Opening Line-ups and Predictions for What the Leafs Will Get

The Leafs have got a good core of forwards this year, pretty good on defence and the jury is out on a goalie but as of now he looks pretty damn good. It is hard to do lines for this year because of Yashin and Peca and all that so I will do it with and without them.

With Yashin

Blake-Sundin-Wellwood- Small wingers but a huge centre and alot of skill and grit.
Poni-Yashin-Antro This line could be deadly.
Tucker-Bell-Steen- Tucker can play on this line because he gets most of his goals on the PP.
Stajan-Pohl-Kilger- Solid 4th line

Kaberle-Kubina- Kaberle made Kubina and will continue to make him good.
Colaiacovo-McCabe- They remind me of eachother
Gill-White- Big and Small, Fast and Slow, Offensive and Defencive no one has less in commen but few work better together.

With Peca

Blake-Sundin-Tucker- A living hell for defencemen with Tucker and Blake’s fiestiness and Sundin’s size and skill.
Poni-Wellwood-Antro- Great chemistry
Bell-Peca-Steen-Excellent checking line.
Kilger-Stajan-Pohl-Solid 4th line


Without Either

Kilger-Steen-Bell-Steen and Bell will be good with Kilger because he is a goal scorer and can hit along with Bell.
Battaglia-Pohl-Deveraux-Should work well together


If we want both Kubina would have to pack his bags so a trade could look like this…

To Phoinex

To Toronto
2nd rounder 2009

Not sure about Boyton’s contract so just tell me if we couldnt afford it so with both it would look like this.

Blake-Sundin-Yashin- Yashin and Blake work well together and would only work better with captain consistancy.
Kilger-Stajan-Bell-Good line and would get alot of ice time because of unusual skill for a fourth line.

Kaberle-Colaiacovo- Top 2 D-men now that Covo is better than McCabe at least for turnovers.
McCabe-Stralman- hopefully Stralman is ready
Gill- White

Now to what the players will get for points and goals.

Sundin- 30 goals 85 points-Finally someone to play with.

Blake- 35 goals 70 points- Will stay mostly the same as long as he stays healthy.

Tucker- 30 goals 65 points- Will produce on the PP

Wellwood – 20 goals 75 points would have reached it last year if he wasnt injured.

Steen- 25 goals- 55 points- Will bounce back

Antro- 20 goals 50 points- If he stays healthy there some consistancy to his game. (same with Yashin)

Poni- 25 goals- 50 points- Rugged winger will probably reach the 20 goal plateau once again

Bell- 25 goals 50 points- would be huge if we could get production out of him.

Stajan- 40 points 15 goals- as usual

Peca- 30 points 10 goals- this is of course if we sign him

Kilger- 15 goals 30 points- He has become a reliable scorer for the Blue boys.

Battaglia- 10 goals 25 points- good numbers for a 4th liner

Deveraux- 5 goals 20 points- good numbers for his ice time

For the Defence

Kaberle- 10 goals- 70 points- All the more forwards to do beautiful lead passes.

McCabe- 15 goals 55 points- Still produces offensively

Kubina- 10 goals 40 points- possible bounce back season

Colaiacovo- 10 goals 35 points- Steadily improving

White- 5 goals- 20 points- Similar numbers to last year

Gill- 3 goals- 15 points- not offensive

Pls comment and dont be too harsh.

44 Responses to Opening Line-ups and Predictions for What the Leafs Will Get

  1. kabby-4-kaptian says:

    dude in your one with peca, your forgetting stajan.

    and i agree a good move would be to move kubina to the coyotes. a trade could free up room for peca and yashin!

