Only One place for Kovalev

The Forth Period has reported that it’s not a matter of if Alexei Kovalev will become a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, its just when, and what will it cost them. Although there were originally rumored to be five teams in the running for the Penguin’s superstar, the New York Rangers are really the only team that could stand in the way of Kovalev going to Toronto. Dallas owner Tom Hicks, in the midst of selling the club has clearly stated they will not make a move of this magnitude, and the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders simply cannot take on a soon-to-be $9 million/year player. Detroit, one club who could afford Kovalev, is not in the running and is more in need of a defenseman. As has been reported here, the Wings are rumored to be in discussions with Phoenix regarding captain Teppo Numminen, who would likely request a pay raise and a contract extension in order to waive his no-trade clause. Which brings us to the Rangers, a team with a seemingly never-ending warchest. If GM Glen Sather could sell ownership on approving bringing in Boris Mironov and his $3.3 million salary, I’m sure he could get their blessing to bring back former Ranger Kovalev and his impending contract.

The Maple Leafs though could, and TFP sources say, would trump any offer the Rangers make for Kovalev. Toronto definitely has the money to spend, they made an offer last summer to free agent Bobby Holik, rumored to be close to the $9 million/year Holik received from the Rangers. So presumable they would be willing to acquire and sign Kovalev, a superior player, to a similar deal. Leafs management also thinks that the timing is right, and it is for a few reasons. They are receiving the type of goaltending, from Ed Belfour that can carry a team to the final, especially in what is an absolutely wide open (or is that weak?) Eastern Conference. Playoff superman Gary Roberts is close to returning and they feel adding Roberts and Kovalev to their already competitive lineup could put them over the top. For the first time in a while, because of good scouting and excellent drafts the last few years, the Leafs are loaded with top prospects, especially on the blueline, which would allow them to make a deal like this without sacrificing too much of the future. And lastly, the fans and media in Toronto are demanding that Kovalev be acquired by the blue and white. Management took a lot of heat in the off-season for missing out on the big name free agent forwards, although in the end undoubtedly made the best signing, in brigning in Belfour. So its really just a matter of what will be the price for the NHL’s fourth leading scorer. It is likely that the Leafs would be willing to package a quality NHL forward with a top prospect defenseman, and that would be suitable for Pittsburgh, but obviously agreeing on the two names is not so easy. The names that Pittsburgh GM Craig Patrick likes are Nik Antropov and Carlo Colaiacovo, while Toronto much prefers Alyn McCauley or Darcy Tucker and Ian White or Brendan Bell. Patrick is one of the most patient men in the business and will be willing to wait until the eleventh hour to make a deal.

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  1. PredWing says:

    Toronto won’t get off sending Darcy Tucker or Alyn McCauley to Pittsburgh for Kovalev, thats absurd. I think thats wishful thinking by Al Strachan. Nothing wrong with either of those 2 players, but a player of Kovalev’s talent level would command more in a deal, especially to the Pens, who are looking for prospects, and talented young players on the NHL level.

  2. r_milley says:

    Some of you people are hilariously stupid or are just looking for a reaction.

    Craig Patrick and Lemieux say they want NHL talent for Kovalev. What are they supposed to say? Do you expect them to say they just want a couple prospects and some money? Sure, that would go over great with season ticket holders.

    Pat Quinn says he has not discussed the names of Antropov or Tucker. Do you expect him to say he is?

    Some of you people need to stop haint the Leafs and using your heads(unless your favorite team is Detroit, Dallas, Colorado, or New Jersey then I doubt your team has had much more success then the Leafs since Pat Quinn came to Toronto so shut your pie holes and remove your head from your @$$)

    I’m not about to start debating what the Leafs have and why its a good fit for Pittsburgh because if you dont already know then you’re hopeless to begin with. All I will say is that it’s a realistic possibility and wont comment anymore on trade possibilities until there is a deal officially done.

  3. r_milley says:

    should read some of you need to stop hating the Leafs

  4. calflyers says:

    shaaaaaad up

    another clueless comment by the “Queef_Novice”

    at least 2 of the teams listed above could get him

    Toronto is NOT the FRONT RUNNERfor Kovalev

    it is a BOGUS rumor in the first place “Pot_Leaf” boy

  5. platinumx15 says:

    yeah youre pretty stupid… a hardcore leaf fan….youre saying that gagne doesnt have the potential to be a superstar?

  6. mikster says:

    I can handle it, Rangers are playing with a $45M dollar team and have not played one game with a complete healthy line up.

    I don’t hate the Penguins, just think that Patrick is a dork, especially after that Jagr trade.

    Come on, imagine if you had York…

  7. Robert says:

    bure? jagr? enough said.

