Ottawa hoping to sign Brian Campbell

Bruce Garrioch of Sun Media is reporting that Brian Campbell will be in Ottawa tomorrow at his agents office and there is a great deal of speculation that the Ottawa Senators will make a big time push to land the talented defenseman.

One of the thoughts is that the Senators would like to replace some of the talent that will be lost as a result of the loss of Wade Redden. It is highly speculated that Brian Campbell has a strong desire to play in the East and Ottawa is a team that the article indicates that he would be excited to go too.

Also mentioned in the article is the extreme competition that the Senators will have in trying to sign Campbell tomorrow. It is reported that the Atlanta Thrashers will offer Campbell a whopping 8.4 million dollars per year over 5 years to sign in Atlanta.

We will have to wait and see how much money talks.

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10 Responses to Ottawa hoping to sign Brian Campbell

  1. jimbob says:

    If Ottawa doesn't sign Campbell or Rozsival, they are in big f**king trouble.  Atlanta needs to spend like 15 million just to make it to the cap floor.

  2. flyersfan10897 says:

    I know that Ottawa needs a power play quarterback, but they need more than one defenseman.  I'd rather spend the money to get a combination of players like Kalinin/Hainsey/Tarmstrom/Hill.

  3. OldNord says:

    Campbell and Redden are about the same defensemen but they would sign Campbell for lets say, 7M$ a year when Redden would have probably accepted 4.5$ a year to stay in Ottawa!? There's something wrong no.

    I have a feeling that since Sundin won't be a Habs, that Gainey will surprised us and sign Redden. he brought Tanguay on a good offensive core and since Streit will probably left, Markov and Redden on the PP unit would be great.

  4. Kramer says:

    Players should be allowed to play without helmets.

  5. pezzz says:

    If Campbell signs in Ottawa, they will trade Meszaros for either a top 6 forward, or 2 more affordable d-men.

  6. Radio says:

    Redden = cokehead dressing room cancer

    That is why.

  7. Radio says:

    I agree, Kramer.

  8. Radio says:

    Trade him? They have to sign him first…

  9. pezzz says:

    They still own his rights. They can trade his rights whenever they want. That's what the Flyers did with Umberger. That's what the Oilers are gonna do with Pitkanen.

  10. DJTOKid says:

    I think Ottawa is better off trying to aquire Pitkanen and paying him anywhere from 2-4 mil per year less then Campbell. I don't see why Vermette for Pitkanen isn't a fair deal. Edmonton i'm sure would rather pay Vermette 2-3mil the Cole for 4mil.

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