One Player Sidelined, the Other Finished is reporting that Jason Allison has had his

season ending hand surgery and Belfour plans to have knee surgery! Allison sustained his injury on

March 25th versus the Canadiens while Belfour has

had lingering knee problems. This surely spells the

end for Allison’s career in Toronto and Ed Belofur’s

playing career.

Belfour will retire with 1 stanley cup, 2 vezina trophies, 3 jennings trophies, 1 calder trophy, 457 wins, 303 losses,111 ties, and 4 over-time losses

in 905 career games played. He is garunteed a spot

in the Hockey Hall Of Fame. So for the final time

I wanna do this chant, “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!”

6 Responses to One Player Sidelined, the Other Finished

  1. Aetherial says:

    Belfour, knee surgery? He has a herniated disk.

  2. Steve362 says:

    Must be a dedicated Leaf fan… *note sarcasim*

    Belfour will play in the NHL next season he will not go out with an injury… the fact that he is having BACK surgery means he is willing to come back…NOT knee surgery

    Allison will come back for the leafs he will sign for roughly the same type of contract that he signed for this season…having to reach certain standards to get his money… hey i have no problem with that if he is earning his paycheck… i mean no he isnt the star player we wanted but he did very well this season (point per game almost).

    PLEASE… at least do a little bit of research before posting… and the site administrator should read over the articles a little more carefully.

    and on a final note… i have accepted the fact that the leafs are out, but on the bright side i look forward to seeing the young guns get more ice and for bergs career to end with the leafs… now only if we can get rid of antropov……

  3. 92-93 says:

    i dont think the htr administrators look over these leaf rumour articles at all.

    i too hope for the young guys to play. suglobov was sent down but i am hoping to see both Kronvall and Harrison called up to join White (and to get rid of Belak off of the D once and for all).

    you may get your wish concerning Antropov. i don’t see JFJ qualifying him in the offseason and Berg seems like he is going to retire.

    the only leftovers from this season could be: Belak, O’Neill, and Domi….

    lets hope and pray that JFJ doesn’t resign:


    Allison (both are too expensive)

    Belfour (buyout)




    Antropov (don’t qualify him, trade him)

    … and who knows, maybe O’Neill will retire and maybe Domi too if he finds out that next year he is just an extra forward. (fingers crossed)

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the administrators should let this stuff come up. it may not be YOUR oppinion, but its still an oppinion,

    O’neill is fairly young, he won’t retire

  5. lukeleim says:

    Toronto played their best game tonight vs. the sabres… 7-0; if only they played like that all year

  6. Steve362 says:

    i meant they shouldnt let it come up because he said belfour had a knee injury but he has a back injury….. the information is flase… i realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but he posted false info…

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