    Cap left=  1.2 mill

    Trade kubina & raycroft to the coyotes for Nick Boynton & 2nd rounder

    Lose kubinas 5 mill contract and raycrofts 2 million contract but add on Boynton's 2.9 million contract

    Cap left= 5.3 million

    Trade Stajan & Battaglia to anyone for some prospects or picks

    Cap left= 6.8 million

    Sign Peca to a one year 2 million dollar contract
    Sign Yashin to a one year 3.5 million dollar contract
    Sign Cujo to a one year 0.8 million dollar contract 

    Cap left= 0.5 million for deadline moves or injuries


    Antropov – Sundin – Poni
    Blake – Yashin – Wellwood
    Steen – Peca – Tucker
    Kilger – Pohl – Bell

    Extras: Belak & Marlie Players

    Kaberle – McCabe
    Boynton – Colaiacovo
    Gill – White


    I honestly think thius team would be a really good team and a great contender come playoff time! and i think the yashin-blake ocmbo would be great considering they have played together all last season. And yashin wouldn't be the cneter of attetion and have to be the team leader, there are many leaders in the leafs dressing room wiht players such as Sundin,Tucker and former captian McCabe and Kaberle Along wiht Peca!

    what does everyone think of this plan that will hopefully happen but doubtfully will.???

  2. dizon says:

    omg… a blake-sundin-yashin line would be tooo sick!!! like come on yashin and blake play so well together.. and when you mix a guy like sundin in their.. who knows what is possible.

    and the 3rd line of tucker-peca-steen would be sweet as well

  3. andrizle says:

    the whole purpose of getting Jason Blake was for him to be the winger for Sundin to play with however youre suggesting that if we were to sign yashin he should play on his line. I agree that there was chemistry between the duo last year in Long ISland but trully there is nothing Yashin could do offensively that Sundin can't duplicate so i feel that Sundin should play alongside Blake. Maybe, and this is a long shot but if Yashin was to come to TO he could try playing a winger on a line with Blake and Sundin. That would be a potentially explosive offensive trio. if this could work lines could look like:
    Blake-Sundin-Yashin                        Kaberle-McCabe
    Poni-Antropov-Bell                           Colaiacovo-Boynton
    Steen-Wellwood-Tucker                    Gill-White
    Stajan-Peca-Kilger                           Toskala & Cujo

    (lines depend on the fact that Raycroft and Kubina go to the Yotes for Boynton)(Yashin,Peca and Cujo would sign only if we were able to make so cap Space)

  4. WellwoodDaNewJanney says:

    With what is signed currently here is the way I see it.

    Stajan, Belak

    Kronwall, Wozniewski


  5. GoLeafs13 says:

    buddy do you know the reason for signing blake? Its to play with Sundin so they obviously won't put him on the second line.

  6. GoLeafs13 says:

    steen on the first line. give me a break he hasn't proved himself as a second liner yet.

  7. mapleleaf92 says:

    you think steen might score 25?

  8. leafmeister says:

    I think Steen will have a bounce back season after some what of a disaster last season. He has got the skill and instincs and if given ice time he could get 25.

  9. micky says:

    Leafs should get Yashin to help confirm that JFJ is the biggest joke in the NHL!  Here's to 40 more years of continued success!

    PS> I hear Domi is coming back!

    GO HABS GO!!!

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Assuming we sign Peca

    Wellwood 20 goals
    Sundin 25 goals
    Blake 30 goals

    Poni 20 goals
    Bell 15 goals
    Antropov 15 goals

    Kilger 10 goals
    Peca 10 goals
    Tucker 30 goals

    Steen 20 goals
    Stajan 15 goals
    Devereaux 10 goals

    Battaglia 10 goals
    Pohl 10 goals

    Kaberle 12 goals
    Kubina 10 goals

    McCabe 18 goals
    Colaiacovo 10 goals

    Gill 0 goals
    White 5 goals

    woz 0 goals

    TOTAL 275 goals
    injuries to Antropov, Tucker, Wellwood cost the leafs 25 goals last year(calculating what they were on pace to do), so if the injurys are relatively the same as last year (which I believe they will be) the total goals for is 25 goals for. If Toskala can keep the goals against to about 220 and win a few shootouts then the leafs will be a playoff team for sure.

