Opening Line-ups and Predictions for What the Leafs Will Get

The Leafs have got a good core of forwards this year, pretty good on defence and the jury is out on a goalie but as of now he looks pretty damn good. It is hard to do lines for this year because of Yashin and Peca and all that so I will do it with and without them.

With Yashin

Blake-Sundin-Wellwood- Small wingers but a huge centre and alot of skill and grit.
Poni-Yashin-Antro This line could be deadly.
Tucker-Bell-Steen- Tucker can play on this line because he gets most of his goals on the PP.
Stajan-Pohl-Kilger- Solid 4th line

Kaberle-Kubina- Kaberle made Kubina and will continue to make him good.
Colaiacovo-McCabe- They remind me of eachother
Gill-White- Big and Small, Fast and Slow, Offensive and Defencive no one has less in commen but few work better together.

With Peca

Blake-Sundin-Tucker- A living hell for defencemen with Tucker and Blake’s fiestiness and Sundin’s size and skill.
Poni-Wellwood-Antro- Great chemistry
Bell-Peca-Steen-Excellent checking line.
Kilger-Stajan-Pohl-Solid 4th line


Without Either

Kilger-Steen-Bell-Steen and Bell will be good with Kilger because he is a goal scorer and can hit along with Bell.
Battaglia-Pohl-Deveraux-Should work well together


If we want both Kubina would have to pack his bags so a trade could look like this…

To Phoinex

To Toronto
2nd rounder 2009

Not sure about Boyton’s contract so just tell me if we couldnt afford it so with both it would look like this.

Blake-Sundin-Yashin- Yashin and Blake work well together and would only work better with captain consistancy.
Kilger-Stajan-Bell-Good line and would get alot of ice time because of unusual skill for a fourth line.

Kaberle-Colaiacovo- Top 2 D-men now that Covo is better than McCabe at least for turnovers.
McCabe-Stralman- hopefully Stralman is ready
Gill- White

Now to what the players will get for points and goals.

Sundin- 30 goals 85 points-Finally someone to play with.

Blake- 35 goals 70 points- Will stay mostly the same as long as he stays healthy.

Tucker- 30 goals 65 points- Will produce on the PP

Wellwood – 20 goals 75 points would have reached it last year if he wasnt injured.

Steen- 25 goals- 55 points- Will bounce back

Antro- 20 goals 50 points- If he stays healthy there some consistancy to his game. (same with Yashin)

Poni- 25 goals- 50 points- Rugged winger will probably reach the 20 goal plateau once again

Bell- 25 goals 50 points- would be huge if we could get production out of him.

Stajan- 40 points 15 goals- as usual

Peca- 30 points 10 goals- this is of course if we sign him

Kilger- 15 goals 30 points- He has become a reliable scorer for the Blue boys.

Battaglia- 10 goals 25 points- good numbers for a 4th liner

Deveraux- 5 goals 20 points- good numbers for his ice time

For the Defence

Kaberle- 10 goals- 70 points- All the more forwards to do beautiful lead passes.

McCabe- 15 goals 55 points- Still produces offensively

Kubina- 10 goals 40 points- possible bounce back season

Colaiacovo- 10 goals 35 points- Steadily improving

White- 5 goals- 20 points- Similar numbers to last year

Gill- 3 goals- 15 points- not offensive

Pls comment and dont be too harsh.