York Takes Pay Cut, Signs with 'Yotes

The Phoenix Coyotes have signed Mike York to a 1-year deal worth $1 million. A low risk signing for the Coyotes at a much more affordable price tag than York had last year. It could pay decent dividends, but if he played like he did for the Flyers (in his limited number of games since he was scratched most of the time, or limited to 5-10 minutes of ice time per game) then the Coyote fans will definitely be shaking their head whenever he is on the ice.

Why Komisarek should be given a chance on Mtl's PP

Ok, now I know for a FACT that anyone who reads this article will call me a delusionist but hear me out. Mike Komisarek is only 25 years old and entering his 4th full NHL season, and that’s not including his 21 game effort in 02-03. I believe that Komisarek could emerge as Montreals best PP point man if they actually gave him a shot at it. Here’s my reasoning. Sheldon Souray didn’t become a PP specialist until 03-04. Before that, He was a grinding 5th defenceman on Montreal and NJ. Despite what everyone thinks of Souray, he actually isn’t all that bad defensively, he’s just a bit bad in one on one situations. Now, here’s what Souray’s done before he became a PP QB:

Detroit Signs Drake

TSN.ca is reporting that the Detroit Red Wings have signed Dallas Drake to a one year contract.

Read the story here


Bieksa : 3 year extension

The Canucks have signed Bieksa to a 3 year extension according to www.canucks.com

link here: http://canucks.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=328631

Crosby's Contract

According to the Post Gazette http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/07190/800305-61.stm

Free Agent: Souray Deciding?

CBS Sportsline in NY is reporting Shelond Souray is deciding between a deal with the Rangers and a deal with the Devils. In order to sign with the Rangers Souray would take below market value, but he has expressed his wishes to go to a team with a shot at the cup.

Opening Line-ups and Predictions for What the Leafs Will Get

The Leafs have got a good core of forwards this year, pretty good on defence and the jury is out on a goalie but as of now he looks pretty damn good. It is hard to do lines for this year because of Yashin and Peca and all that so I will do it with and without them.

Don't Under-Estimate Les Canadiens

Funny lil story, just about this time last year, every sports station across Canada and every Canadian sports magazine predicted the Habs to finish 13th or lower. Well, what happend? Habs went through the first 2 and half months, running with Buffalo for the top 2 seeds in the North East division. It wasn’t until Francis Bouillon came back and f***ed with the Habs chemistry, that they hit their season long slump. I know, it’s unfair to blame Bouillon but him coming back started a snowball effect that went from that, to the entire Habs locker room getting a nasty flu bug that stayed for a month to Cristobal Huet playing incredibly aweful hockey that cost us the season to him getting injured. Montreal’s biggest mistake last year was starting a cold Huet against the Leafs and not pulling him after he gave up 3 weak 1st period goals. They should have went with the hot goalie in Halak. I firmly believe we would have won if Halak started. But enough about last year.

Yashin in, Raycroft out?

According to hockeybuzz.com, Eklund said that the Leafs are trying really hard to trade Raycroft to make more cap space to sign Yashin. If Raycroft does leave the Leafs, it will be most likely to Phoenix.

more to come later.

Leafs and Yotes Trade Speculation.

For about a week now .. reports say the Leafs are trying desperatly to move Andrew Raycroft to shed some cap space to add depth, maybe Alexi Yashin however the team that i keep hearing and the only logical choice would be Phoenix simply because of there need of a starting goaltender. In my opinion i dont see JFJ trying to move Raycroft because i believe he likes the tandom of Toskala/Raycroft and might want them to do a 40/40 situation or a 50/30 situation. But rumors be true Rayzor could be heading to Phenoix .. Who do you think the Leafs will try to get in return?? I think if the rumors are infact true the Leafs will be asking for a lot in return simply because they gave up Rask for this guy and the Leafs will expect a decent prospect in return along with pics. a deal could look something like this:

24 Hour Watch

According to Eklund from www.hockeybuzz.com a source told him….

P.S. take this as it is speculation from Eklund

Western Conference Outlook

Since the East has been done now, let’s take a look at the west.

Central Division

Detroit Red Wings- Continue to be a dominating force in the Western Conference. Although they lost Schneider, they gained a mirror image in Rafalski. Now that they landed Hasek, expect them to challenge for the conference once again. Although they lost Lang, and Bertuzzi, it shouldn’t be a huge deal. 

What's wrong with the way they are?

As a leafs fan I always seem to find myself thinking, what’s the next move for the leafs? But today I ask, what’s wrong with the way they are?