Maple Leafs to target key UFA's

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Leafs are set to enter he bidding wars for key free agents tomorrow now that the salary cap is at the 50 million dollar mark.

10 Free Agents from a Penguins Perspective

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review provides a list of who they feel are the 10 best Pens free agent options. While it is not highly likely that the Pens will be able to sign any of the top players on this list this list is a good one to check out to refresh your mind of players that are available.

What is sundins true potential?

Mats sundin has been stuck with second line linemates most of his career. The two best linemates he ever had were Gary Roberts and Alexander Mogilny with both of them past their prime.

Sundin is an nhl superstar who has been consistent through out his career being a more than point per game player. He is 29th in all time goals, 42nd in assists and 34th in points.

Experts Rumour Update: Leafs Sign Toskala To Extension? Already?

According to Howard Berger, the Maple Leafs have completed the parameters of a contract extension with goalie Vesa Toskala, acquired last week with forward Mark Bell from the San Jose Sharks.

What are the leafs to do?

There is two days left until the free agents are allowed to escape their current nest’s and find a new burrow. Some teams such as montreal have been dumping salaries and will have a lot of play come sunday. Other teams such as vancouver are right up against the wall and have virtually no playing room. The leafs are a team inbetween. 

Cap Number Rises to $50.3 Million

It appears as though the Salary Cap for this coming season will be on the rise. While that was already assumed, what comes as a surprise is the fact the cap will be over $50 million.

According to the Globe and Mail, the new cap number for the 2007/2008 season will be 50.3 million. The new cap floor will be 34.3 million.

Offseason analysis for both the East and West

USAToday’s hockey writer Kevin Allen provides a great article (well two part series) on what to expect in both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference during this offseason.

Chicago looking to sign some free agents??

The Daily Herald is reporting that the Black Hawks may have their sights set on a number of “tier two” free agents.

Buffalo trying to sign both Drury and Briere?

It would appear that the Buffalo Sabres are trying their hardest to get one or both of Drury and Briere under contract before their go free on Sunday morning.

Devils Sign Rupp 2 Years $1 Million, Close to Signing Rafalski

The Devils yesterday signed free-agent forward Mike Rupp to a two-year, $1 million contract and hope to re-sign defenseman Brian Rafalski by the weekend, but they will take their chances on keeping Johnny Oduya after failing to offer the Swedish-born defenseman a qualifying offer to prevent him from becoming unrestricted.

FA Market in Three Days, Balsillie Loses, Rumor Monger Scout

It’s that time of the year again where the GMs play and the players relax, at least…most of the players. It must be quite a feeling to be a player…say of Ryan Smyth’s caliber and just sit on the couch, looking at the date and say to yourself “Man, in three days I will be destined to become a millionaire.” How about that huh? Anyway, some teams to look at.

Jim Balsillie is apparently losing the bid. Sure, the NHL will risk moving to Kansas City, but who gets the blame?

And….someone replies, via e-mail, from a rumor monger’s Web site. I’ll call him the rumor monger scout who scouted my articles. Geee, I wonder where he came from.

Kariya and Preds sever ties…Forsberg has surgery.

Nashville Predators’ General Manager David Poile, describing his team as “fighting for its life,” has told the Associated Press that Paul Kariya plans to enter free-agency on Sunday.

Stumpel, Cowan Stay

According to, the Florida Panthers have re-signed Jozef Stumpel, as expected, and the Vancouver Canucks re-signed Jeff Cowan. Stumpel signed for two years worth $4.5M. The Canucks re-signed Jeff Cowan to two years for around $1.5M, total. Also, the Canucks are expected to buy out Marc Chouinard.