Talk of Kaberle and Sundin

Talk of trading Kaberle for Marleau is intriguing and is something that I hope JFJ is exploring. One for one is not good enough… more would need to com TO’s way.

You as the new GM…

If you can be a GM of any hockey franchise, which and why?

CROSBY'S FIRST FIGHT! Gordie Howe Hat Trick!

For those Penguins fans out there who have been worried about the team’s recent struggles with the absense of Marc-Andre Fleury and were wondering what Sid could do to revitalize the team, you all got your answer today.

Not only did Sid score a goal and set up two goals, but he also, officially, got into his FIRST NHL fight… and did quite well!

Kudos to Sid and the Gordie Howe Hat Trick!

What To Do With Ryder

First of all, I am a Ryder fan, I think that he has lost his confidence under Carbs, and is trying to do to much instead of just shoot. He is a 30 goal scorer, on a team with limited offence. To be effective, Ryder needs time on the PP, and on a line with a set-up man, like I said he is a shooter.

Thumbs down to Paul; Would you trade Price?; and why its good to be a seller

Paul Maurice crosses the line. Two games in a row his post game comments are unacceptable.

Why would the habs EVER trade Price? Maybe because Lecavalier is coming the other way.

And this year is going to be a good one for sellers. Even if theres only a few of them.