One problem with the leafs line-up

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in a huge slump and the biggest part of that is their in ability to score goals. Paul Maurice to try to find a solution is splitting up players with chemestry to play with Mats Sundin. Sundin has extremely goo chemistry with the Poni and Antro.
However with Anrtopov injured they will have to find another line mate for Sundin, many fans say wellwood because of his quick hands and flashy dekes, I would disagree. Last year thier was a line of Wellwood Stagan and Oneil, If you watch highlights of the game against the new your islanders when Toronto scores 9 goals, They made a passing play like none ive ever seen. I think that they should remake that line and sign Eric Daze for Sundin. Daze has size and a shot with the best of them. As we all know sundin is best with a guy who can rush into the corners and get the puck to him. People on this website are saying bondra but he is so old and will probably get injured. So if they sign Daze like i suggest the lines should look something like this.

Kilger-Peca- Tucker

Or if Sundin doesnt click with Daze

Kilger-Peca- Daze

Those lines are the best they can get for the money they have left and Without Daze on sundins line for the second option he would just be scoring depth

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  1. 92-93 says:

    Sundin is still injured and its becoming more obvious with each game he plays.

    his arm is still hurting him.

    the leafs should have no problems scoring goals and didn't before than ran into Atlanta and Boston. it wont get easier with Detroit tonight.

    but the problems are on the blueline where Kubina is just not producing. hopefully Coliacovo's return will do something to give them more offense from the blueline and take the minutes off of Kab-and McCabe (and help Kubina score too).

    up front, Steen is struggling offensively but so are a lot of other players too.

    right now, its all confidence. it doesnt take much to shatter it right now for this younger leafs squad. they'll break out of it sooner than later. but hopefully, now some leaf fans have been brought down to earth and realize what this team is and always has been.

    now, hopefully, the focus for us leaf fans can turn to making improvements to the team – i.e. a long-term focus instead of a short-term one that only focuses on the slump.

  2. mojo19 says:

    I think Daze is done. He'll join Adam Deadmarsh as another guy who had to quit way too soon.

    But Bondra would be a smart signing, the leafs have a lot of hard workers but not a lot of finishers, Bondra may not be as great as he used to be but hes a guy who knows how to put the puck in the net, for a 1 year deal, it would be great to have him on the team.

    And about Ponikarovski, he's starting to remind me more and more of Jonas Hoglund, I used to like Poni, and he does some good things, but I think we should get rid of him.

    And I'll just leave one last comment, I think that Robert Reichel was underated in Toronto, everyone was way too hard on him, he was good.

  3. 92-93 says:

    i agree about Bondra. why not sign him for the remainder of the year? see what happens.

    of all of the leafs' young players, Poni and Antropov seem to be the most suitable for trade (along with a younger D-guy like Bell) … but only if they get a young guy or prospect in return of course.

    but Poni is a totally different player than Hoglund (especially now that the former is finding his physical game and using it to his advantage).

    Reichel? well, he would be underrated if he weren't paid so well. but thats the thing, if you get paid handsomely you should be a solid contributor and i dont think on most nights Reichel was that kind of player. although i do think he was harshly treated by the leafs' media at times.

  4. The-President says:

    I have an Idea:
     How about we trade Kubina to a team that needs defense, for instance the Canucks. As of right now their has been talk of moving Naslund, and as you know the Leafs need more offense.

    Perhaps the Leafs could do a trade like so:

    4th Rounder


    Markus Naslund

    Yeah thats right Naslund! Imagine Naslund playing alongside Sundin.
    The Leafs need him, and the Canucks need a Dman that can log alot of minutes, so it all sounds good.

    Naslund/Sundin/Steen—-The Swede line
    Antropov/Wellwood/Ponikarovsky—Good Chemistry
    Tucker/Stajan/O'neill—Also great chemistry
    Kilger/Peca/Battaglia—good checking line



    Also, we need to get a different goaltender somehow, Raycroft just isn't cutting it. I wish their was a way we could get Nabokov, or Biron. Lets hope we win the Cup sometime soon.

  5. mcdougall says:

    won't happen….unfortunatly kubina's value just isn't up there right now because of his play, which is probably being caused by the knee injury, but it would be a gamble to say thats the sure reason. raycroft is a good goalie, he just isn't luongo or brodeur (niether of whom we'd ever get) which means he needs a team playing some solid d in front of him. i'm still very confused by the leafs right now, their offence would suggest they're scoring so little to play a defensive game….which they sure as hell aren't. i think rather than looking at short term fixes now, we need to think long term. we're only going to be a mediocre team for the next many years if we play the way we do now. i'd really rather have us bomb this year, trade the players with value who are willing to go (mainly because the team is pretty much one giant no trade clause). sign the players who will affect the future now, sign a free agent or two in the summer as more of a building block or mentor role for the younger players who would come in, and progress year by year. i'd rather have 3 years of crap and many years of being a contender than having many years of just being mediocre…. the only difference between a crap team and a mediocre team is draft position…. neither will win the cup. too bad the toronto media and MLSE seem to think otherwise.

  6. 92-93 says:

    Some observations about the Leafs after their 7th straight loss.

    1) confidence. the leafs have none of it and are still trying to make the perfect scoring play. that perfect play worked for them ONCE – the McCabe goal on a cute pass from Wellwood. wonderful. The leafs need to drive to the net again and take shots that actually hit the net.

