Ovechkin Will Sign In Montreal – True or False?

I have started to become an Eklund fan. Although he blows more hot air than my heater, he is entertaining. I have started reading his blog on a regular basis. However, every once in a while, Eklund really PISSES ME OFF. In his latest article, he is exploiting the possibility that Ovechkin might sign in Montreal, seeing that his contract negotiations (he received one offer, I’d hardly call that negotiations) are falling through with Washington.

Why he would (extremely unsourced):
1) He’s got a good friend in Markov here who might give him a call.
2) He has expressed interest in playing in Montreal (that’s sweet, but I don’t buy it)
3) Montreal is a hockey-craved market which certain players, like Ovechkin, might like to play in.
4) Montreal truly does need a franchise player, and Ovechkin is a all-star with size, something Montreal desperately needs.
Why he won’t (I’ll just name the big ones, I don’t want to keep you folks forever):
1) Does anyone really think that Washington would let Ovechkin go? More than half their crowd shows up JUST to see him play. If Alex wants 9-10M, Alex gets 9-10M!
2) We all know that having a friend in a city doesn’t mean ****. Hockey players know that being in a good city, with a good crowd, and a good pay with sponsorships is all that’s important. Family too I guess, but hey, he’s Russian!
3) Is Bob Gainey an idiot, Eklund? Is he going to throw away everything he’s built over the past few years on Ovechkin? I’m really sorry, but the number of picks to salary ratio slips my mind (if someone could enlighten me) but I think it’s something like 3 high picks if you pay more than 7M. That would seriously hamper Montreal’s growth.
4) Do we really want to pay a player 9-10M. I don’t care how good he is. I’d be much happier having 3 Higgins on my team rather than 1 Ovechkin. No player is worth that money. The maximum I would be willing to pay Ovechkin is 8M. And that’s only because Crosby got something similar, and there is not a single player in the NHL that is worth more than Crosby (think of his long-term value).
Your thoughts?

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  1. ChyldProdigy says:

    I will start by saying this: Washington has stated time and again they will match ANY offer made to keep Ovech.  And why wouldn't they?  He can't be replaced unless you finish in the bottom 5 of the league.  And even then you are gambling on a player (like Stamkos) being AS GOOD as Ovechkin, so why bother trying again when you already have him?
    From Montreal's perspective, the cost of signing Ovech to an offer sheet if Washington declined to match would be four first rounders (same as the Vanek offersheet would've been).  Montreal is on the up-swing of their rebuild so I really don't know that it would be THAT terrible to consider.  I'm not sure I get the point about Gainey 'throwing away everything he's built', since he is only throwing away the potential to build more.  Sure you could get four decent players with those firsts, but if anything Montreal will be finishing between 1st – 9th in the conference, never low enough to get a player of Ovechkin's calibre in the next four years.  They have the youth, they have the speed and talent and the ability to draft well in the 2nd round, personally I say it makes perfect sense from Montreal's perspective.  If Ovech is happy he would lead your team for years to come, possibly to a cup if Price keeps improving.  And this is from a Leafs fan.
    In summary I would say these two things:
    1) Eklund is an idiot, he is always wrong.  Read him only for entertainment, never for fact, and don't lose any sleep thinking about what he says.
    2) The only thing that should be discussed is whether it makes sense for Montreal to try, but either way I don't see it in the cards for Washington let him walk.

  2. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Crosby took a discount to play for Pittsburgh, as he could have easily commanded the league maximum. $9-10 million for Ovechkin is not completely absurd, as he is a winger, not a center, who scores more goals than Crosby on a team which is less talented. Likewise, he consistently puts up points in the high 90's to the low 100's and plays a solid, hard-hitting defensive game. As a Toronto fan, I would absolutely love to have him on my team, although with our cap situation it is relatively impossible. Moreover, with regards to the draft picks you would be giving up, consider this; although you would be giving up several high-end draft picks, players like Ovechkin and Crosby only come around every so many years (there is no guarantee that your prospects will develop into superstars). Similarly, for Montreal fans, I'm sure that you would be more than willing to part with Ryder, Koivu and perhaps another secondary player in order to clear room for a superstar such as Ovechkin, who would nicely compliment Kovalev on a top line with Higgins.

  3. wayne2 says:

    Ovechkin is another russian player looking ONLY to make big money so he's got in a certain way a bit of a selfish attitude.We had Yashin(not as talented but still) who was there for the money and for a long time he screwed up the teams chemistry.I also doubt he would sign with Montreal,he would sign with a high american market team like NY or Detroit before doing so.

