Mad Mike is Really Mad?

Their season is done. They played quite well, in my opinion, and they lost to the number one team in the NHL. What is Mad Mike really mad about?


Ten games into the season, I posted the following article. Our site administrators added a note at the bottom saying, “Note: This will be fun to re-read once the season is over.” I encourage you to go back and note some of the comments you made to the article…

Can The Canucks Come Back?

Despite being badly out shot 16-32, the versatile Blues managed to escape with a win Wednesday night to give them a 3-1 series lead. Only two past Canuck teams have ever come back from that defecit. In order to make it 3, there are a few improvements that must be made.

HTR Talk

HTR members have something to say about HTR.

Oh $%#@ – Here He Comes Again

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Once again, the onerous task of providing something other than rabid homerism and incessant whining during the playoffs falls on my neophyte shoulders. So, let’s stop puling and whining for a moment, and examine some cultural phenomena only tangentially related to the sport we all love.

Various Playoff Talks

No intro, let’s start…

What are they putting in the Water in Anaheim?

Well, the Wings are done. The champs are gone in 4 in the first round. Who would have thought? But the Biggest Questions are……

1. Anaheim? Another champion team? in Anaheim?

2. What happens to Detroit’s roster?

Mogilny OUT!

Word out of Toronto today is that Alexander Mogilny will not play in tonight’s game. Results of some nuerological tests today suggested he had concussion-like symptoms and it was recommended he not be put in a position to get hit again.

The Worst Predictions for the 2002-03 Season


Since the regular season is now over, I though I would travel back to September when we all made are predictions on who thought would do good and bad. Some of you were totally wrong, and well, payback is a pain. Thats right here they come, the funniest predictions of 2003:

Edmonton Makes Turco an Oil Drop (pucks slip through), Bruins in Ruins

Marty Turco shows he needs experience come playoff time and firing Ftorek was apparently…..useless!

Hatcher suspended one game

Darian Hatcher has been suspended and fined by the league (one game, one thousand dollars). This couldn’t come at a better time. The Oilers now face a dallas squad without Guerin, Turgeon, and Hatcher. There is no better time to pounce than now for the Oilers, who are now statistically under the gun as 71% of teams that win game 2 win the series.

Even if the oilers win one more game forcing at least a 6 game series (unless they do it in 5!), they will still lose between 2 and 3 million dollars. The Oil need to win a playoff series and get an extra 2 home games to pull into the black. Its a sad state when a team that sells out 99% of its games, has to make a very tough playoff run in order to make money.

See you at Skyreach for game 3 section 221 row 32

Goaltender interference outside the crease.

Is it just me or are goaltenders who wander far from their crease becoming a huge problem for the NHL? It is very sad to watch a goaltender 10 – 15 feet from his crease be able to play the puck with impunity because he knows the other team can’t touch him. A goaltender out of his net should be fair game just like any other player going after the puck.

This really takes away from the game of hockey. If a defenseman was back there handling the puck you could skate in full speed and knock him off the puck but the guy with the MOST PADS ON THE ICE is immune to getting hit so you have to slow down, and peel off because if you touch the goalie’s little pinkie you get sent to the penalty box.

On the flip side did anyone see Belfour knock Amonte into the net as Amonte tried to skate by him and nothing get called?

Goalies should only be protected in the crease!


We got Ducks flapping their Wings, Canucks everywhere singing the Blues, one Wild Avalanche and Senators stranded on an Island. What is going on here!

Fleury Staying? Eric Leavingdros? See-u Sailanee?

After speaking with Chicago GM Mike Smith, Theo Fleury believes he will be back with the Blackhawks next season, reports the Chicago Daily Herald.

Life is Full of Surprises

Amazing. That just about sums it up.

Panthers win lottery, will select #1

The Florida Panthers now own the No. 1 pick in the 2003 NHL entry draft. Florida won Monday’s NHL draft lottery, moving from the No. 4 slot to No. 1. Carolina, which based on its last place finish overall, moves to the No. 2 pick while the Pittsburgh Penguins move from No. 2 to No. 3 and Columbus moves from No. 3 to No. 4.

The rest of the draft order remains unchanged from the regular-season finish of the clubs.

This is the second year in a row that Florida has won the lottery and moved up. Florida had a combined 24.9% odds of wining, because of their trade with Columbus to swap picks. There isn’t really a run-away #1 pick this year, with Zhederev, Stall, Michalik, and Horton all #1 material. Horton is probably who the Panthers would select, as they are in need of a PF. Some wonder if Dudly will even keep the pick, or move it like he did last year. All I know; Dudly is brilliant!

NHL on Thin Ice?

I find this article quite interesting, and we’ll finally be able to see how good Commissioner Gary Bettman is.

Predators are gone if CBA not agreeable to owner

In an interview on WWTN, owner Craig Leipold stated that the Nashville Predators will not be able to function unless the new CBA addresses the needs of smaller market teams. This is the most direct statement he has made that things are going poorly for the team. Nashville currently has the lowest attendance in the NHL, and the Corporate/individual season ticket base ratio stands at 35/65 – opposite of most other professional team ratios. The team is teetering on the edge, and unless the team solidly makes the playoffs next year, the team will fold or move.

Playoff Predictions

Now that the matchups are set, I am gonna lay down my predictions for this years playoffs…..feel free to make your own as well, that’s the fun part!

Red Lights and Bad Blood-Nucks v.s. Notes preview

Joel Quineville called it “One of the best regular season games of all time” when the Canucks hosted the Blues in a 4-4 tie nearly a month ago. It’s hard to believe one of these high powered offenses will be gone by the 2nd round, get ready for war! Western conference style.