One More Try??

According to tsn:Less than two weeks after cancelling a training program in Finland, Philadelphia Flyers forward Keith Primeau is ready to try skating again in an effort to revive his NHL career.The Flyers are cautiously optimistic, but very aware the next five weeks could spell out Primeau’s future.

Post-concussion symptoms limited Primeau to just nine games last season. The symptoms recently returned, forcing the cancellation of his Finnish training session and throwing his NHL future in doubt.

Primeau has two years and $6.84 million remaining on his contract and the Flyers, desperate to get their salary cap position nailed down, need to know Primeau’s status as soon as possible. If Primeau is forced to retire, for instance, the Flyers would get a big chunk of cap space back, with which they could acquire another player.

Or, if Primeau’s good to go, they could have their captain back.

“I’m under contract and they’d love to have me back,” Primeau said a couple of weeks ago. “I kind of put personal pressure on myself (to make a decision). I feel as though I’m under the gun personally not to hamstring them.

“They’re not going to wait for me forever.”

9 Responses to One More Try??

  1. max_fisher says:

    seriously…..he’s got to give this up. Keith, you’re one Raffi Torres hit away from serious brain injury.

  2. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    He’s gonna come back and then ten games in be out again and throw everything off. Sigh.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Interesingly enough, if Primeau retires after november 20, his 35th birthday, his salary DOES count against the cap. This means he will have to make this decision before november 20.

  4. ranford4life says:

    Is this true even if the retirement is legitimately due to injury? If so, I can’t see how that’s fair. Malakhov packing it in on the Devils ’cause he’s lazy is completely different from a Primeau pulling the chute ’cause he could be killed by another hit. Any idea?

  5. WYflyerfan says:

    If he retires do to medicle reasons it will not count against the cap. The insurance company will pay his salary. I personally would like to see him retire instead of all these attempts to come back.

  6. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Most of us would, just for the certainty.

  7. PensinWpg says:

    or just for not wanting to see him writhing and twitching on the ice after a big hit…hate to see a guy like that go out that way.

  8. Doctor says:

    this guy is becoming the barbaro of the NHL… nobody gives a shit, yet we hear about him every other day.. give it up, you were news over a year ago primeau.

  9. Andy-O says:

    This is a tough situation. On one end of the spectrum he could permantly injure himself and on the other end if you cut him you are stuck with a lack of leadership and gritty, faceoff center. I would love nothing more than see Primeau come back, but only if he is 100%. And for the love of God Clarke, stop with the shi**y signings- Sanderson?!

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