Chicago / Phoenix Swap

According to TSN, the Chicago BlackHawks have traded F Radim Vrbata to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for F Kevyn Adams in an 1-for-1 swap.

Sutton headed to the Island!

According to the NYIslanders website, defensemen Andy Sutton has signed a 3-year deal with the team.

No financial terms have been announced but Sutton was believed to be seeking a 4M$ per year contract (can you say OVERPRICED?) when free agency began… should be interesting to find out how much he got.

Drafting and Development Part 2: Western Conference

Here is part 2 on the importance of drafting and developing with the focus on the organizations in the Western Conference.

Possibilities, Possibilities..

Most Leafs fans right now have been blowing around quite a lot of trade rumors. So I just thought I would conjure up some possible (sensible) trades that John Ferguson Jr. could do (and probably won’t because he’s John Ferguson Jr.)

NHL Team Rankings

Just so you know, I will no longer be writing Leafs articles here at HTR. I’ll stick to other NHL teams while here, but my Leafs writing will stay exclusively at a blog I am setting up. Sticking to that topic, if there is a a sports team you’d like to write about, any sport, any league, please PM me with a list of the places you write, and I’ll see what I can do.

Anyways, now that I have made hundreds of Leaf fans and HTR members ecstatic beyond belief, here is my current NHL team rankings, which I’ll repeat at the beginning of the season, and then at the end of every month thereafter.

The Best Save of 06-07

I was just watching some footage from the 06-07 season and was wondering what was the save of the year?

Peca looks for Blueshirts' fit

Peca looking only at Rangers at this point and should know by today if the Rangers feel the same way he does about his fit on the third line.

Leafs Rookies

The leafs might not be the best team in the NHL right now, but the future is looking pretty good. Right now I’m going to show you what tomorrow’s Leafs have in store. (1st being the best)

Leafs 2007-2008 Fantasy Outlook

Looking at the Leafs 23 man roster, and how they should produce this season.

Keys to Winning Still Lie in Drafting and Development

The importance of drafting and development is perhaps second to none in building a winning franchise. We have seen in both the pre and post lockout era that teams are willing to spend and spend big to give themselves a better chance to win the Stanley Cup. But bottom line is that if you cannot bring in good young players who can grow with the team you wont be successful. As some teams have proven, you cannot buy a championship. Just look at the two finalists from last year’s final. Both the Ducks and the Sens were deep in home grown talent that contributed greatly to their success.

Sens pick up Richardson

NHL.COM has posted that the Sens have picked up Luke Richardson.

How many smiling Leaf fans are reading this?

Leaf's Practicle Rumors

Leaf fans, I may have found a solution to the latest rumors / problems the Leafs have been dealing with.

The first is this constant notion that Raycroft is going to get traded to LA for Cammalleri. I really don’t think it’s going to happen simply because Cammalleri got a low contract and might not get traded at all now. IF in fact he is on the block, then arises the second issue, competition. Other teams are in on this thing too and I really don’t think Raycroft alone is enough to land us Cammalleri. I said from day one that I wanted to keep Raycroft because he provided the pressure behind Toskala to simulate the situation in San Jose and to have him there just in case Toskala falters or gets injured, both of which are still entirely possible.

Will The Hawks Soar?

What used to be a dominating force in the NHL have now been reduced to a bottom feeding team. The Black Hawks who used to soar in Chicago have seemed to have lost a wing. But like so many other “what if” theories, it would only be a possibility if this team could once again become a playoff contender because so many other teams are looking for this to be the comeback year. But let’s take a look right now at the biggest assets for Chicago (asset as in players that will potentially give them a playoff birth THIS year)