  11. the_word says:

    Actually if your to take the opinion of NHL UFAs, Edmonton is the biggest joke in the NHL, but your Habs are a close second.

  12. WellwoodDaNewJanney says:

    if you want him to be productive and successful you need to play him with players that will ensure that.

  13. Glucker says:

    y does gill get 0?

    and wellwood 20?
    i think they would both get more…
  14. Glucker says:

    Forsberg > Peca or Yashin

  15. leafmeister says:

    Sundin had an off year in terms of goals last year. I think he will get 30 easily.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    forsberg does not fit the leafs style, nor does he solve any of our defensive woes. we need a 4th line specialty players, either peca(PK guy) or an enforcer.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i put 25 because he'll be playing beside goals scorers more often now.

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Wellwood and gill are not goal scorers. anything over what i put is a bonus

  19. leafmeister says:

    Yeah but if he plays with Wellwood he can get 30 goals. If he plays with Yashin he could get 30 goals. The only way he doesnt is if he plays with Blake and Tucker but then he would have better assists.

  20. sikboy21 says:

    i put 25 because he'll be playing beside goals scorers more often now.

    That's a mistake – Sundin IS the goal-scorer.  He just needs someone who'll take some abuse and feed him the puck.  This is why Sundin / Tucker didn't happen that often last year – 'cept the PP.

  21. sikboy21 says:

    Stajan on the bench?  Pohl on the third line?

  22. sikboy21 says:

    You don't sign a UFA and then trade him.  Please stop throwing that kind of stuff out there.

    Peca is GONE!!!  Stop thinking of new and fantastic ways he'll end up in Toronto.

    Kubina is expensive, not useless. Boynton IS NOT all that.

    The Leafs scored a boatload of goals – offense IS NOT the problem.  The Leafs allowed fewer shots than the average – defense IS NOT the problem.  Vesa Voskala is in net – goaltending is no longer the problem.  The roster is fixed!  Stop screwing with it!!!!

  23. MR40 says:

    Kabrele is an awesome player, but 70 points? He would be the NHL's leading point scoring d man.

  24. andrizle says:

    highly unlikely forsberg wants anything to do with the leafs as they are not proven cup contenders however there might be some incentive as hell be able to play alongside Mats, a fellow compatriat.

  25. Hoondog2 says:

    Please, no Yashin. The Leafs just don't need him. If anything they need to move McCabe, or Kubina, and that is all. See how the goalie tandem goes for a while, and deal 1 when you can get the most value for him.

  26. Glucker says:

    Gill did get 7 goals last year… no reason to expect anything less then 3 out of him

  27. micky says:

    Nice use of the english language!!! The reality is that the biggest hockey market  in the world continues to suck in its stupid fans and not produce a championship team.  Any other team's fan support, including those hated habs, do not tolerate mediocrity….for example, Hab fans boo their team when they play luck shit,  they also boo their players, mercilessly….ultimatley they stop going to games.  Only in laughable Toronto do these moronic fans worship losers!!! Unfortunately, MLS&E will not produce a winner until the fans come to their senses and stop being used and taken advantage of. 
    no charge for the advice!

  28. Pony says:

    For Kaberle 70 points is definately not out of the question. 58 pts this year and 67 pts the year before he is capable of putting up big points.

    Toronto's PP could be pretty deadly this year with McCabe and Kaberle on the points and Sundin, a year older Wellwood and Tucker or Blake up front.

  29. GoalJudge says:

    Bottom Line is that this article over-exagerates the abilities on the current roster, as well as the depth within the organization.  For the players to get the points listed they would all pretty much have to play the whole 82 game season, and the leafs would have to have 0 man games lost to injury.

    Not gonna happen.

