O’Reilly, Colorado talks go ice cold

Rumours: O’Reilly, Colorado talks go ice cold

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  1. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Love how Av fans online think they’re getting a stud for ROR like JVR, Kane or Josi….

    ROR is a hold out 2nd line player who is going to be a nightmare to sign, he’ll be looking for 7 million with term, not a lot of upside there.

    • Gambo says:

      Agreed. Still a good player who would be great on the leafs. But he’s never going to be a 1st line center and shouldn’t get a return as one.

      • TmLeafan says:

        I would give him 7 mil a year I think he’s worth it. Look at the Dubinsky contract. ROR is a lot better than Brandon Duninsky. That’s the going rate for a guy who scores 28 goals and is as good defensively as he is. He led the league in takeaways and had 2 PIMS all year.

        He would be a great fit between JVR and Kessel. I wonder what would get it done. Would be sweet if we could get him without giving up Gardiner.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          It’s fair value at 7 but the expectation to quality assets or a stud asset to get a guy that isn’t going to be a good buy? Pass

          I wouldn’t be shocked to see Bozak put up 28 for 4 million this season.

          • TmLeafan says:

            Ya but ROR is so much better than Bozak defensively. I’m a big fan of Kessel and JVR but neither are good in the d zone. Put O’Rielly with them is a huge upgrade, would be slightly better offensively but give up way less goals.

            Then you can trade Bozak. I wonder what his value is? Him playing with Kessel inflates his numbers so his value will never be higher.

      • lafleur10 says:

        on the right team i.e toronto he’d be the #1 center but having him and bozak down the middle would greatly help the leafs ….. but i do agree to a certain extent that he shouldn’t/wouldn’t get that kind of return,but if the leafs for example are talking with the avalanche sakic will realize that trading ror to the leafs will make him their #1 center so he’ll try and get that kind of return from nonis…i giess like i’m trying to say it depends on what teams need him and where he’d fir in with them is how you could judge the return on him

    • lafleur10 says:

      kinda like leafs fans who think they’ll get a stud for reimer or kadri,and/or gardiner

      • LN91 says:

        Jason Spezza was just traded for Alex Chiasson…

        Calm down Satan.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Ok, I’ll bite, I read…

        Riemer – had a solid save percentage despite ‘totally falling apart’), for his career and age has stellar overall numbers.

        Franson – Habs management wanted to give up that God like leader in Gorges for Franson… hmm…

        Kadri – put his PPG for games played at his age against others and you’ll read a list of superstars. Kadri is a interesting gamble to say the least. Calgary threw away Savard for nothing once upon a time. Leafs have no reason to give away Kadri.

        … online I read a bunch of supposed critical thinkers tear these guys apart yet when I read actual trades I never read a team getting close to the return of these three packaged to together. Funny…

  2. nordiques100 says:

    The thing with the Avs is that there is no one on the Avs roster at centre who can do what ROR does.

    Stastny was arguably their 2nd best defensive centre and best faceoff man. So if he’s gone and ROR is moved, there isn’t much there.

    yeah, Duchene and MacKinnon are tremendously talented guys. but two way centres who can put up 70 points are hard to find.

    I agree with what people are saying above, ROR isn’t a no. 1 centre, but he sure is a high-end no. 2 centre for sure. And he’d be the best centre on the Leafs roster.

  3. leafy says:

    When the huge blockbuster trade that I’m predicting finally happens, it’s gonna reshape the landscape of the Leafs roster. Just remember you read it here first.

  4. 93killer93 says:

    Not sure if anyone else heard about this, Stamkos caused a bit of a story over the weekend. He favorited a pair of tweets, one about an article questioning if any Toronto born star would sign with the Leafs in their prime.
    The other was a tweet from a fan suggesting he and John Tavares come to Toronto together to help the Leafs win a cup. The realist in me feels he’s just messing with fans.

    • nordiques100 says:

      if he becomes a UFA, i can guess he will become the player who closest reaches the maximum contract offer.

      The Toews and Kane bar has set the extension numbers. my guess is that if Tampa offered him 11 mil per for 8 seasons, he might take it. But, at the same time, things could change even further over the course of next season.

      If he has a monster year, it could even be 12 million for 8 seasons.

      I believe the Leafs will go to that number easily.

      The Leafs will have at that time, barring any roster changes, 8 players under contract plus 1 buyout.

      Its likely Gardiner, Kadri and Bernier could be signed to long term deals by then. Reilly would be the only key RFA at that point in time in 2016 summer.

