Boston strikes again

According to the Bruins have aquired Micheal Nylander for a 2nd round pick in 2006!?!?!

..:More Coming To Toronto:..

*** In the past 24 hours, there has been speculation, that of which mostly coming from TSN and Bob Mckenzie at the end of last night’s Flames-Wings game, that the Toronto Maple Leafs are currently in the market, big time, to land at least ONE more player. But who?***

Moves on this day

TSN reports:

“The St. Louis Blues have traded goaltender Brent Johnson to the Phoenix Coyotes for centre Mike Sillinger, TSN has learned. Details to follow.”

The Montreal Canadiens have made a trade with the Wild for Jim Dowd. In return the Wild get a 4th round pick.

What a day! So what's next for the Rangers?

Kovalev, Nedved and Leetch within 24 hours. Wow! Who would have thought the RANGERS would be sellers. It’s about time!

Islanders Trade TBA???

WFAN sports radio in New York is reporting that the Islanders have completed a deal with the Washington Capitals for Brendan Witt, a press conference will follow within the hour…

5 gone, 2 to go??

According to, the Washington Capitals have traded yet another player…

Boring Deadline Day?

With all the deals that have gone down in the weeks before the trade deadline it makes you think how exciting deadline day is going to be.For example within the last two days Alexi Kovalev, Brian Leetch, Serdei Gonchar and Petr Nedved have switched teams. And in the last couple weeks these are just some examples of the deals in the lastmonth and a half:

Leetch a Leaf!

Info from Sportsnet: Toronto has picked up Brian Leetch, it will include a combo of picks and a prospect back to New York no details have been issued as of yet. Details soon.

Marshall a Shark reports that the Minnesota Wild have traded 33-year-old Jason Marshall (D) to the San Jose Sharks for a 2004 fifth rounder.

Nedved an Oiler, Markkanen Back has learned that Petr Nedved and Jussi Markkanen have been traded to the Edmonton Oilers. DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

Goalie Valiquette, Helminen, and a 2nd rounder in 2004 to the Rangers.