What would you do with your 24 hrs. with Lord Stanleys Cup?

I just got done reading an article on ESPN.com on how last week NHL officials actually lost the Stanley Cup in Vienna, Austria. The cup was on its way to Slovokia as part of Devils forward Jiri Bicek’s time with the cup.

See the way it works is you win the cup, each player on the team gets 24 hours with the cup. This leads to the obvious question…What would you do with the cup?

Red Wings to Kill the Wild?

From Spector’s Rumors:

ST. PAUL PIONEER-POST: Charley Walters reports the Minnesota Wild could offer restricted free agent forward Marian Gaborik a $4 million per season deal, which apparently would be $2 million less per season than Gaborik is believed to be seeking. Walters suggests the Detroit Red Wings could make Gaborik “a collossal offer”.

Breaking Weekly World News

…..news flash….news flash…..news flash…….

Bure Nearing Retirement?


The latest on one of NHL’s best goal scorers, Pavel Bure.

Canucks Big Trade

Brian Burke announced on Vancouver radio this last week that he was working on a “big trade.”

Hey Luigi! Big Mario is-a coming back

The Steel City has something to be happy about. No, another one of thier baseball players didn’t bonk another mascot on the head. The messiah is returning for one more year with thier beloved Penguins.

Dark Horses

Which teams of 03/04 have the best chance of being the Lightning, Wild, and Ducks of last year?

Fantasy Free Agents

So I’m sitting bored at work at midnight unable to go home until my boss has (Why should we care I hear you ask – well its just the start of a post so gloss over and continue).


For a coupla years now I have had an idea rolling around in my head about saving the NHL.

Now that the CBA negotiations are almost upon the NHL and NHLPA I thought it would be a good time to unveil my own “Roadmap to Peace”

Detroit Free Press Says Not Lindros, but Nedved


Detroit Free Press states: “The Rangers remain a top trading partner for Joseph — the Wings may be interested in Petr Nedved (but not in Eric Lindros) — with St. Louis a more difficult possibility because of the divisional rivalry.”

Bluejackets Ready To Leave Hive?

The Columbus Blue Jackets, many thought this town did not deserve a professional hockey club. It was soon seen that they could not compete against the national hockey leagues high payroll teams, yet this club may be one of the future Stanley Cup contendors, possibly making a run for the playoffs next season.

Flyers secure two of there young…

The Flyers have reportedly signed Williams and Somik according to PhiladelphiaFlyers.com…

“Williams’ is a one-year deal, while Somik inked a two-year deal.”

Leetch Remains a Ranger

www.msgnetwork.com reports that the Rangers and Brian Leetch have agreed terms to a 2-year deal. More details to follow.

Money Speculation: A Stacked Team Really Going to Work?

I was thinking about really stacked up teams. And I realized, does it really work?

Wings sign Whitney

letsgowings.com is reporting that the Red Wings have signed free agent left-wing Ray Whitney. The deal is reported as a four year deal worth 13 million dollers. Whitney, who had 76 points last year will provide a pretty good replacement for the departed Sergei Federov in the offensive zone. He will also add a powerful addition to the power-play as 42 of his points came with the man advantage.


On the Indian Reserve

What ever happened to the Chicago Blackhawks? It seems like that have disappeared from the NHL entirely. No draft picks mention that would startle anyone. No free agent pickups. No trades. Nothing.

3 Oiler Signings!

At the Edmonton Oilers website, edmontonoilers.com

It says that the edmonton oilers have resigned Jason Smith, their captain. Chad Hinz, a propect who played on the farm team. Brad Isbister, acquired at the trade deadline.

An Open Letter To All HTR Readers

Okay – let’s see how “hard up” the admins are for new material.

Periodically I hear grumblings from the masses regarding:

Going to IRAQ

I know this probably will not get posted but i just wanted to say thanks for all the news updates from everyone even the leafs fans they keep me informed make me laugh (D-Strate) and get me pissed every once in a while but i just wanted to say bye to all the HTR family and i will be back after my little trip to the desert



Are Montreal & Colorado Planning Something???

Source: TEAM990 & Spector’s rumors

***NOTE*** This rumor is as crazy as you can get, but there are too many rumors about Montreal & Colorado these days to pass on this one. It may have some truth to it and may have not. In the latter case, it’ll lead to a bit of entertainment and some arguing…

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