Ottawa Shopping Spezza?

Don Brennan of Sun Media reports that it is time for the Senators to wake up and speculates that the Senators have had possible discussions with the Black Hawks about sending Spezza to the Windy City.

It is not mentioned who may be coming the other way (back to Ottawa) and it is indicated that it would be hard to imagine a deal of that magnitude going down however HTR must remind people that it was only several years ago that the Bruins did the unthinkable by trading superstar Joe Thornton.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    i dont know. everyone in the ottawa media lacks credibility so its hard to say if this is true or not.

    there might be a need for change though. the sens were dreadful against the habs and that would ahve been a good measuring stick to see where they were at. they failed miserably.

    perhaps they do need a change but i am not sure why the blackhawks are a possibility. the hawks would have to wipe out significant cap space. while they could with havlat and khabibulin, the sens wouldnt be interested in any of those rentals.

    the hawks wont touch their core: sharp, kane, toews, seabrook, keith, campbell which leaves a few young players but nothing of the skill level of spezza.

    the hawks dont have a top centre they could trade back to ottawa to help the sens offset for losing a 90 point player in spezza.

    spezza also carries a NTC so he will dictate the terms basically.

  2. Kyleton says:

    These two teams are being brought up time and time again when it comes to trading, and many of them have included spezza heading back to last season. 

     Ottawa is shopping Spezza, but they are not going to give him away for nothing, and this is why he will not be getting moved.

  3. Steve362 says:

    i wonder…..

    To Tor: Spezza

    To Ott: Khabibulin, Blake, Tlusty, 1st round pick(tor)

    To Chi: Coliaccovo, 2nd round pick(tor)

    Chicago shed's that dredful contract and picks up a good defensemen
    Ottawa finally gets a number one goalie along with a scoring winger a prospect and a 1st rounder
    Toronto gets a number one center.

    I know im dreaming but what do you think?

  4. Kyleton says:


    I don't like Spezza in Toronto especially at that price. 1st and 2nd, Blake, Tlustly and Coliaccovo?  Not a chance.

  5. Steve362 says:

    i would agree if toronto had a better track record in the draft… but by the looks of things we wont be in the lottery this year and we are only giving up a player who has been sent down to the ahl an injury prone defensemen and a flop in blake, id trade that away any day of the week for a potential 100 point player

  6. Kramer says:

    Spezza's gonna open a bakery when he retires.

  7. papichulo71 says:

    OTT: Paul Stastny, John-Michael Liles, 1st 2009 (COL)
    COL: Jason Spezza, Martin Gerber, 1st 2009 (SJ)

  8. wayne2 says:

    As a sens fan i would love this trade,we would save lots of money,get rid of Gerber and get a young talented offensive player in Stasny and an offensive defensemen which we pretty much need.Lets deal buddy.

  9. cam7777 says:

    that's a terrible trade for Colorado, unless Stastny is unwilling to sign a reasonable extension.  Stastny is already capable of producing only slightly less than Spezza, and has years to grow still.  He is also more capable of leadership, as he showed last year when Sakic and Smyth spent nearly the whole season on the IR.  He and Theodore almost single-handedly held the Avs together until Forsberg, Foote, Sakic and Smyth could all return.  to throw in liles as well (who has quite a high value right now, with the price of offensive defensmen) does not make sense.

    this idea really only solves ottawa's problems.  if gerber isn't the answer in ottawa, than he certainly isn't the answer in colorado.

  10. pezzz says:


    And with Toews, Kane and Keith looking for big pay raises in the next 2 years, I'm not sure how the Hawks could fit Spezza in their cap.

  11. Bure96 says:

    To Ottawa: Martin Havlat, Cam Barker
    To Chicago: Jason Spezza

    I think that would be really interesting actually. Havlat's best years were with the Sen's, and if he can stay healthy they would barely even notice the lose of Spezza. He might not stay healthy, but they still get Cam Barker, so maybe they would go for it.



    Sharp – Toews – Kane
    Ladd – Spezza – Versteeg
    Byfuglien – Bolland – Brouwer
    Burish – Fraser – Skille

    Extras: Eager

    Campbell – Keith
    Seabrook – Wisniewski
    Sopel – Johnson


    I just realized the Hawk's aren't as deep of a team as I thought they were. They don't have that much more up and coming players not already on the team, especially on defense. Kyle Beach, and Akin Aliu are going to be good, but they don't have much else.

    Ottawa Senators:

    There going to move Mike Fischer. He's not what they need, he has to go.

    To Edmonton: Mike Fischer, 1st rounder (San Jose's)
    To Ottawa: Shawn Horcoff

    Horcoff is having a bad season. The Oilers need help keeping the puck out of their net, and could use a true shutdown center, they have enough depth upfront to be able to pay a guy like Mike Fischer 4 million. This way Dustin Penner can move back into the top 6 too.


    Havlat – Horcoff – Heatley (H line)
    Foglino – Vermette – Alfredsson
    Ruutu – Kelly – Neil
    McAmmond – Donovan – Schubert

    Kuba – Phillips
    Barker – Volchenkov
    Lee – Smith


    I think this would actually help Ottawa a lot.

    You guys like the trades?

    Foglino – Vermette – Heatley

  12. iamyourmaster says:

    Spezza to Vancouver for the Sedin twins

  13. Bure96 says:

    Was that serious?

  14. Bure96 says:

    So now it sounds like your trying to trade an injury prone 3rd pairing guy, and AHL player, and now average looking prospect, a mid 1st, and a 4 million dollar AHL player for a 25 year 100 point player who's signed for 7 more years… ummm yeah no

  15. TheStryker says:

    Spezza,Vermette,Lee,2nd round pick
    To Oilers for

    Spezza,Bass,2nd round pick
    To Kings for

    To Stars for

  16. pezzz says:

    The trades with the Oilers and Stars are good, but the trade with the Kings is nonsense. The Kings would have to give Stoll and Frolov for Spezza ONLY. So remove Bass and the pick from the trade.

    But I'd pull the trigger anyday for the other 2 trades. Richards, Erickson and Daley would be perfect for the Sens.

  17. Radio says:

    They are not trading for Havlat >_>

  18. schubby says:

    you are an idiot for even thinking this. ottawa would never trade spezza to toronto and why the hell would they want blake, hes a bigger piece of shit then mccabe

  19. schubby says:

    first off, its fisher theres no C in his name. why would they trade fisher and a 1st rounder for horcoff. horcoffs no better than fisher, he had one lucky year and has done nothing since

  20. schubby says:

    as long as we are throwing out stupid spezza trades how about this one

    Ott: crosby, malkin
    Pitt; spezza, 1st rounder

    this would make ottawa a better team, dont ya think? hahaha

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