Overtime Points

Over the weekend TSN’s Dave Hodge was talking about getting rid of the 3 point games. When 2 teams a forced to go into overtime or a shootout, he suggests that the loosing team should get no points instead of 1 point,and the winning team obviously gets the 2 points. His words were ” If you win, you get the 2 points, if you loose, you loose, it’s that simple”.

However I disagree, the team that looses fought hard for 3 full periods and they should not be going away empty handed. By getting rid of the losing point in overtime it pressures teams to play harder because their whole games hard work could be all for nothing, so that is one advantage.

The average of overtime games being played by each team so far this season is about 8-12 games, so that is a gurantee 8-12 points added to a teams record, and keeps the playoff race in a tight squeeze, leaving it more exciting.

How do you think the overtime points should be decided?