DG's Quick Hits- November 8, 2003

I used to have this as a regular feature (somewhat) and I hope to again have it as a weekly or bi-weekly thing. Just some random hockey thoughts.

What the Hell is Wrong in Dallas?

The losses keep piling up, and the offence is nowhere to be seen lately. 1 goal in the past 6 periods, losing 3-0 to the Rangers, then 4-1 to the Isles two nights later.

Jagr coming to Montreal?

Jody Vance of Sportsnet was reporting a couple of nights ago the Habs GM Bob Gainey was planning on hauling Jaromir Jagr to Montreal for Koivu and Brisebois. I can hardly see this happening, and as a Habs fan, I am rather skeptical that this trade would help…

Devils pursuing Berezin

According to TSN.ca, the Devils are the front runners for acquiring verteran forward Sergei Berezin.

Still Boos for the Moose? Disappointments, Surprises, First Coach to Get Fired..

I recall all those boos from Rangers and hockey fans in general that cried out for long time Oiler and Ranger Mark Messier to retire. He got on the fans’ nerves, and all those posts of “HANG EM UP!”.


Red Wings make history in the NHL world, Rangers hand them a special symbol….

Who, and what team, has been a disappointment/surprise?

Who’ll be the first coach to get the axe?

A great new edition

The latest news comes through that RW Steve Thomas has now signed with the Detroit Red Wings on a one year deal. No doubt this is because of the injury of Henrik Zetterbrug expected to be sidelined 4-6 weeks with a broken leg. Let’s now look at Steve Thomas’s career in the NHL and see if it was a step in the right direction for the already troubled wings.

Messier moves into 2nd place

New York Ranger$ captain Mark Messier moved past Gordie Howe into second place on the all-time scoring list with an empty-net goal in a 3-0 win against Dallas.

Oilers-hang on to a lead..please, also what about comrie

Did anyone catch the Oilers game on Sat vs the Red Wings? I just do not understand what is going on with Oilers, up two-nil after the first and then let in four goals in 5:17. I am not saying that it was any one-persons fault on the four goals, it just boggles the mind when a team with the Oilers’ capability can let leads slip away. It was the same thing in St.Louis where the Oil had total domination for the first 15 minutes of the game, came out 3-2 after the first, slept through the second and tried to comeback in the last 7 minutes of the third.

Best Players all time for their teams!

I just bought a magazine from Barnes & Noble that’s really fascinating reading. The Magazine is called “The Hockey News The Best of Everything in Hockey” And yes you guessed it, it is chock full of great lists involving the NHL. One of those lists involves the greatest players for each of their respective teams. Some are no brainers like Lemieux for the Pens…and some are a little more open to debate. So here’s the best ever according to THN, and my opinions on the selections…

Gaborik Gives In

According to espn.com Marian Gaborik has signed a 3 year/ 10M$ deal with the Minnesota Wild. A good sign for Minnesota, since they didn’t have to lose ground and offer 6 million dollars a year or upwards as was reported.