Overrated and Underrated Players

Have you been listening to some of these rumours lately? Players that were hardly even looked at are being thrown around in rumours, in packages including top prospects and good round-picks. I’m going to analyze some of the players that aren’t worth much and players that are good but aren’t given enough credit.

To start of with the Overrated Players, I think there are many who are being mentioned in trade talk. Some are good and some are having a good season but will that last?

Here are my thoughts on this, in no specific order:

1. Sergei Gonchar- He’s been mentioned in trade talks especially to the Leafs but the Devils, Stars and even the Predators have been mentioned. He is a really good point scorer, and he could probably play on the third line for a team that could get struck with injuries but seriously that’s not really his job. He’s average in his own end. I think for the Leafs this trade is inevitable but I personally wouldn’t do it. He is earning 3.5 mil this year and is a RFA soon, and he will probably go to arbitration where he will easily get 5.5-6.5 mil. Leafs could afford it but they really need someone who is a defensive defenseman like… Brendan Witt, or Keith Carney but I think those players aren’t coming to Toronto.

2. Jeff O’ Neill- He isn’t all that he is said to be. He is a mid-range point scorer and isn’t playing all that great this season with 12 goals but could help a team that is needing a player to chip in occasionally and have a break-out season maybe next year. Places where he could be going are Montreal, Philadelphia, Vancouver, and New Jersey.

3. Brian Leetch- He’s a good player but all the hype is too much! He’s probably not going anywhere because he would be a rental and wants to finish his career with the Rangers. He is also kind of old, maybe a couple of years from hanging up the skates.

4. Alexei Kovalev- A good offensive threat but would he be able to mesh in with the new team that quick? I don’t think so personally because look at his numbers this year with the Rangers, 41 points pretty low from a point scorer’s average and this is his first full season with the Rangers. Places where he could be heading are, Avs, and the Wings if they want to insure themselves. But he really can’t produce outside of Pittsburgh.

Now to talk about the underrated players who just duck the media radar and score on a team that might suck, not all but some.

1. Dick Tarnstrom- I don’t understand, he’s a good player but why can’t he score goals at even strength? He’s scored 10 of his 11 goals on the PP, and any team that need PP support could get him but I don’t think the Pens want to part with him but hey, they’re dumb enough to do it.

2. Rick Nash- Okay, this guy is not an underachiever but I had to mention him somewhere. Is he really underrated? I don’t really think so. He had an article In SI about him and he wants to date Britney Spears, and that’s what i find funny about him. He is a great player and is the only real scoring power on Columbus. He didn’t have that sophomore jinx and kind of really traumatized alot of goalies. 33 goals in 63 games, I’m guessing he’s ending up with 40-45.

3. Joe Thornton- I don’t think Joe gets as much attention as he should. He’s a great player and a key to the Bruins’ success. He needs to get more attention as a player because he’s.. him.

4. David Aebischer- Now he was a little jittery at the start of the year but he has really been tremendous of late. I think that he can carry the Avs a long way into the playoffs. Partially why he’s playing so great is because he’s built up his self-esteem. Rumours talking about bringing in Kolzig can’t be making him feel good. But that might be a good idea if he loses a game or two in the playoffs and collapses, then they could bring in Kolzig who also might collapse…

These are just some of the overrated and underrated players that I think should be brought to attention. I want to hear who you think should be on the list, and who shouldn’t if anybody.

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  1. guinsfan4life says:

    Not only that, but to have a guy that is tied for 9th in the league in scoring among NHL defenseman, on the worst team in the NHL, I believe that says something. If he was so horribly defensively, he would have been scratched numerous times.

  2. Beckfan5 says:

    Its the team I follow.

  3. leafy says:

    I agree with the list of over-rated players. However, Nash and Thornton are definitely not under-rated. They are simply what they are: superstars. How is that under-rated?

    As a Leaf fan who watches every single game, I could tell you that one vastly under-rated player is Tomas Kaberle. The guy does all the little things that people don’t even notice perfectly, i.e., skate the puck out of danger, make the perfect outlet pass to go from defense to offense, rarely get caught out of position, etc. Take a guess who leads the Leafs in plus-minus? You got it. Yet you always hear ignorant Leaf fans wanting him moved for something ‘better’. The guy gets no respect.

  4. GeniushockeyKID says:

    he said joe mama

  5. GeniushockeyKID says:

    and your polish…nuff said!

  6. GeniushockeyKID says:

    the most underated player of all-time is jiri lehtenin and the most overated player is yashin, i think

  7. dvast8 says:

    Most Underrated Defenceman:

    Chara is doing what we all expect of him. He’s a giant afterall.

    The real underrated D-Man is Jordan Leopold

    Most Underrated Rookie:

    stajan isn’t overrated, he’s just had a chance to play with great players. Anyone can put up the point hes had playing with some great players.

    The real underrated rookie is..

    Matt Lombardi

    (he was drafted very high TWICE for crying out loud)

    Most Underrated Goalie:

    Miikka Kiprusoff (how can you dispute this?)

    Most Underrated Forward:

    St. louis maybe last year, but hes doing what we expected of him again.

    Underrated players dont goto the all-star game thanks.

    Richard Zednik in my opinion is the most underrated forward. He’s been a quiet leader for the canadiens.

