Why the Canucks should think about being sellers

everyone is concerned about the year at hand… but the Vancouver Canucks have so much promise for next year its discusting they have a good core group and with guys like Naslund and Morrison who are going to have to take a pay cut to stick around it looks all the more promising.. picture the Canucks with 3 extra scoring forwards next season… this is a possible reality but there are many factors that lead up to this… Dave Nonis has a choice he can sell the farm to pick up a player to go for a cup run against very low odds… he can sit on what he has do nothing maybe make the playoffs…. or he can sell.. if he sells he gives himself a possible young talent that can help this club in the future and he also probably picks up trade bait for next years deadline in draft picks.

Five: The Magic Number

There are several key relations to the number five when it comes to the NHL. There’s the late great Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion who slid into a Canadiens jersey in nineteen-fifty-five and won the Art Ross trophy with “numero cinq” on his back, becoming only the second player in NHL history to score fifty goals. Then there’s nineteen-sixty, when Hector “Toe” Blake became the first, and only, coach in the history of the game to coach an NHL franchise, the Montreal Canadiens, to five straight Stanley Cup Championships. Now, the magic number is set for what could potentially be a historical stage for the future of a franchise – five more losses and the Canadiens long time competitor, the Toronto Maple Leafs, will officially be knocked out of playoff contention.

Fedorov to Detroit?

The Detroit News is speculating that Sergei Ferorov may be on his way back to Detroit.

Leafs-Rangers News

According to Larry Brooks, NYPost.com, Toronto Maple Leafs’ defenseman Tomas Kaberle would waive his NTC to come to the Rangers. Kaberle would be a bargain at his current salary for the Rangers, but the price is said to be very steep, at least including Bob Sanguinetti. Two other Leafs defensemen, Bryan McCabe and Pavel Kubina, are not gaining interest from the Rangers.

mikster’s note: With Lundqvist’s new contract, the Rangers will most likely not re-sign their Czech players in Jaromir Jagr, Martin Straka, Marek Malik, and Michal Rozsival. They will be in the hunt, in the off-season, for wingers that can fit the style of hockey that Scott Gomez and Chris Drury play. The future of the Rangers lies within their organization, since they won’t have much cap space to play with for the next number of years, and so I do not see Sather trading too much youth for veteran help. Also, he would have to clear cap space by ridding himself of either Malik or Paul Mara. I also do not see the Leafs trading Kaberle, and I would encourage the Leafs not to trade him.

Worst Coach Candidates

About 50+ games in the season these are the top 3 coaches that need to be gone when the season is done. This is based on the team’s performance, standings and the players’ response to their coach.

Rico's Rant – Habs Fans!

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First and foremost – I am a Habs fan, I was born one, I will die one, you cut me I bleed bleu, blanc et rouge – I still search Youtube to find games from the 93 Stanley Cup final to see Patrick Roy wink at Sandstrom and so on!

News from the Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun is providing a number of speculation tid bits for your reading pleasure this morning including news on Mats Sundin.

Lowe Not Limited to a Firesale

The Edmonton Oilers are caught between a rock and a hard place. WIth their best player this year gone for the season, and the team being 8 points back from a playoff spot with 24 games to overtake 5 teams, it would be easy for the Oilers to give up and think about next season.


#1: Need a goal scorer period M.Hossa especially that ryder is leaving we’re going to need a right winger that could put it in the net

The Canadian Club Perspective

The Canadian Club Perspective:
Insight to the Trade Deadline

With trade rumors swirling around the media and the deadline less than two weeks away, the six Canadian clubs seem to be right in the middle of all of it once again. With the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadians in a battle for first place in the East, and the Calgary Flames right in the mix to finish at the top of their division, it looks to be a strong contending post-season for the three clubs.