  8. Leafanatic says:

    He also traded Berezin for Renberg. Being objective though I also have to add that he traded Modin for Cross… He’s made his good moves and bad but the bottom line is that his team has made it further in the playoffs than Bob Clarke’s every year he’s been in Toronto. The person who posted this comment should take that into account before they make themselves look foolish yet again.

  9. Brinker says:

    Wait a minute The Toronto Sun reported this trade rumor?? Oh then it must be true (sarcastic) hehehehe. Along with Hallie Barrie’s Suicide attempt as reported by the National Enquirer and the angel that hunters in Louisiana shot mistaking it for a duck as reported in the Weekly World News. Why is it that Toronto fans believe that EVERY single player on the market is going to their team? Hey trade speculation is fun, but when the actually trade keeps NOT going down that way it gets to be FUNny. By the way Mapleleafs, you left Colorado out of the equation. Now that Sakic’s down might you think that a GM as crazy as Lacroix might try to pull this off given his team’s state? Oh yeah and keep suggesting McCauley. Jesus, this guy is included in EVERY trade rumor out of Toronto. NOBODY wants him!

  10. Tradedude says:

    too late they just came off a 4-0 loss…….to BUFFALO!!!

    biron setting the club record in buffalo for most shutouts in a row, can u believe it, more than hasek.

  11. Tradedude says:

    shit i knew i forgot something, lol

  12. Tradedude says:

    Well said!!

  13. mikster says:

    Hey!!! Cross is a +4!!! He’s actually played well, wow….

  14. Leaf_Expert says:

    Honestly, say something hockey related!

    If you have any hockey knowledge or even sense please make ONE comment that shows it.

    You are completly pathetic! Keep your “homo” talk to yourself when you look in the mirror. Why? cause your the one who needs to realize its you all your shit is talking about!….

  15. Aetherial says:

    Agreed that McCauley doesn’t have a lot of value. Toronto fans believe everyone is going to Toronto because A) we are fans so it is wishful thinking and B) The Leafs ARE in a position to do something and likely will.

  16. calflyers says:

    no, YOU “Shut da Fuck up”!

    I know WAY MORE than you’ll ever know about hockey you STUPID PIECE OF CRAP





    take your pick!

    I’m waiting for the day that YOU will make an “intelligent” comment -that’ll never happen though…

  17. Tradedude says:

    wow thats REAL mature there buddy.

  18. TrojanMan says:

    when the trade deadline arrives and teams believe they have a shot at the cup, his value skyrockets regardless of being signed or not

  19. TrojanMan says:

    Beech is 21 frikkin years old

  20. TrojanMan says:

    york is all we would have gotten cuz the other 2 are worthless. at least Sivek and Beech will be decent NHLers

  21. big_booty says:

    I don’t think those trades were won hands down.

    McCabe had a good year last year, but his play this season has been inconsistent and frustrating to the coaching staff.

    Karpovtsev is one of those steady defenders you never hear about because he packs his lunchpail and goes to work, night in and night out.

    Mike Johnson is a checking-line forward, just like Tucker. Both can net you 20 goals when healthy, and are OK defenders. Johnson is a bigger guy, and Tucker has an attitude that often gets him in trouble.

    I’d call each deal a push. Neither trade involved one player being phenomenally better than another, and the Leafs were not significantly better for them.

  22. big_booty says:

    You think that because the Leafs got Mikael Renberg, that they won that deal?

    Renberg is nowhere near the player that he once was. Leaf fans seem to think he’s the second coming of Darryl Sittler, and that he’s going to score 40 goals while playing on Sundin’s wing.

    The truth is that Renberg’s career has been in steady decline ever since he broke into the league. He was fun to watch in his rookie year, when he netted 38 goals, but he has slowly and steadily declined in the past 8 years. He can’t seem to stay healthy, and has the propensity for weird off-ice injuries that cause him to miss significant time. He’ll be lucky to net 15 this year.

    Berezin is a lot younger, and while he may be a little selfish with the puck, he’s got a lot more goal-scoring skill than Renberg. He’s on course for 30 goals this season. He had a bad season last year after a couple of trades, but looks like he’s regaining his form in Chicago.

    No way the Leafs made a good deal there.

    As for your “bottom line” about the Leafs making it further in the playoffs than the Flyers – we’re not talking about the Flyers. We’re talking about the Leafs and their inability to make good trades. Stop trying to deflect the conversation away from the subject like someone who doesn’t have a good arguement, because you’re the one who looks foolish.

    Besides, it doesn’t matter how far a team makes it in the playoffs. If they don’t make it the finals and hoist the cup, it’s all academic. However, if you want to play that game, fine. The Leafs haven’t made it to the finals since 1967, which is also the last time they won it all.

    The Flyers were last in the finals in 1997.

