Out of Shape Heatley?

Reports in the Ottawa Sun newspaper indicate that Dany heatley physical tests are below average..Exchanged for an insanely fit Maran Hossa, whose work out scheduals and strength were common knowledge in Ottawa, Dany Heatley’s physical tests are below average. It makes one wonder for a guy who has played so little hockey the past 2 years, and never in the playoffs, will Heatley have anything left after 82 games to give the Senators what they expect of him in the playoffs?

Able to get by on his talent alone in Atlanta, perhaps the possible saviour of Ottawa’s disastrous playoff record won’t be ready for the playoff grind come April?

It sends chills down Senators’ fan spines just thinking that one of their star isn’t ready, and thoughts of playoff meltdown are already surfacing.

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  1. navajo says:

    lol See, those big tuff pro athletes ain’t got nothin’ on us boozehounds!

    But I don’t think you’d drink Belfour under the table

  2. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    I know the Ottawa media is hockey mad like it is in Toronto, but I hope they’re not having a field day with this. The bottom line is, who cares? Heatley being out of shape is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things for the Sens. He got hurt last year in Sweden and missed time and he’s finally going to be 100% after a couple of really tough years, both emotionally and physically. Heatley’s of no concern whatsoever to the Sens…he’s going to be healthy and a star…simple as that…if I’m a Sens fan, I worry about my goaltending…Hasek’s a huge question mark and Emery has proven nothing on an NHL level…that being said, the Sens are so solid that they need only competent, not spectacular, goaltending to win games…I would be thoroughly shocked if this team doesn’t finish 1st-3rd overall in the conference and make huge noise in the playoffs…the Sens are quite possibly THE team to beat in the NHL this season.

  3. muckies says:

    I think eddy could out crack-smoke for sure. But i could take him in a bar

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