Outrageous Ref Makes Kings Lose Game, Kings Fans Rightfully React

Next Head Coach to call a time-out will be thrown out of the game?
Watching the end of the Colorado Avalanche v the Los Angeles Kings, I must say the NHL officials are the biggest joke in sports. The referee was obviously in favor for the Avs that he called a 5 on three against the Kings when there shouldn’t have been any penalties called at all.

What I don’t understand is how the referee did not call a penalty on Skoula for interfering and/or tripping Jason Allison. He was standing about 9 feet away from the two players, battling, and Allison got back up and shoved Skoula down to the ice, but the referee had to call that one, not Skoula tripping Allison. Then, Coach Murray wants to talk to the referee and the referee refuses to talk to the coach? That is very disrespectful, since most referees do explain the coaches what calls they made. This is the worse part of the story, the referee calls a penalty on the coach, later the coach wants a time-out the referee ignores the coach? The coach calls a time-out and the referee says no? Who does he think he is, the owner of the NHL? For calling a time-out, the referee gives a game misconduct to Coach Murray for asking to call a time-out. That is outrageous, what a joke these officials are. As you see my fellow HTR members, it is not only on the Rangers, but with a lot of teams. I was flattered to see the fans react to the calls by throwing junk, food, and any objects on the ice. The referee deserved worse as he ruined the game, basically gave the wins to the Avs, and in the end he paid the price by having a bad name for the fans. I hope that his next game the fans will recognize him and react with the usual chant that fans use for referees “A _ _ HOLE!!!!!!!”. I was disgusted, and this referee better get fired, because thanks to him, the LA Kings lost that game. Was it me, or did the referees help the Avs win, or protecting them too much?

Thank you,
Micki Peroni

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