    I’ll take recent history over 36 years ago any day.

  23. saiklo says:

    Considering Jagr just jas not been the same player in Washington, we will see in a couple of years who wins with the Jagr trade, especially if a Cap is imposed.

  24. saiklo says:

    This post is so far down I doubt anyone will see it. Nevetheless, unless Quinn offers Nik Antropov, Carlo Colaiacovo, and some money, Patrick won’t deal them Kovalev. Tucker is garbage, and McCauley is unproven. As for Bell and White, I have not seen them play enough to comment.

    To get Kovalev it will require a team to give up a lot. If the Pens want to they can pay Kovalev, they just do not want to. However, if the return is not there in the trade market, they will just re-sign him and keep him until the right deal comes along.

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    Don’t bite my line… and I won’t use your “homo” related lines…

  26. leafsrule31 says:

    ahhh.. im voting for you to shut the hell up. hes right you say nothing hockey related. all you got is really pathetic attempts at making fun of his name and a really sad anti leaf attitude. find something else to do in life you no talent loser. now move the hell on.

  27. mikster says:

    Yeah, and everytime i watched him he only has a pretty good wrister but that’s about it.

  28. mikster says:

    Holmqvist will be solid, it takes time for some goalies….it took a lot of time for Hedberg.

    Brendl, how do you know? He probably would have been good with Lemieux Straka and Kovalev….also Lang at the time.

    Back then when it happened, Brendl had a ton more value than Beech or Sivek by the way. You’re looking at it now.

  29. sportside24 says:

    They cannot afford to resign him, he wants between 8 -9 million a year, how many teams can add that much salary for one players?? Not Detroit or N.Y. they would be pushing 70 million, Dallas is set, Philly Probally wouldn’t want to add his salary, New Jersey is too cheap as we have seen for years, Colorado cannot take on more salary, the Islanders do notlook like their going to make the playoffs so that leaves Toronto.. No team is going to offer more than the leafs if they cannot afford to sign him… End of story….

  30. calflyers says:

    i’m just sick of the “Leaf_Loser”

    actually it is enjoyable to make fun of such a dork like himself

    maybe if he “gets a clue” then i won’t bash him

    and by the way,

    eat a dick!

  31. calflyers says:

    you ever read some of his posts?

    talk about MATURITY

    just giving him a dose of his own “medicine”

  32. calflyers says:


    i have “shared” quite a few intelligent points within this “forum”

    If there is nothing to say, don’t MAKE STUFF UP.

    you just don’t get it, do you “Queef_Novice”?

  33. calflyers says:

    and another thing,

    i can and WILL criticize a “lame” opinion

    he acts like he “knows” what is “going on”

    another STUPID leaf fan

  34. leafsrule31 says:

    what the hell is with you and the quotations or something?.. your like a really simple dr evil wannabe. as for the pathetic attempts at making fun of his name… dont you have anything better to do with your time? you make like 5 comments to every single article the guy has a part in just to bash him. get a life

    just another stupid 14 year old kid that thinks he rules the world.. typical flyer fan.

    and if you call that bashing, your not trying hard enough


  35. hockey says:

    “Karpovtsev is one of those steady defenders you never hear about because he packs his lunchpail and goes to work, night in and night out. “

    Are you kidding me? He sat out WITH a contract before his got dealt..

  36. guinsfan4life says:

    Apparently the Penguins are a little worried about why the Avs want to trade Skoula so badly.

    Remember, the Canadien Media is relentless when rumors such as these come up. I have heard nothing of the sort here in pgh, only that the Leafs are one of the teams interested.

  37. guinsfan4life says:

    YOu may just get to have some jelly along with that peanut butter sandwich, cause the Islanders, reported here in pgh, are in the front running to land the sweetest right winger in hockey!!

  38. guinsfan4life says:

    What’s up T-man! A fellow guins fan myself!!

    Hey I have been thinking, and along with your comment (see above), it had me thinking that maybe the penguins are in worse financial straits than what we think?? I mean, if they are having trouble with attendance, and it is off by a pace of 1000 per game, don’t you think that’d be reason to trade Kovalev so quickly??

    I think the Pens finances are much worse than we all think.

  39. guinsfan4life says:


    I understanding being a little harsh with Patrick for the j2k trade, but you gotta give it at least another year or so. Like the condom man said, he is only 20 or 21 yrs. old.

    That deal was made so the pens could afford to keep Straka and Kovie one more year. So if they get York and those players you mention, they’d be on the block with Kovie.

    THe penguins have a self imposed salary cap.

  40. lilsundin says:

    Thats is right the only place for kovi is Toronto and the trade that would make that deal is

    To Toronto: Kovalev

    To Pittsburgh: Paul Healy and Coliacovo

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