Too Many Wacky Rumors

Since the begining of December there have been a ton of Hab rumors floating around. Rumors are rumors after all but some tend to be true. Here are some of the rumors going around that I find wacky/crazy.

Bruins Cap Space… Where would you put your dollars?!?

With the recent announcement of Fernandez being out for the season, and some of his salary being available towards cap space this year-

Weight on Burke's Shoulders? Blues/Ducks Do a Deal ???

Blues have traded Doug Weight to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Andy Macdonald. Details to come shortly.

Keep your focus on the long-term … .500 and 8th place is not good enough!

[Note: I just wanted to use 'Leaf Expert' to get a rise out of some on this site who would beg to differ. i dont think i am an expert and hate that description ... just poking some wounds thats all ...]

At the risk of being unpopular during a period of ‘wonderous leaf success,’ unless the leafs can get themselves to 5-10 games above .500 by the trade deadline, THERE IS NO SENSE IN NOT MAKING the following deals for future considerations

Team Canada WJC Roster Announced

The final cuts have been made, the 22 players going to the Czech Republic are: