One problem with the leafs line-up

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in a huge slump and the biggest part of that is their in ability to score goals. Paul Maurice to try to find a solution is splitting up players with chemestry to play with Mats Sundin. Sundin has extremely goo chemistry with the Poni and Antro.
However with Anrtopov injured they will have to find another line mate for Sundin, many fans say wellwood because of his quick hands and flashy dekes, I would disagree. Last year thier was a line of Wellwood Stagan and Oneil, If you watch highlights of the game against the new your islanders when Toronto scores 9 goals, They made a passing play like none ive ever seen. I think that they should remake that line and sign Eric Daze for Sundin. Daze has size and a shot with the best of them. As we all know sundin is best with a guy who can rush into the corners and get the puck to him. People on this website are saying bondra but he is so old and will probably get injured. So if they sign Daze like i suggest the lines should look something like this.

Kilger-Peca- Tucker

Or if Sundin doesnt click with Daze

Kilger-Peca- Daze

Those lines are the best they can get for the money they have left and Without Daze on sundins line for the second option he would just be scoring depth

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