too bad a great career is ruined by a moment of stupidity.

  27. kamullia says:

    Anyone who has played professional anything, and even lower leagues if well coached, knows that insults and more are common. If anything, it is less common now than ever, because of the multiple high quality cameras that follow sports nowadays, and the players are well aware of them.

    I guarantee you this was not Zidane’s first time being insulted, or that it was the worst insult he has ever heard. Having kept his cool most of his entire carreer and to lose it and end your playing in that note, is absolutely moronic. He made the loss even worse to all French by what he did. And for the rest of time the first thing that will come to mind to the vast majority when they hear “Zidane” will be a head butt.

  28. NjDEVSFN says:

    mik, you said the Devils wouldn’t be good last season…you were 50% wrong as they sucked for the first half only! the obviously didnt suck for games 83-86!

    the Devils are over the cap limit when you count Dan McGillis, Mogilny, and Malakhov.

    Now, the Devils are supposed to be on the “cap” hook for Malakhov (though he doesnt have to be PAID since he’s currently suspended/retired).

    McGillis can and will be sent to Lowell, there goes $2.2M. Now the Devils are at 40.2M

    The Devils will be able to sign their RFAs (Hale, Martin and Gionta) and if they accepted their QOs in the process have about 1.5-2M in the bank for Gomez (not enough, but a start).

    Who says Gomez will be the odd-man out? The Devils signed D-man Andrew Greene last spring. Brian Rafalski could be the one to go.

    If their is ANY GM in the NHL that can get through this situation with BOTH Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez, it’s Lou Lamoriello. All LL has to say is “boys, we’re clearing almost $10M in cap space (count Rafalski and its 14M) so if you could stick around one more season….”

  29. detY192003 says:

    I never questioned that dude, i just said its too bad a great career had to end like that, on stupidity

  30. kamullia says:

    I was just reinforcing and agreeing with your idea.

    In other words: That was stupid to blow his top off on something that he has endured many times before (and trivial), and especially the day he is retiring.

  31. cecilturtle says:

    I disagree with your opinion that it’s Boston or retirement for Leetch. Leetch might not sign with the Rangers??? But I’m sure right now he is considering it. As for Leetch being a TV Analysis… Some people are very natural and comfortable infront of a camera… Leetch is not. For the record, I have never seen Leetch act anyway other than a true professional on the Ice and off the ice when interviewed. But he looks a little too uncomfortable on TV to make it a career when he’s done playing. Anyway that is just my opinion and I would Sherly not bet the house on it. Maybe with a little experience Leetch would look more comfortable?

    Cecil Turtle

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