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Washington's greatest revenue generating asset is Ovechkin.  Both sides realize this and will behave appropriately.  To suggest otherwise is beyond the realm of speculation and well into the world of unrelenting stupidity.  

    There are no impact trades year to date, nor will there be more than a couple of meaningful trades at the deadline.  Teams will improve from within.  In this environment, it might be tough to generate revenues by charging people for tips on nonexistent trades.  As such, outlandishness replaces intelligence as the intellectual currency of certain sites.

    Common sense is free.  I'm not sure what the other guy charges. 

  5. Habroller says:

    I like your thought process. From a Leafs fan? I'm very impressed.

  6. Habroller says:

    I'm not saying you're all wrong, but you can't compare AO with Yashin. Although Ovechkin will ask for the biggest amount he can get, I don't think he's only about the money like his fellow Russian. AO looks like he's driven by hockey and seems to be thriving when all eyes are on him. Yashin was just a mean choker, talented yes, but with no drive at all other than the big $$$…

  7. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Anymore unbased comments or was that it?

  8. skoalbandit says:

    he may sign a 1 year 9-10 mill offer sheet, because washington will match. at the end of next year he can choose where he wants to go

  9. patthekat78 says:

         Ovechkin Would Be Crazy too even consider signing with the Capitals!!!!!!!! When you have teams like montreal, the rangers, kings, and a list of other teams who are going to have the cap space to give him the 10.5 he wants.
         The Capitals are a sorry sack franchise and always will be. The best thing for the NHL is if one if it's greatest stars ends up with one of the leagues biggest and popular most franchise's.

  10. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    LOL, Eklund pisses me off too, the guy literally knows nothing!

    Sometimes he talks about the gameplay and I wonder wtf he's talking about, he has no hockey knowledge and no clue what's going on around the league. He just hear's this Bull**** from forums like this one stating we would ''like'' to see Ovechkin in our line-up, although it would never happen, our cap hit is approximately 49 mil. If Ovy only wants 1 million, that's fine…. but I truly doubt that. And if Gainey were to free up cap space, we would be getting rid of youngsters with a lot of potential, cause that's all we have. (Come to think of it, we keep all these young guys with potential, we could be a consistent 100 point team in the future :D).

    Paying anything above 5 mil to an RFA costs 4 First round picks, those could possibly end up being 4 Ovechkins…. no GM (other than Kevin Lowe) wants  to give up 4 future talented players. And if you guys haven't noticed, Habs scouting is pretty amazing, we have a 7th rounder from 2005 or 2006 currently playing in our lineup and being given chances with the 1st line. (Sergei Kostitsyn).

    So nuh-uh for the Ovy signing in MTL. Gainey is probably laughing his ass off looking at Eklund's post. Kinda like me, wondering where the **** he gets this ****.

  11. PuckNuts says:

    Anybody know if Ovechkin refuses all offer sheets, doesn't resign with Washington and plays next season with the Caps, does that make him a UFA on july 1 2009?

  12. darcysucker says:

    You think Gainey even bothers looking at those absurd posts?  4 Potential ovechkins?  come on that would be a miracle, Ovechkin truly is one of those special players in the league, he's onlye 20/21 like crosby, Montreal is looking for a superstar to market.  This team is really looking to market their players, that's why they tried getting Briere, not because he would fit the team, but simply cause they could really market him.  Did you notice the failed marketting attempt at the beginning of the season with Komisarek, Higgins, Latendresse and Lapierre?  Well unfortunatly Lapierre got cut from the team in the preseason, and the team was really embarassed by that (well the marketing team).  The team needs someone like Ovechkin who's young, charismatic and marketable, they can't market guys like Markov, cause he doesn't talk very much.  Oh and remember next year is our 100th anniversary, so it's going to be a huge year for the team, a lot of things are being planned and adding a superstar to the team would make things even sweeter, if it wasn't for that stupid cap, George Gillet would be stocking up on nhl stars come free agent season, he's got the money for it, and he's already made a lot of money on the team

  13. mmonex says:

    it will be ufa only in 2012-2013!! beuh

  14. habsoverserver says:

    why would any team give him a one year offer sheet?

