Trade Rumors, Some Other Interesting Things ***Updated***

Well, all is in the past and history. Good to check out trade rumors again, hockey news, stuff like that.

Anyway, trade rumors to talk about, and March 9 is not all too far away. The closer we get, the more heat rises in rumors.

Reading the submitted news today, I came across two interesting posts sent by HTR members. One a question, the other one concerns of two Canadian media-men taking some verbal jabs at each other.

A short discussion on my view of the NHL. And, that’s way too much disrespect in the NHL.

And the last part of this…….will be going back to trade discussions and what I think some teams need. Would like to see you disagree or agree, and give your opinion as well.

Should Lindros Retire???

Is Eight Enough? For New York Rangers forward Eric Lindros, eight documented concussions should be more than enough for him to seriously consider taking himself off the ice for good.

Zhamnov closer to Vancouver??

According to ”The Team 1040” the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks would be the front-runners in the Alexei Zhamnov derby. Vancouver would have offered couple of players for the Chicago Blackhawks center…

No Government Cheese

Okay, there’s no way this will get published, because I don’t have blackmail pictures of the admins, and I’m not overtly trying to “suck up” to them to get any “power” for myself. But I will feel better for having written it. Here goes:

Well, slap my wrist and call me duly chastised

Associated Press and Lexis / Nexis report:

The NHL has fined Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis $100,000.00 (U.S. currency) for his actions involving disgruntled fan Jason Hammer (go Hammer; go Hammer – U Can’t Touch This!) last Sunday night following yet another Caps home loss.

Devils look to the Hurricane

The New Jersey Devils are rumored to be talking to the Carolina Hurricanes for the next big trade. Rod Brind’amour is the player the Devils have their eye on right now.

Pens send down Fleury

Marc-Andre Fleury’s stay in the NHL is over after half a season.

Latest Rumors from around the League…

Here are the latest rumors that are circling around the league….

Thrash Talk: MVP goes to the training staff

I had planned on making this a short article. For those of you that know me, you know that wasn’t very likely. But I will at least keep the opening short for once. Let’s begin, shall we?

Should Ottawa be setting their sites for a goaltender???

Many people believe that what the senators need to win the cup is to get a little tougher and, from recent rumours about Bondra, add one more talented forward.

I’ll admit watching Ottawa play is a treat. They have so many players that can burn you and the defense looks solid. (Chara moves so well for a big guy.)

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