Cechmanek a King

Ray Ferarro of ESPN has reported that the Flyers have traded Roman Cechmanek to the Los Angeles Kings for a 2nd round 2004 pick.


The Cup goes through – Cranbrook?

Over the past 9 years (including this one), There is one thing in common with every team that has one the cup – Cranbrook, B.C.

The Future of Roman Cechmanek

Ever since their second-round loss at the hands of the Ottawa Senators, the Philadelphia Flyers have been trying to decide how to sever ties with their soon-to-be former number one goaltender. General Manager Bob Clarke announced at his end-of-season press conference that he believed that it was in “everyone’s best interest” that Cechmanek not return to the Flyers for the 2003-04 season.

Au Revoir Patrick Roy!

The winningest goalie of the NHL has made his decision.

Last chance for Oates?

At age 40, Adam Oates may be on the verge of capping off his great career with the greatest prize of all: Lord Stanley’s cup. Although that is not a given, he certainly has come to the realization that this may very well be his last chance. Most of the credit does come back to Giguere for the amazing playoff run, posting heroic numbers while making it look easy, but we can’t leave out Adam who’s leadership on and off the ice has certainly payed dividends for the team.

He leads his team in playoff scoring (4-6:10) and will definately be a force in this final when we see him play with youthfull legs for maybe the last time.

Having prepared Golden Brett’s nifty goals for years in St-Louis or rushing down the ice with Cam Neely in Boston or even Bondra in Washington, his long NHL journey comes down to this series, which will probably be his last.

To wish him the best would be to wish for his team to give him a career crowning Stanley cup a la Ray Bourque.

Free Agents Around The League

According to the Edmonton Journal:

Cory Stillman and Tyson Nash to be used as trade bait?

Oleg Tverdovsky to be moved?

Cory Cross happy in Edmonton?

Canucks searching for second-line centre?

Senators Great Season Re-Cap

The Senators have just finished an outstanding season. They took the fans on a ride we will never forget. They showed the heart and determination we didn’t know they had. It was a season of great surprises and many, many victories. It is now safe to say that the Sens proved all their critics wrong.

Devils Stanley Cup Primer

Devils: 2003 Stanley Cup Finals Primer

The MantaRay Devil report May 25, 2003

(From the swamps of Jersey)

To many hockey fans around the league, the unofficial Stanley Cup final was played last week when the Devils defeated the best team in the NHL in the Ottawa Senators.

Here is a breakdown of how the Devils match-up against The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim:

Laviolette on the hot seat. AGAIN

Mike Milbury has been interviewing the players from this seasons team and has met with Peter Laviolette several times with regards to the poor performance the team had down the stretch and in the playoffs. It appears many of the players are looking at Laviolette as a big reason the team did not succeed.

A Very Canadian Cup Final

WELL, they tried; but give the Ottawa Senators credit: they had, hands down, their greatest season ever and could promise to do even more damage next spring. Yes, it is very disappointing for Canadians to have sit through a record ninth straight year without a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup Finals, but, despite all the disappointment, there’s probably never been a better year than this in recent memory for Canadians to get excited about the Cup Finals, since these Finals are very Canadian in spirit.

Refs suck

Refs suck, period.

Calling a penalty on the Senators when Rachunek dove and actually got the puck off the Devils’ stick. SHOULD NOT BE A PENALTY IF YOU GET THE PUCK!!!!

Annnnnnnnnd…., the refs did not call two straight penalties that prevented scoring chances for the Senators against the Devils. One was an obvious hold which should have been clearly called. Refs decide the game, Devils got two lucky bounces and a great goal, and the refs help.

Refs suck, period.

Experts Rumor Update: More Than Enough Defensemen Changes To Happen…


Reports Indicate the following:

-Hatcher WILL leave Big D.

-Leafs defense better than most actually think.

-Teppo Numminen now willing to leave Yotes for contender…

Hackett pondering retirement???


According to my knolwedge Boston Bruins and former Habs Goaltender Jeff Hackett is pondering his retirement. It seems to me that Hackett is still feeling the regret of not being around his Wife and two young Childern who live London, Ont. Hackett Who becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1, says he’s “not thinking about next year.” He told the the Boston Herald after the B’s were eliminated in the 1st round of the NHL Playoffs for the second straight year in a row.

Sharks Option Key Player for Next Year

Sharks to exercise option for Mike Ricci.

Wild surgeries in the offseason, the return of the Winnipeg Jets?

News about the Jets may coming back and a Wild team playing injured.

Big trade looming with Coyotes and Flyers?

There was a story in Monday’s Arizona Republic that said Coyotes’ Captain Teppo Numminen has agreed to waive his no trade clause. He has provided a list of teams that he is willing to accept a trade to and the Flyers were one of the teams mentioned. Several scenarios come to mind given that the Flyers have said that Roman Chechmanek will not be back next year. Sean Burke was a hot commodity at the trade deadline but the Coyotes felt that they were not offered enough value for a player of Burke’s stature. With Chechmanek out of the picture and Philly not ready to hand over the reigns to Robert Esche yet, Burke would be a logical choice. Remember that Esche was Burke’s backup in Phoenix for a few seasons before he was traded and they had a tremendous relationship in Phoenix. This sets up the potential for a mega deal to happen between these 2 clubs.

Brodeur's Melt Down?

Game seven is coming and without a doubt Brodeur has been amazing all season and all through the playoffs. But His game 6 loss might lead to his break down in this playoff series.

According to reports from ESPN Brodeur learned after game 5 that his wife had filed Divorce papers. He was not aware they were filed.

Red Wings' prospect in coma after major surgery

Igor Grigorenko, the Detroit Red Wings’ top prospect, is battling for his life in a hospital in his hometown of Togliatti.

A Real-Life Hockey-Related Article!

So – I’m listening to a local (KKFN – 950 The Fan) “sports talk” program on my way to work, and I hear this waste of DNA, who I’m constantly sparring with by e-mail, saying that the single most important person in any “team” sport is the driver in NASCAR.

Report: Red Wings offer Fedorov $40 million US

DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Red Wings have offered Sergei Fedorov a four-year, $40-million US contract, an NHL source told the Detroit Free Press.