    Most Underrated Team:

    The sharks are still using much of the system sutter set in place when he was there, they just needed a wake up call to play better.

    The flames are very underrated lets consider this for a second.

    1st year for darryl as GM & Coach.

    1st year for kipper as a starter + a injury.

    1st year for lombardi after being drafted twice.

  8. bpanther83 says:

    Lack of heart? Do u not remember the team of 2 years ago that had most its best players injured and still made it to the 3rd round? Heart has never been questioned (except for maybe reichal). I think u are smoking some bad shit to question there heart.

    Now I said cujo is neither over-rated or under-rated…People tend to know how good he is, and thats it. Is he overpaid? YES…with his money he should at least have one cup. Is he a top goalie? Yes, for the most part, but he is inconsistant.

    As far as him going to a team with a better chance at the cup? He has made it just as far if not farther with the leafs team he was on then he has on Detroit. So to say he went to a team with a better shot is dumb. Well maybe if they had more A535…don’t worry, thats probably what the leafs need 2. Teams are both great…just need more A5

  9. dvast8 says:

    are we all forgetting about kipper and lombardi?

    Maltby is doing what he’s suppose to, hes not exceeding or underachving by any means.

    neither is konowalchuk.

  10. hoser24 says:

    How exactly do you consider Keith Primeau overrated? So he’s not one dimensional like he was early in his career and now plays a solid two way game. Actually, the only thing I have to say that would prove that Primeau isn’t overrated: look at the Flyers record this year without him.

  11. greatlife15 says:

    i did write that nash is not underrated, i had to put him somewhere. he dowesn’t belong in that group i just wanted to mention him because he’s a good player. As for thornton, he doesn’t really get alot of attention, i mean he doesn’t get the interviews like the other guys, but he quietly dows the job.

  12. The_Conductor says:

    Fedorov overrated?

    Ah ha ha ha… One of the best 2 way players in the league… on a team with no talent compared to the Wings… and has just as many points as Hull and Datz.

    Shanny… has over 11oo points and still manages to have 19 goals and 43 points… Geez why not just say Yzerman is overrated too… seeing how he has knee problems and only has 17 goals this year… wow he is on the decline.

    Legace… from Detroit. The best back-up in the league… and has been the right guy for the wings with all the goalie issues.

    mldw13 do you watch hockey at all? Seriously… This is an honest question… cause it looks like you looked in a paper and pulled some names out of your ass!

  13. Lanche says:

    I agree bertuzzi and morrisson Suck lately since naslunds been out after a Clean(maybe inappropriate) hit by moore

  14. mldw13 says:

    The real question is do you watch anyone but the wings? Comments from the peanut gallery are always welcome, especially from a bandwagon fan.

    Let me be more specific so you can see past your rose colored glasses:

    Shanny is overrated becasue he has lost that physical dimension that made him one of the toughest to play agains every game. Can he still do it – yes. Does he do it – infrequently at best. What does 1100 points have to do with anything. Gretsky has more and you don’t see him playing. A worthless arguement.

    Federov has world class talant and an average salary of 10 mil. Do you think the Ducks are getting there money’s worth? Yeah, Federov steps it up in the playoffs, but you have to make it to the playoffs. I thought Federov was exposed to do better carring the load? I always thought alot of Federov’s success in Detroit was do to being on such a strong team with strong leaders.

    Legacy is just that – a back up, and one of the all time great back ups. But being a back up in hockey is like being the Vice President. People who don’t understand hockey often can never grasp this. The wings know it though.

    By the way, I watch alot of hockey, and the wings are one of my favorite teams, not just since the started winning, but since the early 80’s. Seems to me you are just blinded by their success and can no longer be objective.

    Try again.

  15. The_Conductor says:

    Actually I have been a wings fan since about 89/90.

    Shanny unfortunitly lost his fighting a few years ago… just doesn’t seem to drop it as much. However even without throwing them… I still see him going out every day and working his ass off… like a couple other wings who aren’t recognized… Draper, Maltby, McCarty, Wooley.

    Fedorov is not worth 10 million and I am the first to admit that. How many of the high priced players are? Jagr? Forsberg yes when healthy! Lindros? and the list can go on… So really you cant make that accusation without looking around at other then in the league. But I stick by that he is a streaky player… but a leader and a huge asset to any team.

    Legace… has said and been quoted in saying he is just glad that he is able to do something he loves… and loves the fact that he is a back-up… I dont know if Legace could be a starting goalie… I would love to say he could be, but I love the fact that he is so dependable as a back-up.

    Either way I attacked you because it seemed your statments were vague… therefore I wanted you to express what you ment by what you said.

  16. the_expert_44 says:

    wow you just defined “lame”

  17. the_expert_44 says:

    how about anyone who plays for the rangers?

  18. veggetto1725 says:

    the only reason he dosent produce is in pittsbutg he had tons of ice time in ny theres none.

  19. mckintz says:

    what bs?? morrison has 29 assists….naslund has 30 goals……coincidence??? maybe bertuzzi has lived of naslund but morrison came into vancouver and made himself the #1 center. he has worked to get that status and he deserves it. he is one of the most undderrated players in the league period

  20. GeniushockeyKID says:

    yeah theres plenty, but you can’t help but feel disappointed with the isles’ star

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