Not Sundin's Responsiblity to Fix the Leafs

I didnt know Mats Sundin was the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs? I didnt know it was his job to make the moves to save the franchise? It sure sounded like he had such God like power in the aftermath of his announcement that he was not waiving his no movement clause.

To no surprise, Sundin has chosen to stay a Leaf for life and in doing so, the dillusional, short sighted fans in atypical Leaf Nation fashion have turned against him.

Good day in the long run for Gainey

After days of speculation and rumors surrounding Gainey and the Habs, the deadline came and went without the big splash everyone had anticipated. I could spend this entire post saying things to specific bloggers like; “I told ya so”, but that isn’t necessary. The people who read my pre-deadline comments for the last week saw that everything I predicted to happen with the team, did. That prediction was that nothing will happen, at least in the “impact player” department. For a little bonus points I also suggested that Huet may be traded.

Will Gainey Be Taking Some Heat?

After watching the clock tick to 3:00pm and seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins acquire Marian Hossa Montreal fans were in shock. Having to watch Huet get traded had most people thinking Montreal was gearing up for a trade. That wasn’t the case…

Sharks Sign Boucher

The Toronto Star (through Associated Press) is reporting that the San Jose Sharks have signed veteran goaltender Brian Boucher to back up Evgeni Nabokov.

Leafs deadline fallout

3 Trades, 3 Players, 4 draft picks…

Montoya to Phoenix

The Phoenix Coyotes acquired Al Montoya and Marcel Hossa in exchange for David LeNevue, Fredrik Sjostrom, and Josh Gratton.

Chad Kilger to the Panthers

Toronto acquires a 3rd rounder.

Bergeron a Duck

The New York Islanders trade Marc-Andre Bergeron to the Anaheim Ducks for a 3rd round pick, according to TSN.

Stuart Wing

The Detroit Red Wings acquired Brad Stuart from the LA Kings for a 2nd and a 4th.

Christian Backman a Ranger

New York Rangers acquire Blues defenseman Christian Backman for a 4th rounder.