Vasicek To Long Island

According to Hockeybuzz, the New York Islanders have signed center Josef Vasicek.

Vasicek, native of Czechoslovakia had 6 goals and 16 assists for 22 points in 63 games last season. He started the season for the Hurricanes then was traded to the Predators. He made $1.3 million last season, expect him to get a slight paycut.

Mark Bell heading to jail?

According to Sportsnet, newly acquired Leaf Mark Bell will be sentenced to 6 months in jail for drunk driving causing injury and hit & run. The official sentenced should be known in October.

Early Season Favourites

We all have our early season cup favourites, for example last year we all thought the Stanley Cup Final would have the Sabres from the East facing off with the Ducks from the West. Most of us predicted wrong for the East but we did a pretty good job.

Remember the Habs last summer?

Do you remember the Montreal Canadiens last summer?
Gainey didn’t moved a lot during the summer time… and late that summer, he took what was left by the other teams… and signed SERGEI SAMSONOV!
Everybody was kinda “happy” Gainey finally signed a somehow “good player”. It was a fluke that Samsonov turned to have a bad year… Nobody will ever know the exact “why” he was that bad.

Should the Canadiens be looking for a Big Center?

For the longest time the Canadiens have been saying they need a Big center who is able to produce and at the same time able to push other opponents around. But do we really need that kind of player right now or would we as fans even want that kinda of player right now?

Highly Possible

The is reporting that the Rangers and Michael Peca will resume talks and could come to an agreement, which is very likely to happen.

mikster’s note: The Rangers lost two penalty killers in Jed Ortmeyer (free agency) and Matt Cullen (trade). They need an experienced penalty killer and a very good face-off center for the third line. update: New York Dailey News had quotes from Michael Peca saying that he wants to play for the Rangers and that he would not give them cap issues. The Rangers are expected to deal away Darius Kasparaitis, if not then send him to the minors where his salary will not count against the cap, and Brandan Shanahan’s bonuses will count against next season. With Peca signed, the Rangers will be slightly under the salary cap.

The Leafs Have Fallen?

Well, here I go again. Another, yet rare article to stash in the good ol’ HTR archives. I tend to post a comment on this site every now and then, but rarely write articles. However, I am a regular viewer of this site and tonight I’m bored, so here goes. Tonight I will take a much different approach as a Hab fan and comment on my bitter rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Forsberg to Ottawa?

Brian Murray has stated that the Sens are interested in Forsberg, however his destination were already broken down to 3 locations: Philly, Col and Det. How will the Sens clear cap space and will he push them finally over the hump? Here is the article.

Plekanec changes his number.

The Montreal Gazette posted a very interesting article this morning about Tomas Plekanec, who previously was number 35, has changed to almost forever worn by Plekanec before arriving in Montreal, No. 14. He had worn this number as a boy and a budding pro in his native Czech Republic, then with the AHL’s Hamilton BUlldogs.

Auld in the Desert, Ekman in Russia

According to TSN, Alex Auld has signed a 1-year contract with the Phoenix Coyotes.

According to Kukla’s Korner, ex-Pens Nils Ekman has signed a contract in Russia.

Finally, according to Spector’s defensemen Jamie Heward has signed with Ska St. Pettersburg

Best Warm up Songs?

Looking for best hockey warm up songs new and old. Thought I would start off with the top 5 in each for now, any thoughts?

Columbus rumblings

New Columbus GM Scott Howson may be ready to make some moves to bolster his hockey team.

Jason York

According to Don Brennan at the Ottawa Sun (, Jason York is quite keen on returning to the Sens.

Here’s my analysis.