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Hello! Hope you all had a great Merry Christmas and happy Hollidays. It’s incredible that we’re already heading into 2004, and it doesn’t feel too long ago when the Rangers acquired Lindros in 2001. Anyway, down to business…

The latest trade rumors are here to discuss and some are pathetic, especially coming from my brainless friend Bruce Garrioch.

Speaking of trade rumors, Rangers have been in one almost every day, and we’ll see what another experienced Rangers fan has to say about the goaltending situation.

Lately watching other hockey games, and the refs are even worse than last season.

Still looking for people to write up mid-season reports on South Division teams.

Annnnnnnnnd……… off-topic rant today. But, there is a good story I’d like to share, it involves hockey’s favorite beverage, beer (Guiness).

Thrash Talk: An Early Christmas

Atlanta got an early Christmas present, seeing Dany Heatley skate for the first time on Tuesday. I know, much too early to really get excited about his return. He still has a long way to go in his rehab, most of which will take place off the ice. Even without any setbacks, his return is likely 6-10 weeks from now. But it was still a step in the right direction, albeit a brief one.

Senators Update

The Senators have gotten off to a rocky start this season, but even with their troubles, they sit in 6th place in the Eastern Conference. Luckily, the Senators’ play has been much improved lately and they are starting to look like the Senators of old.

Lots of Talk, Especially on the Rangers, and a lot more

Even if the Comrie deal is done, there is still lots of other hockey stuff to talk about.

There’s a lot of Rangers talk on here since they are bound to make a trade between December 27 and early-mid Januray……….I’ll tell you why.

What does General Muckler really want? Or does that matter? It’s what the Senators really need.

Some short articles sent in by HTR members, some are quite interesting to open discussions.

Recent trade rumros around the disfunctional media.

HockeyTradeRumors Mid-Seaon Reports coming up, volunteers…get ready.

A prospect site that lost interest from me.

Annnnd, yes…this time my off-topic rants are here, and they could be quite controversial.

A Way To Open Up The Game Of Hockey

A great amount of talk has been circulating this season on ways to create an “open” game of hockey. By this, I mean, having more scoring chances and goals scored in each game. I have been thinking, and though this idea may be a huge risk, it could create huge rewards.

Dear Santa

My mom always told me not to make my list too long or ask for unrealistic gifts, so I’ll try my best, but keep in mind it’s only a wish list! You see, Santa, my Montreal Canadiens need a bit of help, so here goes:

More on the Comrie Trade, Today's Latest Trade Rumors and more…

Mike Comrie will wear a Flyers jersey, but there are a lot of things that don’t make sense. In depth analysis.

Today’s latest trade rumors around the league from Spector’s Trade Rumors.

The National Hockey League Fans’ Association wants you to answer some good questions.

Listen to’s Radio Show, I’ll tell you about that later.

Any former Whalers fans? There’s a nice site for you to look at.

Annnnnd, no off-topic rant today. But, I would like for you to give us your opinion on what the site could do to make it better. Just want to know if anything new comes to mind, so glad we got over 8,000 sign up members.

A Christmas Carol: Chapter Three

Mario is visited by the ghost of hockey’s present, who takes him on a journey through present-day NHL to show him that having a small payroll isn’t an excuse to suck.

Great Day to Be an American, Too Much on Comrie, A Shot at Larry Brooks and more

Challenging Mikster

It’s a great day to ba an American and an Iraqi.

This Comrie story is too exaggerated, hopefully it ends soon.

A step away from the worst journalist (Garrioch), and a shot at NY’s media rumor headcase Larry Brooks.

My comments on a couple of articles, and my replies to the previous CM article’s comments.

Also…… off-topic rant and my two favorite music CDs of 2003.

How Much Would You Pay To Get Bertuzzi?

Ok, this idea isn’t mine but yesterday I was listening ”Les Amateurs De Sports” on the radio and they came up with something surprisingly interesting…