    As for the Line-ups there is little realism, or observation from the previous year. Antro and Poni are constantly lined up with small players. Which the leafs avoided doing almost all season last year. They like to use the natural size of these two boys to pound the other team. Hence the constant attempts to play them with Sundin, averaging 6-5 and 227 pounds. That is punishment.  Furthermore, Bell is continually listed as a 4th liner. I have said before, and now again, the leafs will give this guy a shot. 2 Million is too much to be wasted on a 4th liner.  Bell will line up nicely with Antro and Poni. They would average 6-4 and about 222 pnds. All could be 50ish point players across a season.

    Also Gamache gets left out a lot.  He led the Swedish league in scoring.
    66pts in 44 games. That has to say something more than 4th liner.
    Why is it that guys who score in russian leagues are expected to come over and run up the score board, but the swedish guys are 4th liners or healthy scrathes?  The desparity in the league play is not that huge.  Otherwise Sweden would not perform internationally like they have.

    As for Yashin coming. That is an interesting idea, it would certainly be a Lindros type experiment.  He would perform great right off the bat with Blake, but that takes away Sundin's scorer, or at least fixes him beside Tucker, who earned and lost the right to line up with Sundin almost every other game last year.  What would be most interesting is if Yashin became our #1 center and Sundin went back to the wing for most/some of the time.
    Sundin is a natural winger, it is his preference to play center, but the coaches decision.

    Yashin signing aside, Wellwood had chemistry with Sundin last year, yet Steen is put up as a replacement.  Steen is good, but Wellwood is better, at least right now. And Wellwood is a natural playmaker whom a line like Sundin and Blake, both scorers, would need to get passes from. They are not inept, but if they are passing then they can't score, don't-you-see…

    Bottom Line over all is that the Leafs are very deep, and able to overcome almost any injury woes to anyone but Sundin and Kaberle, without jeopardizing the season. The problem with the depth is that it is almost too deep and too much is tied up right now and something or someone has to give. The leafs will probably need to make some trades just to make room for up and coming players, unless Fergie Jr. plans on dealing those guys again to get more veteran players, again. At which point I ask, what did you fire Quinn for?  He would be twice the GM.

    But who wants to work with Peddie and TanenBUM!

  30. the_word says:

    Wow, someone takes this hockey board a little too seriously. Easy on the exclamation points. I shouldn't be surprised, this is the typical moronic drivel that Habs fans constantly post. Let me predict your follow up post, 'enjoy another 40 years' or my personal favorite '24 cups, greatest franchise ever'. Montreal has been mediocre at best for the last fifteen years. I'd like to challenge Habs fans to actually have something to say within in the context of today's NHL, without giving me a lecture on the merits of the Habs' lackluster farm system (this board is about the NHL, not the AHL).

    If Habs fans had zero tolerance for mediocrity, their team would have moved to Kansas City seven years ago.

  31. Pony says:

    The Rusian Super League is a better league than the SEL, which Gamache wasn't even part of.

  32. GoLeafs13 says:

    hes played with sundin before and he wasn't any better.

  33. brianc689 says:

    first of all, no matter what trades or moves we make, were not gonna sign both yashin and peca….who knows if we will sign either….we already have depth at centre and many of our wingers have played centre at some point in their careers so we dont need two more

    if i were JFJ i would stop looking into dumping rayzor and kubina/mccabe…they were all solid last year they were just scrutinized because they didnt live up to their contracts and now their values are all low.unless he gets a really good offer for any of them, i would just hang on to them for now.

    if anything, i would trade stajan and kilger.we have depth on the left side with tucker, poni, bell, battaglia and belak(who i would also trade if possible) so kilger and his .900K cap hit are expendable.and stajan has not developed since his rookie year but hes still young and still has some value to maybe get a second-third rounder in return.i would use this extra 1.6 mil along with some money we already have to sign peca to a 1 year, 2 mil deal

    my line-up would look like this:

    Gamache, Belak



    if by some chance JFJ does trade Kubina or McCabe, i would give Kronwall his spot in the top 6 unless Anton Stralman can come into camp and impress

  34. lukeleim says:

