Avalanche of stars

The Colorado Avalanche have by far the best team in the West look at the number of stars they have many teams would die to have a line up like theres with 5M+ still in payroll room.

Alex Kovalev in a motor bike accident

According to Radio-Canada (CBC), Alex Kovalev had a motor bike accident while visiting a fan in Gasp├ęsie, Eastern Quebec, Saturday Afternoon.

Forsberg Back in Orange and Black?

I read this article this morning and thought I’d share it. I’d like to see Forsberg back in a Flyers jersey. He won’t have the amount of pressure he had to bear the past two seasons nor would the Flyers rely on him as much with the depth of talent they now have….Would be very interesting. if they were to sign him, Gauthier and Umberger are goners.

Peca to Blue jackets…

According to TSN & RDS, Michael Peca has signed with Columbus. The deal is done pending physical…

New Jerseys and Logos!

In order to stop the Articles about New jerseys and new logos I have wrote this Article with a URL to a great Website which is dedicated to new jerseys and logos.

Flyers Chemistry a problem or anecdote??

There have been many articles and reviews analyzing the Philadelphia Flyers’ post season face lift which has made a team suffering from Worst Place Hangover look like a possible contender again. And in all the articles I read, most opinionates agree that the Flyers do look much improved and should make the playoffs this upcoming season. However, there is a lot of talk of chemistry being the Achilles heel of the Flyers and could prove detrimental to the team’s success.

New Logo

The Tampa Bay Lightning will be unveiling their new logo and jersey August 25th, this Saturday. It is to celebrate 15 years and the new RBK Edge Jersey.

Kings sign Jon Klemm

The L.A. Kings signed former Dallas star Defencemen Jon Klemm to a one year deal.
Details on the amount were not disclosed yet. Klemm a strong veteran blueliner with two cups under his belt will provide the Kings with a good 5th or 6th D. He is solid on the blue line and brings leadership and good sportsmentallity to the locker room.

Eastern Conference Rosters: Part 1

Here we are going to take a look at all, yes ALL of the Eastern Conference potential rosters.Since there is so much to write, I decided to break this down into three parts ( one for each Division in the East). So, lets not waste anymore time:

A Rambling to Read

This rambling is something I just need to get off my chest. This article is about what I think of free agency in general- and why, in my opinion, I see so many fallacies and unjustified responses in all these threads.

Linden re-signed

Trevor linden has re-signed with vancouver.

In keeping with club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.


The Swedish Eagle?

According to sportsnet, Ed Belfour an unrestricted free agent may sign in sweden soon.

Canucks to Unvail New Uniforms

According to Canucks.com, the vancouver canucks will be unveiling their new uniforms at GM Place.

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