Forsberg to Ottawa?

Brian Murray has stated that the Sens are interested in Forsberg, however his destination were already broken down to 3 locations: Philly, Col and Det. How will the Sens clear cap space and will he push them finally over the hump? Here is the article.

Plekanec changes his number.

The Montreal Gazette posted a very interesting article this morning about Tomas Plekanec, who previously was number 35, has changed to almost forever worn by Plekanec before arriving in Montreal, No. 14. He had worn this number as a boy and a budding pro in his native Czech Republic, then with the AHL’s Hamilton BUlldogs.

Auld in the Desert, Ekman in Russia

According to TSN, Alex Auld has signed a 1-year contract with the Phoenix Coyotes.

According to Kukla’s Korner, ex-Pens Nils Ekman has signed a contract in Russia.

Finally, according to Spector’s defensemen Jamie Heward has signed with Ska St. Pettersburg

Best Warm up Songs?

Looking for best hockey warm up songs new and old. Thought I would start off with the top 5 in each for now, any thoughts?

Columbus rumblings

New Columbus GM Scott Howson may be ready to make some moves to bolster his hockey team.

Jason York

According to Don Brennan at the Ottawa Sun (, Jason York is quite keen on returning to the Sens.

Here’s my analysis.

Ottaw's Next Move, The Sequel

An updated look on what I think the Sens should do next.

JFJ did GOOD???? this off season

Is there any way JFJ had a good offseason?? Well look at what he did do instead of what he didnt do.

He went out and got a 40 goal scorer which the leafs definitly needed in Jason Blake

He got a better goalie than Raycroft which the fans were begging for in Vesa Toskala

He also got a 3rd/4th liner which has had a couple of 20+ goal seansons in Mark Bell

He even got a replacment backup in Clemmensen which shows in Black and White that Raycroft will be dealt at deadline.

Chicago / Phoenix Swap

According to TSN, the Chicago BlackHawks have traded F Radim Vrbata to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for F Kevyn Adams in an 1-for-1 swap.

Sutton headed to the Island!

According to the NYIslanders website, defensemen Andy Sutton has signed a 3-year deal with the team.

No financial terms have been announced but Sutton was believed to be seeking a 4M$ per year contract (can you say OVERPRICED?) when free agency began… should be interesting to find out how much he got.

Drafting and Development Part 2: Western Conference

Here is part 2 on the importance of drafting and developing with the focus on the organizations in the Western Conference.

Possibilities, Possibilities..

Most Leafs fans right now have been blowing around quite a lot of trade rumors. So I just thought I would conjure up some possible (sensible) trades that John Ferguson Jr. could do (and probably won’t because he’s John Ferguson Jr.)

NHL Team Rankings

Just so you know, I will no longer be writing Leafs articles here at HTR. I’ll stick to other NHL teams while here, but my Leafs writing will stay exclusively at a blog I am setting up. Sticking to that topic, if there is a a sports team you’d like to write about, any sport, any league, please PM me with a list of the places you write, and I’ll see what I can do.

Anyways, now that I have made hundreds of Leaf fans and HTR members ecstatic beyond belief, here is my current NHL team rankings, which I’ll repeat at the beginning of the season, and then at the end of every month thereafter.