Overrated vs. Underrated

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Most Overrated Hockey players:

Mario Lemieux – Hockey analysts are speaking as if Lemieux may be the savior for the Pittsburgh Penguins young and underrated hockey team. At 39, Mario is still labeled as one of the best in the game although it seems more and more evident that he’s slowing down even though most Lemieux fans will not admit the obvious. Sometimes I believe that younger players have so much respect for this once ironically underrated hockey player, that they feel when he’s on the ice they’re obligated to not check the big center with full intensity. At this stage of his career, he’s not capable of carrying a team on his back; although some believe so.

Mike Modano – Mike Modano has always been vulnerable to highly physical contests. The Dallas Stars relied on him to notch points while being the leading man up front. It is evident that Modano is no longer capable of racking up points as he once did. As captain for team USA in the 2005 World Championship tournament he struggled immensely. It appears he is to be headed downward in terms of production.

Jay Bouwmeester – Bouwmeester was just recently invited to attend a tryout camp for the upcoming winter Olympics in Turin. This overrated and unproven young hockey player will be expected to compete with the very best Canada has to offer. In 2004-2005 he played a full season in the AHL for San Antonio and Chicago only scoring 27 points in 82 games while sporting a +/- of minus 18. These statistics are not in the very least impressive. Not saying that the young defender will not one day become a top flight player in the NHL, he just seems to be slightly overrated at the time being.

Martin St. Louis – Well deserved Heart Trophy winner Martin St. Louis had an outstanding 2003-2004 campaign but hockey analysts seem to think the world of the small hockey player after just one great season. His lack of size may prevent him from taking his game to an even higher level. Until he proves he can consistently play at the same level as he did his previous NHL season, he should never be compared to the likes of Forsberg and Iginla as one of the game’s best.

Alexei Yashin – His contract speaks louder than words. The $90-million man needs to live up to the game’s most immovable contract. He’s the Islanders franchise player in dollars only. Yashin’s attitude and demeanor have constantly come into question throughout his career and has below average defense ability.

Most Underrated Hockey Players:

Alyn McCauley – Alyn McCauley is blessed with stellar hands and superb vision. He is one of the most defensively minded forwards in the NHL. At the age of 28, I’m sure he’ll have some even better seasons to come. Why he was not invited to attend the tryout camp for the upcoming winter Olympics is beyond me.

Glen Murray – Does it surprise you to know Murray ranks third in goals and 11th in scoring over the past three seasons? Glen Murray owns the soft hands of a natural goal-scorer.

Mike Richards – Mike Richards has incredible imagination with the puck and excellent playmaking ability. Usually playing in the shadow of first overall draft pick and teammate Vincent Lecavalier, he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I believe he is the most valuable player to the Tampa Bay Lightening and will be for many years. It is not out of reach for this young player to one day lead the league in point and capture the Heart Trophy as the most valuable player in the entire league.

Alex Tanguay – Alex Tanguay is an extremely gifted winger who possess blinding speed, versatility, the ability to hold onto the puck for long stretches and tremendous one-on-one moves. Tanguay had an outstanding season in 2003-2004 scoring 79 points in only 69 games. If the young forward would have played the entire season he would have given Martin St. Louis a run for the Art Ross Trophy; this still did not help him in the selection of participating in the World Cup tournament in 2004.

An ongoing trend within the NHL: Ironically underrated players who gain recognition eventually become overrated within time.

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