Leafs 2007-2008 Fantasy Outlook

Looking at the Leafs 23 man roster, and how they should produce this season.

Keys to Winning Still Lie in Drafting and Development

The importance of drafting and development is perhaps second to none in building a winning franchise. We have seen in both the pre and post lockout era that teams are willing to spend and spend big to give themselves a better chance to win the Stanley Cup. But bottom line is that if you cannot bring in good young players who can grow with the team you wont be successful. As some teams have proven, you cannot buy a championship. Just look at the two finalists from last year’s final. Both the Ducks and the Sens were deep in home grown talent that contributed greatly to their success.

Sens pick up Richardson

NHL.COM has posted that the Sens have picked up Luke Richardson.

How many smiling Leaf fans are reading this?

Leaf's Practicle Rumors

Leaf fans, I may have found a solution to the latest rumors / problems the Leafs have been dealing with.

The first is this constant notion that Raycroft is going to get traded to LA for Cammalleri. I really don’t think it’s going to happen simply because Cammalleri got a low contract and might not get traded at all now. IF in fact he is on the block, then arises the second issue, competition. Other teams are in on this thing too and I really don’t think Raycroft alone is enough to land us Cammalleri. I said from day one that I wanted to keep Raycroft because he provided the pressure behind Toskala to simulate the situation in San Jose and to have him there just in case Toskala falters or gets injured, both of which are still entirely possible.

Will The Hawks Soar?

What used to be a dominating force in the NHL have now been reduced to a bottom feeding team. The Black Hawks who used to soar in Chicago have seemed to have lost a wing. But like so many other “what if” theories, it would only be a possibility if this team could once again become a playoff contender because so many other teams are looking for this to be the comeback year. But let’s take a look right now at the biggest assets for Chicago (asset as in players that will potentially give them a playoff birth THIS year)

Who's In Who's Out?

For the Canadiens Section Please

Looking at the Canadiens roster section of the TSN website I figured we could take a look at what the Canadiens have now in terms of depth at each current position, who the odd men out could be and who is expendable. I’m not going to talk about who should be traded for who or play on what line as at this point, Who cares? I’m not the coach or GM and unless Bob or Guy signed up for HTR and are reading this…neither are you.
Last Years NHL Stats (GP-G-A-P)

Cammalleri to T.O?

I’ve been visiting quite a few sites lately and Cammallari to Toronto seems to picking up some momentum.

Lightning Strike

A group led by former Florida Panthers coach Doug MacLean has agreed to buy the Tampa Bay Lightning. The NHL team says a group called Absolute Hockey Enterprises has signed a purchase agreement. Sources tell TSN Jay Feaster will remain as GM while John Tortorella will stay on as head coach. The sale of the Lightning is subject to the approval of the NHL Board of Governors.

Cammalleri numbers revealed?

According to Rich Hammond of Inside The Kings ( www.insidesocal.com/kings ), Mike Cammalleri’s contract awarded by an arbitrator would be 3.1M$ for the first year and 3.6M$ for the second, with a cap hit of 3.35M$ per year.

Blues Over For The Blues?

Lately in St.Louis the scenario has been: ” If a puck hits the back of the net, does anyone see it?” No, because flatly the Blues have sucked! But could this year be the year they rebound? Could this be the year that the team that could make it the finals but never win a cup, actually win it? Could this be the year that Blues fans may finally stop singing the blues?Well lets take a look at some of the Blues greatest assets.

What Boston's GM, Peter Chiareli should do!

Boston seems pretty good, but I’d make a simple change.

The scoring is pretty good, with the Bergeron, Savard, Kessel, Murray, Sturm, Kobasew and the newly acquired Shaeffer.

Here’s what I would do being the Bruins GM! We take a look at all of boston’s roster including young prospect’s.

PS: post me you’re comment i’m very open minded, but please don’t trash me, it’s only an opinion. thx!

Joe Juneau : What Hockey is About!

While most Major Sports got recently tarnished by very disappointing news (drugs in the MLB & Tour de France, Vick’s dog fights, NBA refeering scandal), here is a very different kind of story starring former NHLer & 100-point scorer JoĆ© Juneau who has recently taken a coaching job in Kuujjuak, Nunavik, where he will lead a push to improve hockey facilities, and to provide education to Inuit children plagued by poverty, criminality and dropping out of school.

For the full story, I strongly recommend you read this article at :

Why Last Season WASN'T Gainey's Fault

I’ve read a few articles that have been posted lately and I’ve read a few of the comments and it sort of occured to me that some fans love Gainey and others blindly hate him. Me, I love Gainey but you know what, was last year his fault? Was the 2005-06 season his fault? Let’s look at it carefully.

Off-season before and After the Lockout