Burke Soon to Be Gone?!

Azcentral.com is reporting that Coyotes’ goalie Sean Burke may be traded as soon as Monday. General Manager Mike Barnett has denied this, but admitted that Burke has been the cornerstone of many trade talks this past week.

Poor Times For Pucks In Pittsburgh

Joe LaPointe of the New York Times writes in Thursday’s Sports section, “To see their Penguins play Tampa Bay on a slushy winter night last week, the hockey fans of Pittsburgh took an upward trek on a slippery slope of their hilly city. At the top stood the round-roofed Mellon Arena, also known as the Igloo, an appropriate nickname on a day filled with snow, sleet and freezing rain.


I thought with the release of the motion picture “Miracle”, this would be the ideal time to introduce begin a discussion that creeps into HTR from time to time. What was more important to hockey, “The Summit Series” or the “Miracle on Ice”?

Sens/Leafs Rivalry. Is it the best in hockey?

In this day and age of 30 teams great rivalries are few and far between. Gone are the days of the brutel battles of the flyers and islanders, or the Habs and Bruins, or the Habs and Nords, or the Leafs and Red Wings. There are just too many teams in too many places to get a real hatred on for an opposing team.

Cherry Must Go?

Well if you live in Canada I’m sure you’ve all heard about how the federal government is investigating on-air comments about francophones made by Don Cherry on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

Let the Excuses Begin

Well for those who saw the Leafs/Sens game on Thursday night you were probably witness to one of the most wackiest games of the season.

This game was exhausting to watch. Leafs fans were furious at their team in the first and middle of the second. And of course the Sens fans must be furious with the teams inability to hang on to a lead once again.

Flyers Have A New Goalie…..

The Flyers have announced that Goalie Propect Antero Niittymaki will make his 1st NHL start tonight against Washington. If he performs well he will start at Atlanta tomorrow.

Breaking down the playoff race

As we all know, there are no less than 5 teams in contention for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, and there is a constant power struggle within the top 8 teams. Let’s finally make sense of the muddled picture and figure out where each team will land:

Latest Rumors from around the League…

Here are the latest rumors that are circulating around the league…

Sens GM John Muckler aquires some much needed grit.

The Toronto Globe and Mail is reporting that last night Sens GM John Muckler aquired defensemen Todd simpson from the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in exchange for winger Petr Schastlivy.