One by One Rating of Each Canucks Roster/Rookie/Callups

I’d just like to say thanks Juicelan for giving me this idea and that it was Juiceman’s idea first.

The Canucks right now have no offense. So, with that in mind I’m going to rate each of our guaranteed roster players up to this point. From this point on please do not read it if you are just going to point out all the flaws I may have made.

Right now the canucks look something sort of like this.

ex.Hansen, Raymond, Grabner

ex. Edler, Bourdon


So here’s my one by one rating of the Canucks Roster and Callups
starting with the first line. Keep in mind each of my rating are out of 10.

LW- D. Sedin-8.5- Daniel had another career last year with 36 goals and 48 points as well as a +19. He is part of the Canucks offense or what’s left of it and although he played tremendously well during the season one of his flaws showed during the postseason that he’s not yet at a stage where he can handle the oppositions top Dline at all costs. The other small flaw he has is he can’t produce without his brother.

C-H.Sedin-8.5-Like his brother Henrik also had another career year as well passin the record for more assists in a season with 71. He was also a big part of the Canucks offense but also had the same problem in the Postseason. The only other flaw is like the one mentioned above where he can’t play without his brother.

RW-T.Pyatt-7- Lots of people say Taylor Pyatt is just another cone for the twins to score with but at the price we got Pyatt for (4th round pick) I think he can come to be quite a steal. As well as the twins have career seasons so did Pyatt and it’s quite possible those numbers could just get better, but his big flaw is that he doesn’t use his size to his advantage. Standing tall at 6″4 and 237 pounds he could be an awesome forward if he used his size.

LW-M.Naslund-8- Although Naslund’s offense has slipped in the past couple years he is still a very important piece of our team. Last year he had 11 linemates. With that many linemates it’s tough to find chemistry. Also his plus minus stat improved this year with a +3 going from a -19 the year before that’s pretty good. One flaw he has to fix is to shoot more. Last year he was afraid to shoot and I think that if he keeps shooting something good will happen.

C-B.Morrison-7.5- Lots of people bash Morrison because of his 3.2 mill contract, but looking at all the contracts this year I’d say he’s of pretty decent value. Us fans probably bash him because of the same reason we bash Naslund. His offense slipped, but not just that his plus minus this year was the worst on our team. What people tend to forget is that he plays the PK, PP and obviously 5v5. A flaw he has in that I think in his mind he wants to keep this iron man streak going but who cares about that. He should rest himself if he’s sore so he can get better.

RW-R.Shannon-6.5- I didn’t really watch much of this kid last year but based on what many are saying he’s fast and can somewhat score. I put 6.5 though only because of his apparent weakness in height but hey if he scores goals then awesome.

LW-M.Cooke-7- Everyone keeps saying to sell Matt Cooke because of his 1.5 contract. This depends on the day. Cooke is a very streaky player playing some games with tons of grit and getting under the players skin. Other days he’s just skating around waiting for something to happen. I think that if Cooke played with some consistency we wouldn’t bash him as much.

C-R.Kesler-7- Based on him accepting last years offer sheet I don’t much of his loyalty to the team. Kesler was playing well last year until he suffered an injury that led to a hip surgery. If Kesler doesn’t get injured this year I think that he will play quite well and maybe get 30 points or so.

RW-J.Cowan-6.5- At the end of the season last year Career Cowan had quite a streak with 7 goals in 5 games. I see Cowan as mostly and agitator more than a scorer this season and he may pop in the odd one here and there.

LW-A.Burrows-5.5- There’s not much I can say about Burrows other than he’s a solid Pker who get’s unlucky. I think he hist something like 5 posts last year.

C-B.Ritchie-6- Don’t base him on his size. Ritchie is a feisty player who will do anything to stand up for a teammate. I see him being another agitator as well as an addition of toughness to the team.

RW-B.Isbister-5- He’s basically another Pyatt minus the average hands. I don’t how well he’ll do this year but maybe he will let go of his “untapped potential”.

Ex. RW-J.Hansen-6- He may get another callup based on his performance last year. I think he may become a good thrid liner with some offence. He’s pretty good defensively.

LW-M.Raymond-6.5- He may get a callup this year based on the all the high praise for him. If he fills out his frame a bit more I think he could see some time in the NHL. He’s also very fast and he has lots of potential.

RW-M.Grabner-6.5- Grabner is another player who may get a callup and he is also another player to look forward too. He just needs to gain a bit more and he could very well see time in the NHL this year and by next year maybe be a roster player. He’s a fast player and most of the time hardworking.


D-K.Bieksa-8.5- Bieksa resigned this year to a $3.75 mill cap hit. As soon as that happened some people began bashing him saying he’s not worth it but this year he’s playing for 550k. Bieksa is a valuable player to the team as well as being offensively and defensively sound he’s a tough player. If he can work on not making too mnay mistakes and continue his strong play this could look like another steal.

D-W.Mitchell-8- I put 8 only because he shows no offense but then again that’s not what we signed him for. Mitchell is great at shutting down the opposition’s top line and rarely takes a bad penalty.

D-S.Salo-7.5- You can’t question Salo as a good defenseman but he gets injured easily. His offense though is a value. Especially his canon shot.

D-M.Ohlund-8- Many people are saying to trade Ohlund but why? He’s great in his own end and produces pretty well and at 3.5 he’s a steal. His play may have flushed down the toilet a little but he’s still a strong Dman

D-L.Krajicek-7- He’s still young so you can’t really bash him hard. Last year we saw glimpses of his offensive potential and I think he will just keep getting better also with Miller by his side it allows him to do a little more offensive things.

D-A.Miller-6.5- Miller is a defensive rock in his own end and will prove to be quite valuable for the production and improvement of Krajicek and at 1.5 mill
he can be quite a good deal.

Ex. D-A.Edler-6- Last year Edler was called up and had a pretty good stint. Look for him to be our 7th dman this year.

D-L.Bourdon-6- Bourdon played 9 NHL games last year and was very quiet with a -1. He should be ready next year playing in the AHL though and may get a call up this year.


-10- There’s not much to say except for he’s the type of goalie all Canucks fans have been wanting for years and may be the one who leads us to Lord Stanley;

G-C.Sanford-7.5- I think he will be a worthy backup. Two years ago he was stellar against the Canucks and if he can play like that for 7 to 8 games he should be perfect as a backup.

There it is, my Opinion on the Vancouver Canucks roster one by one as well
as callups. Once again please don’t just read it to point out my flaws, and I hope you enjoyed the read.