Will Doan play another year?

Jimmy Vesey interest in Buffalo and playing with Eichel

Canucks let him down, and now Miller’s time looks up in Vancouver

The scaffolding around the soon-to-be 36-year-old goalie is still going up as GM Jim Benning prepares to go deeper into the roster renovation that was long overdue on the Canucks.

At this stage of his career, Miller hasn’t time to wait for the finished product and the Canucks, whose season next year could be as difficult as this one, no longer need a $6-million-a-year goalie.

The two sides no longer fit. Miller is a grand piano bought for a mansion. Now, the Canucks are living in a garage until the new house is built.

Iain MacIntyre: Canucks let him down, and now Miller's time looks up in Vancouver

Neither Hiller nor Backstrom will be back.

Patrik Elias admits playing for another team would tarnish his career

It seemed strange hearing Patrik Elias call the Devils “they” and “them” as he cleaned out his locker at Prudential Center Monday morning.

But Elias, who turns 40 Wednesday, said it wasn’t a slip of the tongue indicating that his career was over. He’d still like to come back for more more season.

Injuries Can’t Slow Islanders Down

The New York Islanders have been riddles with injuries all season long, which reduced their NHL sports betting odds of making the playoffs. Despite the injuries, the Islanders found a way to keep winning and qualified for the playoffs.

After losing another player to injury, head coach Jack Capuano told reporters he couldn’t remember how many times in recent weeks that his team only had five defensemen.

A visibly upset Capuano told reporters that he was tired of answering question about injuries because it has been a long month for the team and there was nothing he could do about it.

Coyotes fire general manager Maloney

Pavel Datsyuk says he will leave the Red Wings after playoffs

Pavel Datsyuk wants to go home. His career has been here. His wealth has been here. His celebrity has been here.

But his heart is somewhere else. It’s in Russia — with his teenage daughter and his roots, both of which he wants replanted into his life.

“I’m thinking I go home after this season,” he said, in a long discussion at the Northville home of his agent and friend, Dan Milstein. “I may not be done with hockey, but — it is hard to say — I think I am done playing in NHL.”

While this may be a shock to fans, it cannot be to the Red Wings. The truth is, Datsyuk has been squirming to go home since 2012, the year he played in Russia during the NHL lockout.


NHL Draft Lottery Standings

1 Toronto Maple Leafs 82 69 0.421 20%
2 Edmonton Oilers 82 70 0.427 13.50%
3 Vancouver Canucks 82 75 0.457 11.50%
4 Columbus Blue Jackets 82 76 0.463 9.50%
5 Calgary Flames 82 77 0.470 8.50%
6 Winnipeg Jets 82 78 0.476 7.50%
7 Arizona Coyotes 82 78 0.476 6.50%
8 Buffalo Sabres 82 81 0.494 6%
9 Montreal Canadiens 82 82 0.500 5%
10 Colorado Avalanche 82 82 0.500 3.50%
11 New Jersey Devils 82 84 0.512 3%
12 Ottawa Senators 82 85 0.518 2.50%
13 Carolina Hurricanes 82 86 0.524 2%
14 Boston Bruins 82 93 0.524 1%

Leafs On potentially having the first overall pick:

First of all, we don’t have it. All we know right now is that we’re one of four, and that’s important for us to know because that’s the way we’ll plan. Once we know exactly what our pick is, we’ll go from there. We’re not going to get excited over it. We’ll just be prepared to draft and work with our scouting staff, certainly, in preparation for that first pick one to four. And then we have another pick in the latter part of it. It won’t be something that we’re waiting and hoping for. We’re just getting ready.

Read more at: https://mapleleafshotstove.com/2016/04/10/lou-lamoriello-the-fans-have-just-been-tremendous/

Calgary Flames target net gains to upgrade goaltending in off season

Here are some of the candidates they’ll be looking at:

OIlers could look to move Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov

Maroon is under contract for two more seasons at $1.5 million annually, thanks to Anaheim’s agreement to retain $500,000 each year. While Maroon’s play and contract make him safe, the same can’t be said of Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov, the two most at risk of being moved for blue-line reinforcements.


Who will the Canucks go after on July 1?

“I think Loui Eriksson is a real good target for the Vancouver Canucks. I think we keep hearing that it might be a real good fit for Eriksson with the Sedins, if they go down that road, so I think that’s a realistic one.