Open letter to Doug Armstrong

In this mornings Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there was an article by Stars beat reporter Mac Engel titled “Turco’s Status for Camp in Doubt” which contained some interesting quotes from Stars GM Doug Armstrong. I’ll paste the link at the bottom, but to summarize:

“He feels he’s worth more than $4 million a year, and we feel he needs to do more to warrant that.”

“He had an excellent regular season, but the playoffs were poor.”

“I don’t want to put words in [Turco’s] mouth, but he feels that we can’t win without him.”

Mr. Armstrong,

I have just a few thoughts now that I’ve read your words of “wisdom.”

Let’s get this out of the way right to begin with: J.S. Giguere just signed with the team most likely to challenge you for that division title for about $4.8 million a year for the next four years. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us that know a little about hockey would place Turco and Giguere pretty close to each other in goalie rankings, so let’s assume that Giguere’s contract is the standard you’re working against. Marty is asking for less than Giguere just got, he’s not asking for a salary in the range of Belfour, Brodeur, Hasek, Joseph, etc… What he’s asking for seems to seem just about right to everyone but you.

The playoffs were poor, huh? Marty went 6-6 and we got dumped in the 2nd round right? True, but let’s look at a few more stats, shall we? Turco posted a .919 save percentage in those games to go along with a 1.88 GAA. 1.88 in the playoffs!!! Don’t tell me that those forwards you’ve been touting as the best in team history all summer aren’t good for 2 goals a game. It took a lot more than Turco for that playoff collapse. Fact is, we simply ran into a buzzsaw of a team that plain and simple took us out. If you’ll refer to my previous paragragh, you’ll notice that Marty isn’t asking for as much money as the goalie on that other team just got.

One last point, then I’m done. Marty thinks you can’t win without him? You think otherwise? Um, were you watching the same games that I was last year, you know the ones when Tugnutt started and you guys stunk up the ice? Marty is exactly right, you guys can’t win without him.

Mr. Armstrong, enough with the foolishness. Turco is asking for a fair salary, it’s time you gave it to him.