UFA Predicted Destinations

With less than 5 hours to go, here are my best guesses as to what’s going down

Au Revoir Sheldon

Well the eve of free agency is upon us which can prove to be exciting, sometimes shocking and even disappointing for some, especially us Hab fans.

Top Influencial Players of All-time

The top influential players does not mean the top best because that is a no-brainer. The top influential players created the game today. This list will not date back to the 1920’s or any thing like that.

Rangers Potential Plans Heading Into Tomorrow

Heading into free agency tomorrow, here are two models of plans the Rangers should be considering. Plan A will show a team that will continue to be competative but save some money and plan B will definitly include spending money but also definitly makes them one of the most feared teams in the league.

Under Appreciated: The Mathieu Schneider Story

Mathieu Schneider is always up there among the leaders in defensive scoring, and is always an elite defenseman, and yet, his total Norris trophies? 0. His total all-star game appearances? 2.

Fernandez to Boston, Tkachuk Inks in Blue

According to TSN, the Boston Bruins have acquired Manny Fernandez from the Minnesota Wild in exchangefor a fourth round pick and Petr Kalus, a well touted prospect.

In other news, Keith Tkachuk has re-signed with the St. Louis Blues.

Why go crazy this year?

With all the talk of the Leafs throwing money around like drunken sailors hitting port for the first time in six months I just want to try and throw a little tidbit for you to ponder.

What we need to succeed!

It’s the day before the free agency market! Montreal is a major buyer at this years UFA giveaway. But what do we really need? Sure we could try to go for Gomez and Yashin and Kariya, but will they lead us to the the 25 Stanley Cup? Here’s what our team looks like as of now, including our UFA’s who might leave. Now some might say we could insert Garth Murray or Aaron Downey into the (empty) spots, but (empty) signifies the lack of a solid player who will fill that spot all season barring injury.

Muckler in High Demand ???

The Sun Media (Bruce Garrioch) is indicating that the Toronto Maple Leafs will have to wait to be able to speak to John Muckler.

Senators looking to both buy and sell

Bruce Garrioch of the Sun Media is looking to make some deals to trade away contracts to be able to free up some cash to go free agent shopping.

Kings to make some Free agent news?

The Orange County Register is dreaming if they think that the LA Kings are going to be able to lure one of the free agent players. They speculate that Gomez would be a good fit in LA however HTR believes that 29 other teams would be also be a good fit.

Maple Leafs to target key UFA's

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Leafs are set to enter he bidding wars for key free agents tomorrow now that the salary cap is at the 50 million dollar mark.

10 Free Agents from a Penguins Perspective

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review provides a list of who they feel are the 10 best Pens free agent options. While it is not highly likely that the Pens will be able to sign any of the top players on this list this list is a good one to check out to refresh your mind of players that are available.