Overtime modifications on table at GMs meeting

Ken Holland has long been one of the leading proponents of extending overtime to decide more games before the shootout, and the Detroit Red Wings general manager said Tuesday he thinks the support for such an action is growing among his peers.

Overtime was one of the popular subjects at the general managers meeting in Toronto. Holland has proposed in the past to have five minutes of 4-on-4 overtime followed by five minutes of 3-on-3 before a shootout. Different proposals or amendments to the current overtime format were discussed Tuesday, and OT will be discussed in further detail at the next get together between the League’s GMs in March.

“We talked in there and we’re going to talk again in March,” Holland said. “There seems to be some interest in maybe expanding overtime another couple of minutes. Whether it remains 4-on-4 or goes from 4-on-4 to 3-on-3 certainly seems to gaining some traction and we’re going to have a long conversation about it in March.”

Beyond Holland’s proposal, there was also discussion about extending 4-on-4 to 10 minutes, or somewhere in the middle to seven or eight minutes. St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong and Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman both said they were proponents of extending 4-on-4.


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  1. leafy says:

    It’s almost certain a huge trade is gonna come out of this.

  2. doorman says:

    Wow Sabres fire Regier & rolston, Hire Lafontaine & Nolan

  3. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Dallas Eakins vs Nail Yakupov, wonder which will survive?

    RIP cardio bunny.

    • lafleur10 says:

      well i heard today that if the oilers lose a couple of more games this week eakins wil be out as coach so yakupov will survive

      • doorman says:

        The Oilers have so much bigger problems then just the coach. That team needs a culture change in a bad way. Too many great young talents with nobody to teach or lead them properly. this is a team that should have signed Brenden Morrow. Nothing against Ference he is a solid guy, but i don’t remember him being the guy ever before.

    • leafy says:

      So glad the Leafs didn’t make Eakins coach after Wilson got canned. His unproven and unnecessary diet plan for players tells you all you need to know.

  4. leafy says:

    What does everybody think about Kadri’s game last night? I say good and bad. It was bad he was out of control, but also good because he brought some emotion to his game. He can’t be accused of being invisible at least which is something. Just has to learn to control himslf more.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      I love players that play on the edge, I’m 100% fine with the Granlund hit. The goalie thing was dumb, theres no defending it, and he will/should be penalized for it. How long does he get though? It was no where near as bad a Tootoo, and he only got 2 games. No where near as bad as lucic, he got 0 games. I think he’ll either get a fine, or 1 game – which is fine because it was a cheap shot.

      The hit on Granlund was fine. Should have been MAX a 2 minute penalty. If he gets suspended for that, we may as well just watch ringette. If players can stand still with their head down, they deserve to get levelled. Otherwise why not just play with your head down the whole ice if no one can hit you?

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        That hit was a Rock’em’Sockem special (does Cherry still make those?). I’m sick of seeing the Leafs spend half the game in the penalty box which usually is the case when they lose (CBJ, Boston and Minnesota).

        Rielly was inches away from creating the feel good moment of the entire season. The kid is something, good on Burke for drafting him.

    • toronto77 says:

      for Kadri to get 5 and a game for the Grandlund hit was a joke! 2 mins elbow penalty at the most but 5 and a game???

      considering that kadri got that kind of a penalty for that hit, Shanahan should have gone much lighter on him, maybe 1 game and thats that.

  5. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Kadri gets three games for running Backstrom? When was the last time a player was suspended for running a goalie?

    Shannahan turned out to be a huge nancy.

  6. mapleleafsfan says:

    How about that C depth.


    Thank god the next 2 games are buffalo, but they’re still gonna be tough now.

  7. Gambo says:

    No team should ever win a game with their top 3 centers out, even if it is against Buffalo. They should get back that identity they built last year, play the 4th line at least 10 mins, hit everything in sight, knockout Scott and make teams terrified to play them.

  8. doorman says:

    This is going to be an interesting weekend for sure. the Sabres always seem to have our number and Nolan could have them fired up who knows? As for Scott he said al the right things in his interview, lol, translates into come get me.

  9. toronto77 says:

    What a pathetic game from the leafs! I know they are without their top 3 centermen, but come on!! Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Clarkson can’t beat Ott???

    This is a disastrous team right now. How long is Bolland out? Fuckn Kassian doesn’t get shit for that matt cooke type kick on Bolland and Kadri gets 3 games for running into a goalie.

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