  15. Maximus says:

    Washington will simply match any offer given to him this summer. He will be a Capital next year. He is a restricted free agent. Any discussions like this will be mute because he will be re-signed.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Jesus Christ… I'd rather watch a John Edward marathon than listen to Habs fans and Leafs fans argue over who will get Ovechkin. Believe me, the guys at the Leaf boards have been on this since Ovechkin wore a Leaf hat to the draft combine.

    By the way, he was a SHARKS fan growing up.

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He's not eligible until July 1st 2012.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    Eklund reports it?

    Ovechkin is coming to the Penguins to play with Malkin!
    First line:

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    its 4 1st round picks.

    something neat. pick any team over any 4 years (at least 10 years ago), and look at their 1st round picks. most of them will have 3 NHL regulars and 1 guy who never made it, most will not be players that are worth ovechkin. if i had to give up 4 1sts for ovechkin, i'ds do it in a heartbeart.

    but washington will not let him go.

    very good article, although i only think that because you hold my point of view.

  20. BruMagnus says:

    you're retarded. your comment shows us how ignorant you are of hockey. please don't waste our time again.

    no one would offer a ONE year offer sheet…

    My god.. the people on this site…

  21. McNick says:

    Its two things…a. washington won't let him go and b. montreal WILL NEVER PAY THAT KIND OF MONEY FOR ANYONE.

  22. habskovalev27 says:

    exactly because they don't want to look like Tampa Bay Lightning with a 3 players franchise : Lecavalier, St.Louis and Richards…

  23. lindrosfan says:

    "there is not a single player in the NHL that is worth more than Crosby"

    I'm sorry.. but Ovechkin is twice the player that Crosby is. He acts like a man when he gets knocked down *unlike Crosby*. He's got the worlds prettiest goal, uses his body and is much quicker and craftier than Crosby.

    I understand that Crosby is Canada's new love affair, but lets admit it… he's no Ovechkin.

    Oh..and for those who say "look at the statistical differences, Crosby is better" Tell me, who would you rather play with …. Malkin, Staal, Armstrong, Recchi… or Semin (when healthy), Nystrom, Backstrom..

    hmmmm. I think that explains the stat differences

  24. habsisgod says:

    knowtice how you stated you would rather have 3 higgins then one ovechkin… sorry bro, i'd rather have that one ovechkin since it takes 3 higgins to make an ovechkin, even that is debatable. look don't be absurd… i am from montreal but i catch washington games as much as i could this guy works so god dam hard and he deserves to be in a team that could actually take him places. i love higgins to death, but if he was in washington, he wouldnt even be getting half his points, whereas ovechkin is almost doubling higgins. lol after all this i would like to say i agree with the rest of your article.

  25. prospectiv says:

    Montreals wingers are Latendresse, Higgins, the Kostitsyn brothers, Ryder and Kovalev.  All of them have the potential to be on the top 2 lines.  They also have the best situation in the league between the pipes (Huet, Price, Halak, Dannis) and are very strong at defense too (Markov, Komi, Hamrlik, OByrne, Streit, Georges, Bouillon, Carle, Valentenko, Fisher, McDonagh, Emelin, Subban, etc…)

    What Montreal truly and only lacks is a big scoring center, not another russian winger (that would cost 4 round picks and eat up around 1/5 of the salary cap).  Even though Ovechkin would fit on any roster, this is still not the right guy to go after. 

    Think Marleau, Toews, Lecavalier, Kopitar, Getzlaf, Brassard, Gagner, Arnott, Jokinen, Richards, Stastny, Malkin, Bergeron, Mueller, Turris, Carter or any upcoming top 3 drafted centers if you consider any signings, offer sheets or trades. 

  26. ferron says:

        Crosby dives, cheats and cries a lot, something Ovechkin has too much pride to do! And since their entry in the league Crosby has aroud 90 goals and Ovechkin around 130!!!!!!!!!!! But we don't need an Ovechkin, We need a superstart center who can be regular and actually feed our wingers. Right now besides Plekanec, We don't have another scoring center.

        Koivu looks worst and worst every games, maybe he should be our new third line center, witch would take a lot of pressure off him, Koivu has been through HELL! and it shows a little more this year. Hopefully Bob will get us a good center this year since "I" think the habs are looking stronger every games, A.Kostitsyn looks like he finally woke up(Knock on wood!!!) and Guillaume Latendresse will score around 25 this year, Higgins around 32 and Kovalev 35, Ryder looks like he's back, Lapierre will become one of NHL best PK centerman and others like S.Kostitsyn, K Chipchura are young but already showing a lot of potential and character at their age.