    2) Hal Gill – screened his goalie twice tonight.

    3) You can take issue with some of the penalties called tonight, but some of them were legit too. the leafs are playing as if the league just introduced the new rules. no excuses here.

    4) the PK is horrendous. it got better in the 3rd but a lot of that had to do with Aubin. Raycroft is looking shakier with each and every outing. Aubin looks all over the place, but he makes the unbelievable stops too. the second goal Raycroft gave up was ugly, he weakly poked the puck away instead of covering up. Raycroft should not be the automatic #1. let the two of them battle it out.

    5) and thats another thing: everything the leafs do with the puck now is weak. i cannot explain it, but it seems like they are just barely poking the puck ahead. again, this has to do a lot with confidence.

    6) Wade Belak still plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs

    7) Where's Coliacovo? i know he has to earn his spot, but clearly there are enough D-guys struggling. why isn't he in there?

    8) Sundin should sit himself out for the remainder of the month. it is clear he is still injured and he is going to reaggrivate it and make it worse.

    9) Among the best players tonight: Pohl, Battaglia, Aubin.

    10) Finally, there are no quick and easy solutions here leaf fans … no incredible trades to be made, no firings to be made, … the leafs have to go with what they got and try to work their way out of this one.

    again, the positives here are that the expectations are back within reason among many leaf fans. perhaps this will force their hand in making some future-oriented trades by the deadline. Furthermore, perhaps this will cause MLSE to reconsider keeping JFJ on for much longer. who knows? but there are no easy solutions from here on in. my hope is that the young guys work their way through this and regain their confidence. again, confidence is a huge issue right now.

    from here on in, the leafs should be happy at floating around the .500 mark and trying to win those games against teams that they'll be battling for the final 3 playoff spots with (i.e. the Habs, Bruins, Thrashers, Caps, Pens, Flyers, Isles, Panthers … i know, the Habs and Thrashers are doing well now, but they are due for their fall IMO).

    the remaining 9 games for the Leafs are crucial. they have to turn it around and play more consistent (not necessarily win games, but simply establish and reconnect with what they were doing earlier in the year and build on that and improve). they are home to TB, in Carolina, and home to the Rangers this week. next week, they have an easier week (hopefully) and are home to Florida, in Chicago, and home against the Caps. than after Christmas, they are home to the Wild, in Pittsburgh and home to the Sens.

    if they can put together 5 or 6 wins and regain some of the momentum they should be fine in January. but again, the leafs losing and falling out of the playoff race before the deadline is not necessarily a bad thing because it might force some players to be moved. 

    unfortunately, it is JFJ making those decisions, but who knows? maybe he'll avoid mistakes he made this past year.

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    1. I agree, they need to drive to the net and get those garbage goals.
    2. Gill needs to keep his feet moving in his own zone.
    3. Penalty trouble is a big one. its not good penalties either, its delay of the game and hooking calls.
    4. I tought all 3 of them hould have battedit out at the begginning of the year. What if Aubin wins the #1 job and asks for 2 millon next year. Thats 4 million on sub par goaltending.
    5. gripping the stick too hard
    6. i think belak would make a nice fit in pensacola.
    7. Colaiacovo is a funny on. I would have had him in many games ago. If the D is struggling, give him a chance. Let him make you're life difficult when choosing who to dress.
    8. Sundin is struggling, but i don't think he's playing injured.
    9. nobody had a good night.
    10. Imagine if the leafs finished 20-25th in the league and got a 1-10 draft selection.

  8. 92-93 says:

    yeah the penalties are killing the leafs! and a lot of that last night was pure frustration and i actually sympathized with them when they were taking them, even though it meant that it was taking them out of this game.

    i thought Aubin played well in the third … very well …. and i think if you watch Sundin, he is playing like himself at all. he is giving up certain lanes, giving up on certain plays that favour his hurt arm. he is definitely injured i think.

    i think that the leafs shouldnt necessarily tank this year (and i know that is not what you were suggesting with #10), but i do think that they need to make shrewd moves in February. getting a top-10 pick isn't a big deal to me if you can trade a guy like Tucker for a prospect like Cogliano (i know i am swinging big here and that others have to be added into the mix). but the point remains, the leafs have to make these future-oriented moves while trying to play around .500 hockey in the meantime.

  9. leafmeister says:

    Those trades are brilliant but JFJ is the worst GM in the world and sometimes i question his sanity so that trade most likely wont happen.(By the way if we wanted Naslund we would have to give up coliacovo

  10. mojo19 says:

    I know thats the problem, everyone just looks at salary. Money aside, he was a good two way player, and he did get almost 60 points his first year with the team, thats pretty good man!

  11. 92-93 says:

    but salary is totally relevant.

    the word said it before, 'well if Kubina was being paid 4 million a year then everything would be fine.' … BUT HE IS NOT BEING PAID 4 million a year. that is the point.

    you have to analyze the player based on his earnings too – ESPECIALLY in a cap era, where that player's salary prevents a team from signing someone else or someone better. so considering salary is HUGE.

  12. mojo19 says:

    salary didn't matter at all for Reichel because there was no cap. I agree, if Kubina were making 3.5 mill or something it would be cool, or if McCabe were making what hes worth which is closer to to 4 – 4.5 mil then I wouldn't hate him, but for all I care Robert Reichel could have been making ten mil a year and it wouldn't have made a difference to me in a time with no cap.

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