One move away from a Cup

They have the best goalie in the league, a solid defense core, and a much improved offense, the Canucks are among the best in the NHL this year. Only two teams in the NHL have more points (although San Jose, Dallas, and New Jersey are all tied with the Canucks in points).

There one top 6 winger away from being contenders (and a couple of depth moves of coarse).

One player who I think would be a perfect fit on this team is Maxim Afinogenov. He has great speed, and good hands. He’s also a cheap player too. He doesn’t have the player around him Buffalo to be effective at all, so that’s why it wouldn’t be dumb for Buffalo to move him. His value will just get lower, so now is a good time to trade him.

To Buffalo: Daniel Rahimi, Pat White, 2nd rounder
To Vancouver: Maxim Afinogenov

Pat White is a solid two way player. He is very creative, and wll become a relieble 1st line player. He is better then any player in Buffalo’s farm system (excluding Stafford), so he would be a great aquisition. He could become the number 1 centre that the Sabres don’t have (on the roster or in the farm).

Daniel Rahimi is the tough physical defensemen they need. He plays a mean game, but has very little offensive talent. He is not someone any player would like to play against.

The Canucks probably would also like the add another 3rd liner player with some offensive talent (Pyatt, Cooke, etc.). Although most teams never trade with divisional rivals, the Oilers have before (Roloson trade), and trading a guy like Torres to a divisional team won’t hurt long term.

To Edmonton: Aaron Miller, 4th rounder
To Vancouver: Raffi Torres

First of all we have to remember Kevin Lowe is an IDIOT. He’s arguably the worst GM in the NHL. He is desperate to ave his job and would give up a player like Torres, who won’t ever be a superstar, but has some potential for a 2nd pairing d man with an expiring contract. We also have to remember Kevin Lowe probably wants a defensemen very badly right now, since almost there whole defense core is hurt.

Sedin – Sedin – Pyatt
Naslund – Morrison – Afinogenov
Cooke – Kesler – Torres (most annoying line in the entire league)
Burrows – Ritchie – Pyatt (Pyatt is a waste of money)
Extras: Linden, Cowen, Rypien

Ohlund – Edler
Salo – Krajicek
Mitchell – Bourdon
Extras: Weaver


That team looks ready to make a playoff run, and it’s pretty realistic if you think about. No Streit, Ryder, and Huet for Lecavilier, and 28 1st round picks, just a couple solid players going each way in the two trades.

P.S. This does work cap wise.

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  1. MR40 says:

    Let's compare. Demitra, and Gaborik as a duo are probably just as good as good as the Sedins, except Demitra is aging.

    Rolston is a bit better then Morrison, but Naslund is better then Koivu.

    Belanger is better then Pyatt, but they both still have similier stats.
    Kesler has been arguably the best shutdown player in the NHL this year. He held Crosby to 1 shot, and 0 points. He also scored Vancouver's only goal. So he probably is more valuable then Bouchard.

    Cooke doesn't put up the stats Parrish puts up, but Cooke brings more intensity, and plays a better defensive game, so thats probably even.

    Minny has better 3rd/4th line guys, but Vancouver has better depth in case of in injury, so it's probably a tie.

    The offense's are probably tied, but the big difference is the defense.

    Kim Johnnson isn't as good as Mattias Ohlund

    Edler has been having a great season, just like Burns, so it's probably a tie.

    Bieksa is 10x better then any other defensemen Minny has.

    Mitchell is 10x better then any other defensemen on the Wild.

    Salo despite having a terrible year is 10x better then any other d man the Wild have.

    Miller is just as good as Carney.

    Vancouver's depth is better.

    Luongo is the best goalie in the NHL. Backstrom is up there, but probably not top 5 yet, and will never be top 3.

  2. MR40 says:

    White was a 2007 pick.

    The Canucks have good scouting now, they just had terrible scouting when Burke was in Vancouver. Man good selections ever since Nonnis has been here.

    They went off the board and pick Grabner, because the team needs offense (in the system and on the team offense is a problem), and there wasn't really that much separating the guy who was pick 30 and the guy who was picked 12 or anyone in between (Tlusty pretty good, but thats about it). Grabner is one of the only players drafted high, but not in the top 10, who could become a star player at the NHL level. I know he's a long ways from becoming a star, but he's already shown that his skill is 1st line skill. The real question is whether or not he can improve ability's such as his defense, physical play and attitude. As long as he can somewhat improve all 3 he will be a top line player in the NHL.

  3. MR40 says:

    The drafting the past 3 years has been great. Before that is was crap, but now it's good.

  4. jonnygf40 says:

    How can you claim to be a hockey fan and not hear of top prospects?

  5. BruMagnus says:

    Well i guess my comments musta stung if thats all you came back with.

    time will tell how 'good' the last 3 years drafting was.
    my prediction: bad.

  6. BruMagnus says:

    Ive heard Grabner is a MESS defensively and years away from NHL.

  7. BruMagnus says:

    At least you're trying, I can respect that.

    Where you say Demitra is aging to the Sedins (rightly so), I say the same for Nasi vs Koivu. I'd much rather have the younger Koivu now.

    I do agree Nucks D is quite good.. but if their D is that much better.. and the offense is tied, and I'm sure you'd say the goaltending heavily favors the Canucks.. I don't see how the teams are always so close. Minnie is 1 pt back with a game in hand… and last year finished the season 1 pt back….
    so… obviously SOMETHING of Minnie's is BETTER than the Canucks, if both the D and goaltending in Van is so much superior.
    The obvious answer would be the offense, which is ironic cuz Minnie is defensive.

    But checking out last year's stats, Minnie actually beat the Canucks in BOTH areas. 235GF vs 222 for Canucks; and 191GA vs Canucks 201….
    so.. you're wrong on all accounts. PP slightly better last year, and Canucks just edging out the PK…

    as for this year, it's still early but the Canucks are slightly leading both caterogies.

  8. MR40 says:

    He's improved his defense, but he'll never be a penalty killer, he'll be a gifted goal scorer.

  9. MR40 says:

    The word "blow" I think kind of means terrible or sucks, but thats what I think it means.

  10. MR40 says:

    The Canucks had the very worst scouting in the entire league from since there existence – 2004. Now it's around 10 – 16 probably.

  11. hemsky79 says:

    edmonton would never accept a frigen sack of pucks for miller and buffalo would never give up afinaganov for that

  12. SuitcaseSmith says:

    Pyatt is a waste of money?
    Your posting is waste of our time!!
    Time to learn a little about hockey

  13. janetjones says:

    The canucks offence went down when we let jovo go. How many times did we see Naslund coming in and then the pass out to Jovo (in from seemingly nowhere). I think are forwards are fine. Without that big threat from the point it is too easy to check our front men. Consistently teams win the cup with big clutch Lidstrom, Neidemeyer (sp), Pronger, zubov, McInnis, Coffey, Potvin, Coffey, etc, etc. Rarely does a team win without one of these guys. I like all of our defencemen but we need a big clutch guy to be able to win the cup.

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