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The latest on the Avs, Devils, Rangers, Blues, Islanders, Leafs, and Sabers….

Do we really need to make the big deal now??

The Montréal Canadiens are considered as one of the top prospect loaded team in the league, to make a big deal we’ll have to part with some of them…

Who will the Washington Capitals unload next, and where they are going…

As of right now, it is reported that the Washington Capitals are only in talks with the Colorado Avalanche at trading Olaf Kolzig to them. So far the only stumbling block is how much of Olaf Kolzig’s contract Washington is willing to pick up over the remaining 2 years.

Gainey Should Trade For O'Neill

There have been rumors floating around (on this site) about the canadiens being interested in Carolina forward Jeff O’Neill. I feel If habs GM Bob Gainey is indeed interested in O’Neill that he should follow through.

Where Leetch and Gonchar might really be going!

As per Keith Jones reporting on CSN (Philly’s sports channel)

Rangers D-Man Brian Leetch might be heading to either the Flyers or the Bruins.

What it would come down to is who wins the “bidding war” between the two teams…

As a Flyers fan, I say everybody is “fair game” except Pitkanen, Carter, and Richards.

Philly does have a lot of quality prospects in the system.

Caps D-Man Sergei Gonchar most likely will be heading to Colorado! (The Av’s always seem to get a significant deal done before the deadline each year!)

Al Morganti also was quoted as a “source” for this article… (Al is also a sports talk show host on “610 WIP”)

Trade Deadline is Right Around the Block, Special Look at Some Teams, and HTR Sp

Time is flying fast, but this week will go by quite slowly. Views on what to expect from teams.

***Important to read notes on for March 9th. All members and visitors must read this.***

Annnd, yes, it has been a while since my last off-topic rant. Got one for ye!

Devils Trade for Kozlov

From”The Florida Panthers have sent Victor Kozlov to the New Jersey Devils for 23 year-old Christian Berglund and 20 year-old defenceman Victor Uchevatov.

Where Will They End Up? Players From Teams A-M Edition.

After having a look at the deadline from a team-based point of view in the Buyers and Sellers articles, I’ve decided to look at it now from the players perspectives and determine where I think some of the big name players may be playing after Deadline Day this (March 10th Australia time) March 9th.

Leafs Interested in Dafoe?

TSN had reported that there is some interest being expressd towards Byron Dafoe by John Fergusson Jr. This was seen last night around 11 o’clock on the TSN ticker.

Trade Deadline Preview – Eastern Conference

Find out what each team needs going into the playoffs, and what they may give up to get it. Which teams are sellers, and which team are buyers?

Overrated and Underrated Players

Have you been listening to some of these rumours lately? Players that were hardly even looked at are being thrown around in rumours, in packages including top prospects and good round-picks. I’m going to analyze some of the players that aren’t worth much and players that are good but aren’t given enough credit.

To start of with the Overrated Players, I think there are many who are being mentioned in trade talk. Some are good and some are having a good season but will that last?

Current GMs, how do you rank them?

It seems that with every trade I keep seeing how people are complaining about their General Managers. Now some I agree with. But I would like to rank them, not based on performance necessarily, but how they build a team, and the deals they make. Performance could be due to the coach. Not too many teams win the Cup with a crappy coach. So for Sutter, I am just looking at their front office moves. I am ranking the current 30 too. Some GMs inherited great teams.

Buyers and Sellers: Eastern Conference Edition

With the Western edition completed, its time now to examine who will be the buyers and who will be the sellers out East come this deadline. I’ve noticed the East is a lot wishy-washier than the West, with a lot of uncertainty over teams like the Rangers and Hurricanes as to who will stay and who will go. With Buffalo gaining ground on the Habs and Isles, plus the craziness of the Rangers, the picture of who will buy and who will sell is not always as clear out East.

Forsberg (and Salo?) signes with MoDo

According to Aftonbladet.

Avalanches top forward Peter Forsberg finaly made up his mind and signed for Swedish team MoDo Örnsköldsvik. The deal starts at the 2004-05 season and the deal does not have a getaway clause and Forsberg is set to make 2million SEK aprox $400.000.

Forsberg whom have raged aganist the harder climate in the NHL does this for two resons…

1. He can no longer stand the NHL.

2. He still have not won the cup with MoDo.

So will we see the Avs start hunting?

Gonchar Already A Leaf??

OK Ok, yes I know that we are all sick of hearing more talk about Gonchar but you will definitely find this interesting…

Fans Speak Out: What deal would YOU do?

Ok, since March 9 is coming fast what better time than now to tell what deal you would make if you were GM of your favorite team.

Could the Lightning be mighty like the Ducks of old?

Tampa Bay has climbed up the playoff rankings with a vengance becoming the best offensive team in the league…….. but for how long?

Caps to scratch Gonchar tonight?


Sources have told TSN there is an ”excellent chance” Gonchar will be scratched from tonight’s Washington Capital lineup as they play the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, Fla.

What can the Avs do?

With the very recent acquisition of Kurt Sauer and Bob Boughner on defense and of depth player Darby Hendrickson, the Avs seemed to be good enough heading towards the playoffs.

Wings Acquire Lang!!

The Red Wings have done it again. TSN has learned that Detroit has acquired centre Robert Lang from the Washington Capitals for Tomas Fleischmann, a first round pick in 2004 and a fourth round pick in 2006.