    Kyle Wellwood 20 goals, 70 pts
    Mats Sundin 30 goals, 82 pts
    Jason Blake 28 goals, 55 pts
    Alexei Ponikarovsky 20 goals, 52 pts
    Mark Bell 26 goals, 55 pts
    Nik Antropov 25 goals, 65 pts
    Chad Kilger 12 goals, 32 pts
    Darcy Tucker 28 goals, 52 pts
    Alexander Steen 20 goals, 55 pts
    Matt Stajan 15 goals, 40 pts
    Boyd Devereaux 10 goals, 35 pts
    Bates Battaglia 10 goals, 28 pts
    John Pohl 15 goals, 41 pts
    Tomas Kaberle 12 goals, 76 pts
    Pavel Kubina 10 goals, 45 pts
    Bryan McCabe 18 goals, 55 pts
    Carlo Colaiacovo 10 goals, 38 pts
    Hal Gill 2 goals, 10 pts
    Ian White 8 goals, 35 pts
    Andy Wozniewski 1 goal, 6 pts

  35. mojo19 says:

    This was a lot of fun to read. I like all these possiblilities.

    You forgot Matt Stajan in the one line up and when you said Battaglia-Pohl-Devereux "Should work well together" I can tell you right now they do, since that was a line for almost 2 month's last year.

    Very fun article! Great job!


  36. mojo19 says:

    He scored over 20 his rookie year, and the leafs have a lot of good players now with Blake and Bell in the mix, so Steen will be playing with some skilled guys no matter what the line combo's are.

    Steen scoring 25 isn't that crazy.

  37. mojo19 says:

    I love how everyone gets a nice round number ending in 5 or 0 except McCabe and Kaberle. But good list.

  38. mojo19 says:

    Nice looking list. You have the top 5 scorers listed as:

    1. Sundin
    2. Kaberle
    3. Wellwood
    4. Antropov
    5. Tie – McCabe, Blake, Steen

    I guarantee these 7 guys along with Tucker will make up the top 5 scorers on the team. And nice show of faith in Kubina – 45 points estimated. I like it a lot.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!

  39. GoalJudge says:

    Apologies. He led the Swiss Elite League. Again, may not be the NHL, but no league is.  My point is, is that they signed him to play, not to ride the pines or be a fourth liner.

  40. leafmeister says:

    I agree we should trade Stajan but Kilger is one of my favorites. He can hit, score, and shoot like you have never seen. I think we could get a good return for Stajan.

  41. leafmeister says:

    I did those point totals assuming they would stay healthy of course there are gunna be some injuries. I think that as usual antropov will drop but that is saying what he would get if he didnt.

  42. leafmeister says:

    Jason Blake played with Yashin last year, how isnt he gunna crack 30 goals now that he is playing with Sundin. The only problem with Tucker cracking 30 goals is because he is good with Wellwood and now that they have Blake they could be on different PP units so here is how I can see it.





    assuming of course we dont get Yashin.

  43. Pony says:

    The leaders in this league also include Alexander Daigle, Sebastien Bordeleau, Oleg Petrov, and Mariusz Czerkawski. All players who spent their time in the NHL rather dissapointingly.

    Leading the Swiss League or not Gamache's game has not transfered to the NHL at all he broke records in the Q set by Lemieux and then was drafted in the 9th round. He's a small forward who put up those totals in the Swiss League on big ice, comming back to the NHL on small ice will definately keep him a depth player.

  44. ihavenolife says:

    Here would be the Leafs lineup without Ferguson. There lineup should look like this……

      line 1          Ovetchkin-Crosby-Jagr   Def Line 1 Lidstrom-Phaneuf

      line 2          Briere-Lecaivier-Heatley  Def line 2 Kaberle-Pronger

      line 3          Havlat-Thorton-Spezza   Def line 3 Niedermeiyer-Chara

      line 4          Malkin-E.Staal-Sundin

       …..This lineup may not be stanley cup worthy but i bet it wouldn't come in last.

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