Ottawa Senators looking for help

Bryan Murray is working the phones.

The Senators GM isn’t going to find another Erik Karlsson on the NHL’s trade market, but he’s hopeful he’ll be able to find a reasonably priced facsimile that’s going to help the club get to the playoffs this spring.

Battered and beaten up after Karlsson was added to the list of growing injuries, Murray wasn’t expecting any sympathy cards from his rival GM’s at the club’s latest loss, but he is going to investigate the market to see what’s available.

“As I said when Jason (Spezza) went down, I don’t know that any other manager is going to do any favours for me,” said Murray Thursday. “I don’t think that … I’ve made some calls on different players over the last week or two and there’s been nobody very willing to give me a very good player for a player that’s not in the league yet.

“That’s the hard part, of course. We’ve got some really good prospects coming. We’ve got guys playing prime roles right now that we were going to put on the team and introduce them to the NHL to play third-and-fourth line minutes and hope they would grow to a role within a year. Now, they’re playing 20 minutes a game and it will be magnified more as we go along.”

Murray said he isn’t willing to part with a first-round pick or top prospect just to get a short-term fix in return. However, when he makes calls, that’s what rival GM’s want in a deal. That doesn’t make sense for the Senators.

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