        The question is what Centerman is available , who could we offer without breaking the little bit of chemistry we just established the past 5 games?

  27. sanj91 says:

    anyone who knows anything about hockey knows that one players doesn;t make a team….higgins is a hell of a player….he'll get around 55-60 points this season….times that by 3….ovechkin is still developping but if he ever scores 180 points, ill eat my habs jersey…..having 3 very good players gives you depth…something that i think is much mroe important than one superstar

  28. Wolfmother says:

    Everyone knows that Washington will match any offer that any team gets Ovechkin to sign.  At the earliest Ovechkin could become an UFA in 2012.  If I was a GM in the NHL I would take the chance at getting Ovechkin to sign a 4 year deal worth around 40 million.  This way Washington won't be able to sign him to a ridiculous 15 year contract.  This would give my team an opportunity to sign him when he becomes an UFA in his prime.  Showing the interest now may tip the scales to my team in 4 years.

  29. Habs_pm says:

    I love how everyone assumes Washington will automatically match any offer that is thrown to him. Why did they offer him 7.5/year & not what he wanted….Simple…..They can't afford it.

    They are averaging between 9 to 10 thousand people a game. If they give Alex Ovechkin $10 Million/year they can fall into a difficult financial situation…And they are barely surviving as it is right now.


    Washington isn't a club that has the cash to throw around like Montreal,Toronto,New York…ect.

    Lets just wait and see what will happen!…..(Not that I'm saying A.O. is comming to Montreal but you never know what can happen!)

    Personally I would love to see A.O. in a Habs jersey but not at that Price….Unless Bob Gainey would pull a "deal of the century" type deal but Mtl doesn't have much to offer either…

  30. Habfanforever says:

    Some Montreal fans including pundit Jack Todd are deluded by this ludicrous idea. If Ovechkin was wearing a Habs sweater, the fans and media would say NO WAY if the thought of him signing elsewhere as an RFA came up. Also, I firmly believe cost certainty (which deprived us of a season of hockey) is an aspect of the game that is deeply embeded into the brains of current GM's and owners. If I look at my favorite team's roster, I can see players like Higgins, Plekanec and Komisarek, for example, get offer sheets but an offer sheet of 10M plus high draft picks is a very big price to pay for a player and it could have a severe negative impact on an organization, on many levels. When there's a chance that it wouldn't pan out, the financial repurcussions would be massive, being tied to so much money.

      Furthermore, depriving your team of 3 high end draft picks is also depriving your team of low-cost, low-maintenance talent that could be beneficial on a team's short term success. Last but not least, Ovechkin is Washington's bread and butter, there is absolutely no advantage in them taking 3 draft picks rather than retain him at any cost.

  31. rojoke says:

    The picks only matter if your performance on the ice doesn't improve with Ovechkin's addition.  If Ovechkin makes the team a perennial playoff team, and for argument's sake a top ten finish in the standings, then those picks are late round picks, last in the round if you manage to win a Cup along the way.  Those picks can be made up for by trading up at the draft or in-season deals.  There's also the matter of reiterating to your scouting staff how important it is to find those mid-to-late round sleepers.

    What it boils down to is simple, does the potetial reward outweigh the costs involved? 

  32. rojoke says:

    They wouldn't do it just for the sake of doing it, but if it were someone of Ovechkin's abilities, I think Gainey would do it, and Gillett would glady sign the paycheques.

  33. kilter says:

    who cares what they say,Montreal will never make a move to have a player of his caliber.

  34. NHLSlayer says:

    Another dummy that likes to type before using either of his brain cells…

    It makes NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER what Ovie wants.  NONE.  He is a restricted free agent, and INELIGIBLE to become an Unrestricted Free Agent until 2012.  That means that no matter what he wants, he is a Washington Capital until that time.  PERIOD.

  35. rcichard03 says:

    i don't think AO wants  to learn French and be in the market where after 2 games the whole crowd turns on poor AO because he hasn't scored 20 goals yet and the trade rumors start pouring down

  36. kamullia says:

    Dwayne Klessel (a.k.a. Eklund) is nothing but an extremely overrated blogger. Nothing less, and nothing more. The funniest part of this story is that he actually admits to it in his blog. He is nothing but a fan (Flyers), that thanks to the lockout and the boredom in some organizations, was able to boost his own name and make a few connections in actual NHL clubs out of misrepresenting himself as a journalist. Klessel would simply make up a “rumor” out of a conversation with friends, then call up a team and ask for quotes about the made-up rumor, sometimes getting actual reactions from organizations that fell into his made-up journalistic persona. Out of that and the hunger by puckheads for any kind of news, his blog became popular, like anything else that had NHL attached to it, during a period were fans were starved for information and nothing but a trickle of it was available due to the stoppage.

