Cole Could Have Been A Sen…

Erik Cole was a pen stroke away from being an Ottawa Senator in a proposed pre-lockout trade deal. The question now is should Ottawa take another stab at grabbing the high-scoring forward.

Richards signing Imminent

Mike Richards is close to signing a deal with the Flyers. Rumor is the deal is a massive contract in terms of years, possibly over 10. Also rumored to be between $5.5-$6 million per year. This signing is a must! The longer the better. And Richards deserves every penny. Holmgren is denying a deal is “done”, but apparently there is just a few legal technicalities to work out.


Centennial Year at closer inspection.

Okay, I’ve been looking at the current roster as well as the current cap hit and how the team changes as it enter’s the centennial year of the franchise.

As it stands, if Bob Gainey does nothing, this is a possible roster for next season with an estimate cap hit of around 38.36 million.

Enough is Enough?

I’ve recently come across a story from the canadian press that is suggesting four anonymous players, anonymous due to keep media attetion away an not be a distraction to the players, are using battery heated/wamred skates. Basically it’s a device in the skates that heat up the blades a little I believe the article said, 5 degree C. This little heat melts the ice a little, therefore making the water layer between the skate blade an actual ice a little more slick which has been shown in the test conducted by the maker’s, Verdun, Que., Company Therma Blade Inc. Of coarse the advantage is a reduction in Glide friction making players move faster… but players also will seem faster with the skates at the start being as it also reduces starting resistance for skaters.

Canadiens call up Sergei Kostitsyn

For those of you ready to burst with frustration and demand a move of some sort, you got your wish. Carbonneau and Gainey have decided to call up Sergei Kostitsyn from the minors- not to be mistaken with his brother, Andrei.