      They have 41 mil committed. I would guestimate that Gardiner/Kadri/Bernier will likely total anywhere from 12-15 million combined in cap hit.

      If the cap acts like it did this past year, the cap by then will have gone up a total of 10 million likely so we’ll say 80 million is the cap.

      The maximum salary then would be 16 million. Could i see Tampa going 14-16 million per season? Maybe. Could i see the Leafs going that high? Definitely.

      It would mean the Leafs having to dump some salary because they ‘d be at like 70-75 million in cap commitments with like 10 roster spots to fill, but i think they’d worry about all that later and just put everything into Stamkos if he were to become available.

      I think if Leiweike leaves a legacy it will be the centennial celebration plus getting Stamkos. I am not sure he’d have a championship by then.

      It will be an interesting story line.

      But as we’ve seen from basically everyone else, from Getzlaf, to Perry, to Nash to Crosby to Malkin, to OV, they all tend to re-sign with the clubs they’re playing on currently. Only Parise/Suter are the oddities. So its pretty rare or will be pretty rare to see.

      We’ve seen it with the last 2 UFA classes being sub par at best. Its going to be a very interesting thing to watch though.

      • LN91 says:

        Signing Kadri to a long-term, big money deal would be terrible. He has not proven much to me yet, besides the fact he can score 50-points but be a liability the entire time on the ice.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Let’s collectively hope that Cleveland becomes are great story as it unfolds.

        Love to see the Leafs build a situation a superstar would consider. Add good young pieces, perhaps target Kane. It’ll be a lot easier to entice a Stamkos or Tavares when you can offer Kessel, JVR and Kane as their wingers. Nylander coming up along with 2015 top ten pick. Gardiner and Rielly should be more seasoned logging bigger minutes and Phaneuf settled into a more productive role.

        Also getting Babcock next season would be huge to luring that type of superstar. Having direction in building this team rather than just blindly filling immediate needs/holes would be culture change enough for my taste.

        • lafleur10 says:

          your putting the cart before the horse the leafs first have to get kane(which they won’t) they’ll be in the discussions for him but ultimately won’t get him…as for babcock i’m not so sure he wants to leave detroit for toronto a team that needs a lot of work before they are playoff contenders,i just don’t see babcock going into a situation like that i think he’ll stay in detroit personally

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            Based on what? Detroit is just a team without Lidstrom, not good enough to win. MSLE can out bid Detroit, if they offer Babcock 10 million a season is Babcock going to walk for Detroit? Babcock also has a huge ego, Detroit can’t exactly offer him any glory even if he somehow won another cup in Detroit.

            Leafs won’t get Kane, they should though, that’s my point.

            • TmLeafan says:

              I agree I’d like to see us pick up Kane. He has the potential to be elite. 9/10 attitude problems are way overblown in hockey. Said the same thing about Kessel, look at him now.

              Still wouldn’t want to give up Gardiner or Kadri. Maybe Lupul, Reimer, Franson, picks?

              • leafs_wallace93 says:

                Good point, noticed at the draft how TSN talking were vilifying Ho-Sang for not passing enough and DeAngelo for chipping opponents, they made them sound like degenerates which hurt their draft position. It’s insane blow up this characters flaws at the expensive of being competitive.

              • lafleur10 says:

                that might not get you kane …as i think teams could easily out bid you and do way better …..so i think if gardiner or kadri is in the deal it would be more appealing to the jets

            • TmLeafan says:

              Also, not saying we will get Stamkos because recently hardly anyone goes to free agency anymore. But a move like that seems like a Tim Liewicke type maneuver. Offer max money at the cap that year would be like 13 mil a year. Tampa can’t match that, especially if he really does want to play for the Leafs.

            • lafleur10 says:

              based on the direction of the leafs and how terrible they are let’s face it they are even close to the top 3-4 teams in their division and in their conference either babcock likes the security of detroit plus the team that they have even now it’s still better than what the leafs have and their prospects and farm system are far superior yeah they are the same team as the team that had lidstrom but they are still miles better than the leafs even on defence illitch can offer him an insane amount of money too he could match any offer then some for babcock if it came down to dollars which it won’t it’ll come down to where he thinks it’s the best for and the team that gives him the chance to win and right now detroit offers him that as the way the 2 current teams are constructed detroit is better of the 2 teams…..the leafs if they do it right could be very good in the near future

  5. leafy says:

    Paul Ranger is leaving the Leafs to play in Switzerland.

    Huge blow to the Leafs defense.

    Just kidding.

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