    Self-boosting his minuscule actual pre-trade finds, and either downplaying, excusing, or simply ignoring well-rooted criticism of his outright awful percentage of rumors which become actual trades, Klessel has stayed afloat with his Eklund character thanks in part due to the cap, which has restricted severely the amount and types of trades that clubs were once able to perform. I am not against the cap, but it would be moronic not to realize that it has had an impact into trades. Hence, another starvation of the fans of sorts regarding trades and factual rumors has happened, and people have simply continued to read-on his wild fantasies (among the extremely few actual rumors he does stumble upon) out of hunger for real information and mistakingly taken it as true investigative reporting.

    I think Greg Wyshynski, an actual sports reporter, has thus far cleanly (since the actual best statements I have heard are riddled with obscenities) put it best when he wrote about Klessel’s XM radio appearances: “There‚Äôs a better chance of Barry Melrose opening up a rib joint in Newark than something journalistically significant emerging from these (Eklund) XM segments.”

    My advice to you and all since after the lockout has not wavered and continues to be the same: If you have time to spare and feel like being entertained, just so long as you understand it is for entertainment purposes and not actual journalism, then by all means feel free to indulge into Klessel’s fantasies and regurgitating discussions. However, if you are looking for factual information on sourced NHL rumors or upcoming trades in anything from Mr. Klessel, then I suggest you also try doing the same from Jennifer Crusie’s writings. You won’t be far off on the results from either, and Crusie’s novels do tend to turn up actual useful information. At least that is according to females who like that genre and suggest more men should read her product and “get a clue.”

    Now, I have to give credit to Klessel about what he has been able to accomplish. Klessel was able to put a veil over everyone’s head for a while, and out of that he has been able to garner an income from several sources while simply spreading absolutely made-up statements. Not bad. Not bad at all for a musician.

  37. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    AO can sign where he wants, reality is, Washington will match any offer sheet.

  38. wingerxxx says:


    Ovechkin IS the Capitals.  Trust me, every game I go to at the MCI Center, he's THE draw.  Without him, the building goes back to being 1/3 full, which is how it was before he came to town.  If Ted Leonsis lets him leave, he may as well sell the franchise.  No chance he leaves Washington, sorry Habs fans.  As a Rangers fan, I'd love to have him.  But it's not going to happen.

  39. wingerxxx says:

    It's called contract negotiation, and Ovechkin isn't the first player to go through this.  I personally go to Caps games, and the building is regularly over half full every game.  For an NHL arena…that's actually not bad.  A few games have been very full.  And there is one player to thank for that. 

    Ted Leonsis has a history of throwing money at players he wants.  See Jaromir Jagr.  Ovechkin will be back in Washington, he's the reason why Caps fans go to the MCI Center in the first place. 

  40. arigold says:

    You habs fans are dreaming, holy.

  41. jason21 says:

    ok i will start by saying that washington will try to keep him but if he wants to play for a team that has a chance on going somewhere he mightcome besides if us are real habs fans u should now that montreal has more money than most teams. washington will lose alexander semin if they keep ovechkin because there both gonna whant alot of money what do u do. and if gainy's smart he'll give him a good contract and with the money mr gillet has he can afford a great signing bonus so give me a real reason why he wouldnt come its up to him not the caps its where he wants to play besides markov isnt his only friend so is kovalev so realy why should he stay in washington besides with semin they whont be able to afford him .

  42. AHLoldie says:

    And this is exactly why the Capitals will never get any better.  Ovechkin can not carry a team.  He has not been able to lift the Caps above mediocrity, and never will.  Washington has had as many high draft choices as the Penguins but are saddled with a one dimensional star player who is holding them back.  He is now demanding a high salary that is not worthy of a player on a team that will never improve.  If they are losing with him, they can lose just as easily without him, and save ten Mil per year.  They are now in the same boat that the Pens were in with Jagr about ten years ago.  They better hope that they get a better return than the Pens got from them for Jagr.

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