Ottawa Should Sign Emery Soon

Bruce Garrioch of Sun Media is suggesting that the Senators should get on the ball and sign Ray Emery to a new contract before July the first.

He speculates that a number of teams may have targeted Emery as a player to sign as restricted free agent because of the compensation that would have to be given up. Any team that is able to sign Emery to a deal that is not matched by the Senators would have to give up “a first, second and third round pick in 2008.” Those draft choices may be something that a team would be willing to part with in order to get a top ranked goalie.

Some of the teams that Garrioch indicates are in the market for a goalie include the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings.

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21 Responses to Ottawa Should Sign Emery Soon

  1. moosehockey says:

    Isn't the picks that would be given up based on what the salary offered would be? Pretty sure it depends on how much $ is on the offer sheet not necessarily "a first, second and third round pick in 2008"

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     It does go by the $ a RFA is signed for, I copied this from TSN               To sign an RFA to a deal worth more than $5.8 million per year, it would cost four first-round picks. That's stiff. But it's only one second round pick for salaries of $1.1 to $2.3 million, a first- and third-rounder for $2.3 to $3.5 million and a first, second and third rounder for $3.5 to $4.7 million. 

     I guess whoever posted this just assumes that Emery will be signed in the 3.5-4.7 million range, which is most likely correct.

  3. mojo19 says:

    If the offer is over $5 million, the compensation is 4 1st round picks. Would you give that up for Tomas Vanek?

    Imagine Buffalo loses Drury and Briere, and they don't re-sign Vanek by July 3rd. Then Washington who needs to get to the minimum salary offers Vanek $6 million per season. Buffalo will have to either overpay him or lose him too. Hahahaha, I hope something like this happens.

    Also I hope someone offers Emery close to $4 million if Ottawa doesn't get a deal done sooner.

    Ottawa has 16 guys under contract and sit at around $42 million. They need to get at least 6 guys under contract for 6-8 mil, and that includes Emery. If Emery eats up most of that they have to get rid of Gerber (that's a must anyway) and they'll probably have to get rid of Redden with not much return.

  4. Neely4Life says:

    I would give up Emery for a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd for sure!  Chances are a team thats gonna finish out of the playoffs is gonna make a pitch for him IE Boston, Philly, Phenoix so on.  And the fact they might be in the lottery for the first overall pic, when Tavares could be available.  I am still not sold on Emery being a legit number one.  Gerber is fine IMO, got off to a rough start, then won 11 of his last 12 games.  Stepped in for Emery when he was uspended and played great.  A year under his belt in a Canadian city is what he needed, and i feel comfortable with Gerber in nets. 

  5. moosehockey says:

    I would give four First rounders for Vanek if I could sign him to a long term deal (5-6 years). The draft is a crapshoot… and if Vanek has a big impact and you've already got a decent team chances are you'll be picking near the bottom of the first round anyhow.

    The whole Kesler RFA offer from Philly last year really opened the door… I'm just wondering if any GMs out there are willing to poach away RFAs like that… they may lose credibility amongst their peers and make ennemies… it makes hockey sense to make those kinds of offers in my mind though, if you can make your team that much better by only giving up draft picks more power to you… you can always trade assets to replace those picks later if you want.

  6. Glucker says:

    if they don't offer him a QO he becomes a UFA right?…did they hand him a QO?

  7. mojo19 says:

    I could see Pleau and Davidson making an offer to Emery. St.Louis is rumoured to be looking for a goalie and JD seems like a shark to me. I could definitely see him doing something like that.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Yeah for $976K or something.

  9. Penssuck says:

    Philly doesn't want Emery.  Besides, Biron is there now.  Sure that wouldn't go over so well.

    And i said it before and got jumped on, Emery is not a #1 goalie, yet.  Will he be?  Maybe.  As of right now, he's doing well behind a really good team.  If he was traded he'd be shown for the true goalie he is, terrible.

