McCabe the new face of HTR??????

First of all great drawing/painting/artwork. The person who created the banner should be recognized for their great work.

Montreal Canadians or Toronto Maple Leafs: Which Team Will Be Better This Year

Hey Hockey Fans Out There:

I’m going to say roughly 90% of the hockey fans out there who visit this site are either Montreal Canadian Fans or Toronto Maple Leaf Fans, so I’m here to debate which team will be better during the 2007/2008 Season.
I will get into last seasons statistics for each team and new players that each team got during free agency/trades or players that they have lost in the off season.

One by One Rating of Each Canucks Roster/Rookie/Callups

I’d just like to say thanks Juicelan for giving me this idea and that it was Juiceman’s idea first.

The Canucks right now have no offense. So, with that in mind I’m going to rate each of our guaranteed roster players up to this point. From this point on please do not read it if you are just going to point out all the flaws I may have made.

What about Anson Carter

So fan’s I just thought I’d ask the one question that has been a burning in my mind for the last 3 weeks: do we bring the Pylon Anson Carter back and hope he can ignite again. Was he liked in the dressing room? Is he a team player? He seemed a bit money hungry but has he humbled. Would the Sedins be better with him back? How much? Please discuss.

The Value of McCabe

Brian McCabe is often critisized for many things. Giveaways, a huge contract, poor defensive play, but his value to a hockey team is greatly underapreciated.

The Canucks D depth compared to their O depth

Okay well, to start this off I am new on this site so please don’t bash me too hard. Also from this point on it will be all about the Canucks so if you don’t like them or the topic of the article don’t bother reading then flaming. Thanks!

Brisebois' Equipment Sent to Bell Centre

Sounds like its almost official..La Presse is reporting that Brisebois is on the verge of accepting the Canadiens offer…so get ready Patrice fans.

Ottawa's Next Move

With all of their RFA’s re-signed, we now get a clearer picture of the Senators of next season:

A good team, but still noticeably weaker then the one that was runner-up for the Stanley Cup.

So, will they rest on their laurels? Or does Mr Murray have something up his sleeve?

I have some ideas.

Note: All this is pure speculation and/or opinion on my part. Any opinions expressed are purely my own personal ones. So don’t bother reading if your going to enter with a close mind. All constructive comments are welcome.

Oilers playoff bound??!!: A comprehensive analysis

Oilers playoff bound??!!: a comprehensive analysis I hear quite a few of the Oilers bashers saying that the Oilers will likely be one of five worst teams in the league. This may come true if the Oilers are as unlucky and disadvantaged as they were last season. They had the most things that could go wrong going south. They had injuries, fatigue, wrong trade and weak D on their plate. Because I know the Oiler had to burden the hindering elements last season, I have a very different opinion than most of you. I am predicting that the Oilers will be a playoff team in the upcoming season. I am not saying just because they get Penner. And post your replies. I am very interested in reading articulate and reasonable arguments. 

Dustin Penner. The Edmonton Oiler.

As reported by TSN. Thoughts and opinions on this topic please.

Time for the big market teams to step up.

Many people may have already read Scott Burnside’s article on ESPN from a couple days ago. About basically the state of the league and how all the other major sports leagues are facing major crisis with all their scandals. Yea, we know what they are so I’m not going to mention them. I’ll put the link at the end if you want to read it, but at the end of the article or in the middle I’m not quite sure he stated that this in the NHL’s third year since the lockout. This is historically the make or break year for sports leagues that come out of a lockout or a strike. This is the NHL’s chance to make a come back and get back some fans.

What MTL looks like Going into season now

Take a look at what MTL looks like going into season now. Tell me if your satisfied!

To match? Or not to match? **UPDATE**

Tomorrow is decision day……

The Anaheim Ducks have declined to match Edmonton’s offer sheet to Dustin Penner thus making Penner the new Oiler.