Stajan or Peca, Who do you go with?

We are now entering August and Mike Peca still remains without an NHL home for this upcoming season.


With the recent trade of Kevin Garnett, the Boston Celtics join the Red Sox and Patriots as teams pushing for championships in their respective sports. On the outside looking in: The Boston Bruins.

Parise Makes Pact with the Devils

According to, the New Jersey Devils have re-signed Zach Parise to a four year contract worth $12.5M.

The WHOLE Ryan Smyth and Tomas Vanek story.

Many people have crititzied The Edmonton Oilers GM Kevin Lowe on not giving F Ryan Smyth the deal he wanted, but signing F Tomas Vanek to a 7.14 million dollar offer sheet. Well many people don’t know the whole story, so that’s why I want to explain to everyone why this all happened.

One by One rating of our 2007-2008 Leaf Roster

Rather than arguing if the Leafs have a playoff capable team or not, anybody with half-a-mind knows they definitely do as long as they can steer clear of the mass amount of injuries they went through last year. However I would like to go from top to bottom and rate each “guaranteed roster player” out of 10 as for their value towards the team goes….if I slip even once there’s people on this site with nothing better to do than just point out flaws…let’s see them come to life if I slip on a player they disagree on.


According to the Blueshirt Bulletin, the arbitrator has awarded Sean Avery a 1 year $1.9Million dollar deal.

Why Canada Shouldn't Expect Another Team Soon

Before everyone starts blaming Bettman, first people have to remember that the NHL is a business. The bottom line is what matters most. With that in mind, Bettman is doing the owners a service, and therefore the NHL a service, by not allowing another team to come to Canada until the current CBA expires.

The 5 Worst Signings This Off-season

Since the majority of free agent signings have already been completed (with the exception of a hand full – Peca, Penner, etc.), I thought it would be quite entertaining to ask everyone about their opinion on the worst free agent signings this off-season, so far. It seems like everyone has been discussing the positive assets acquired, such as Gomez, Briere, Drury, Blake, Vokoun, Toskala, etc., by their respective teams, but none have really gone in depth as to which signings have actually hurt, rather than benefited, their nhl franchise. A list has already been composed for the 5 best (5 best players, most improved/snakebitten franchises, etc.), so now it is time to construct a hall of GM shame for the 2007-2008 season. Here are my personal picks, some will agree, some disagree. I look forward to all of your criticism, as well as your personal opinions for the Top 5 Worst Signings this off-season:

Leaf the Team the way it is?

Upon reviewing some of the interviews with JFJ and Paul Maurice there is one phrase I continue hearing that has peaked my interest.

“We could go into next season with the lineup we have and I would be excited.”

Is this blind faith in a team that has just had two mediocre seasons? Or is this a genuine belief that JFJ has turned this ship around and is finally starting to build this team into a Cup Contender?

New Uniforms coming soon!

According to the team 1040, Willie Mitchell has said that Vancouver will show off their new jersey’s tomorrow. Willie hinted that the vintage colors were going to be used.

Avery a Detriment?!

According to Larry Brooks, this article shows what the Rangers management had to say about Avery in his arbitration hearing:


I was reading some articles about NHL expansion, and I thought I would post my thoughts here.

Note: All of this is just MY personal opinion. It is is not speculation or rumour, just one persons two cents. So please don’t waste your time flaming me. If your going to go into this with a closed mind, Don’t bother. I will only read worthwhile commentary on the ideas presented here. And remember, at least it’s not another Leafs article.

No money for Smyth…but lots of money for Vanek…

This should be short and sweet.

So last season Kevin claims he doesn’t have the funds to offer Smyth what he wants…they can’t afford to keep him….then the off-season happens and suddenly Kevin Lowe is Mr.Moneybags, he offers Vanek 7+ million and then offers Dustin Penner just over 4 million a season…both very young and hardly fully proven players (although we’re all pretty sure they’ll be decent) that he’s offering way more than what Smyth asked and just under what Smyth asked, both for players who have no ties to Edmonton, no ties to the community and no relationship with the team.