Hunter and Schultz re-sign long-term.

The New York Islanders have re-signed forward Trent Hunter to a five-year, $10 million contract extension. Hunter was eligible for unrestricted free agency in July.
The Minnesota Wild have re-signed defenceman Nick Schultz to a 6-year contract extension, totaling $21 million.

Mats Sundin Declines Trade

Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin has been asked to waive his no-trade clause.

What Gainey will do over the next four days

All the stories about what will the old silver fox will do in TO and with all the articles about the Habs going big at the deadline, I decided to a) Have an article about what the options and scenarios for the best GM in charge of a canadian franchise could do and hopefully throw some water on the Hossa rumors cause quite frankly I really don’t want to see him in a Habs uni.

The truth revealed once and for all

You guys just dont get it, do you.. I am so so tired of hearing all you talking heads left and right complaining about how its an injustice to leaf nation if Mats isnt moved by the deadline. I mean you guys are so ridiculously blind, its getting to the point where its borderline embaressing.. And thats no joke..

Do you want to know who will actually get traded at the deadline?

Here is a list of players who are the likely candidates to get moved by the trade deadline. I have also listed the reasons behind each probability.

Steen Signed to Extension

TSN reports that Alexander Steen of the Toronto Maple Leafs has signed a two-year 3.4 million dollar deal, paying him 1.7 million each year. I find it weired that the Leafs would sign Steen NOW with everything that is going on with the Trade Deadline only four days away.

Fletcher to Sundin: The List
According to TSN’s Daren Dreger, Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher sat down with Sundin on Thursday to discuss his future with the club. Among the talk, Fletcher asked Sundin to make a list of teams that he would like to be traded to, if he was to go somewhere. It seems that the plot has now thickened in the Sundin deadling talk…

Has the NEW Pittsburgh Penguins dynasty begun? [Plus: A Penguins History Lesson]

With four seasons of just atrocious hockey, many hockey fans may have forgotten what a powerhouse team the Pittsburgh Penguins were during the ’90s. From 1988-2001, only three players won the Art Ross Trophy. Mario Lemieux 6 times (3 times back-to-back), Jaromir Jagr 5 times (including 4 straight) and Wayne Gretzky 3 times (once back-to-back). With the exceptions of Mario’s first win (’88) and Wayne’s last win (’94), none of those teams ever failed to reach the playoffs when their team sported the NHL’s leading scorer. Iginla broke that trend with Calgary the following year in ’02, but Foppa got back on track with the Aves after, followed by St. Louis and his Cup-winning Lightning, with Joe Thornton and Sidney Crosby having followed suit.
Few sane people would deny that having the League’s top scoring player on your team is a recipe for success.

So where does that leave the Penguins, who, with Malkin, have the potential to have back-to-back different Art Ross Trophy winners, and 13 of the past 19 said Trophies?

Also inside, Sergei Gonchar sets an active record with his eighth consecutive 50+ point season with a goal in last night’s victory over the Habs. [What an exciting game by the way!] And, a Penguins and Art Ross Trophy history lesson.

Strachan Sees Vinny in Big Market City

Saturday night, HNIC analyst Al Strachan said Vincent Lecavalier has “spent enough of his career” in Tampa Bay. 

Leafs Will Be Hard Pressed To Make Big Change

With the trade deadline less than a week away, the Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to be one of the busiest teams in that time.