Ow Report

Many players have been injured this week, goalies especially. Here’s a review of the injuries and what they may lead too.Philadelphia goalie Robert Esche injured his knee in a collison with teammate Simon Gagne during Monday’s game with Tampa Bay. Esche joins Jeff Hackett on the injured list leaving Philly virtually goalie-less. It now appears that Bobby Clarke will have to deal for a goaltender much sooner than priviously thought.

The Philadelphia Inquierer suggests that Martin Biron, Olaf Klozig, Nikolai Khabibulin, and Manny Fernadez may all be avaliable. They join Sean Burke, who has been rumored to be going to Philly for some time now.

Maple Leafs savior Eddie Belfour now joins the ever-growing list of injuries in Toronto. Belfour injured his back and is expected to miss up to a week. Trevor Kidd and Mikeal Tellqvist will man the pipes during Crazy Eddie’s abscence. This means that Trevor Kidd if off the market for atleast a week, if he was ever on it to begin with. He was rumored to be moved to a team seeking a veteran back-up. Kidd has been decent during his limited appearence and may bring some interest later this season.

Belfour joins Tom Fitzgerald, Joe Nieuwendyk, Alex Mogilny, Wade Belak and Mikeal Renberg on the injured list. Darcy Tucker is expected back for tonights game against the Hawks. With Nieuwy out for a while perhaps the Leafs will call up Harold Druken or Clarke Wilm to replace him. Don’t expect the Leafs to go out and make a trade.

Columbus phemon Rick Nash has been sidelined with bruised foot. Nash did not accompany the Jackets on thier recent road-trip. Nash’s injury may prevent him from playing in the All-Star game on Sunday. An annoucement is expected by this week.

New York Rags center Eric Lindros is out indefiantley after suffering a cncussion from a hit Jason Doig. Lindros claims he feels well, and has stopped feeling Post-Concussion symptoms. “Everything is going along the way the doctors thought it would,” Lindros tells the New York Times. “I’ve been doing a lot of resting. (Monday) was my first day out of the house.” Apparentley Lindros was a shut-in last week until he met with a specialist in Montreal. Big E will be in attendence when the Rags retire Mike Richter’s jersey, who retired after a concusion. Ironic.

Claude Lapointe is cleared to return to the Flyers after passing the NHL’s substance abuse policy. This leads me to believe the Flyers have a log-jam at forward and will attempt to trade someone for the already mentioned goalie.

Thats all for now. Keep those injury bugs coming.