  10. wayne2 says:

    If the sens can sign him for 2 or 3 years at 3-3.5mil i`d say keep him if not let him go and take those picks.Emery had 1 solid year which for a goalie isnt much,imo a goalie is a sure thing when he aligns at least 3 straight solidyears.Heatley,Fisher,Vermette,Neil,Kelly,Phillips,Volchenkov, Meszaros and Schubert are imo the “untouchables“.

    Heatley=strong power forward and 50 goal potential each year.
    Fisher=should be captain,true leader of this team and the biggest heart.
    Vermette=great speed,very solid two-way player with great potential and one of the best to take face off.
    Neil=one of the best grit/goon that can score in the game.
    Kelly=gritty,very fast with strong defensive skills that doesnt command much in salary and can fill in on top lines.
    Phillips=gets better and better year after year + strong leadership skills,deserves the “A“.
    Volchenkov=hard hitter,strong defensively,can provide offense and is one of the best shot bloquer in the game.
    Meszaros=too much potential to let him go.
    Schubert=represents the same as Kelly on defense,stability and decent salary,plays a physical game.

    Rest of the team is decent but either expensive and/or can bring good in a trade.

  11. Glucker says:

    he'd be either really loyal or really stupid to sign to that, lol

  12. UWSensFan says:

    I'd say Alfie's an untouchable too…with the salary he's got for the rest of his career in Ottawa (options until 2011 if memory serves), and the numbers he's been putting up (especially the way he played these past playoffs), he's a true steal.  That and he's a guy that's gone out, publicly, and taken pay cuts/salary diversions to make the team better (under Bryden's years).

  13. Neely4Life says:

    wouldnt go as far to say he's terrible, but i am still not sold on him being number one for sure. Biron sucks too.

  14. hattrick44 says:

    Emery has proven himslef as a number one goalie in this league no doubt. in 05/06 he had a great year covering for hasek and all i heard was that it was a fluke and he will never be a no.1 goalie in the NHL but then 06/07 comes and he was terrific for a team that was struggling and he was a big key to the sens getting back on track. Emery is a better goalie than over half in th eleague. Ray Emery should be put in the same catagorey as ryan miller and henrik lunqvist, sure he does have some weakness but so do all goalies and ermey is only 23

  15. hattrick44 says:

    It would be surpirsing for a team to offer a offer sheet because it is gaurneted to hurt that franchice some where down the line. If a team were put a offer sheet in for a RFA and the player went to that team it would become choas. All teams would soon of RFA's offersheets taking away the diffference of a RFA and UFA

  16. Neely4Life says:

    Hes a mid level goalie.  I would take Miller and Lundqvist over Emery without a second thought.  Emery has glaring weakness' that are covered up by a solid D, where has Miller and Lundqvist make their teams look a lot better defensivly than they really are.

  17. Aetherial says:

    The Big elephant in the room that nobody wants to admit is that Emery SUCKED in the finals.

    There, I said it. He let in a lot of very questionable goals.

    Frankly, he did not appear to be any better than Lalime. The HNIC commentators were kind during this series when they said he played well, but not great.

    He didn't play well either.

    Let him go.

  18. tancred says:

    I can't.  I forget how long the deal was for, but St. Louis just re-signed Manny Legace.  He's their starter.  Unless they'd want to trade Legace afterwards, I just don't see it happening.  Not just with Emery, but any goaltender rumored to be on the move.

  19. wayne2 says:

    True,he did take paycuts.I should`ve included him too.If Redden was to take a paycut maybe he should be added too since he his still solid,he just needs to get over his moms death.(he hasnt been the same since)

  20. maudsley says:

    Sorry to say, but Ottawa is gunna be like Emery's rebound control….Bad, Toronto will be contending for the cup next season, and it would be better to lose emeryin free agenccy, then have his career ruined losing to The Maple Leafs in game & of the 2008 Conference finals.

  21. maudsley says:

    You really are dumbass, i can tell that ur an Ottawa fan. I can see why the Prime Minister prefers to come to Toronto to watch Hockey .

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