Fine makes McCabe Furious

Maple Leafs defenceman Bryan McCabe is among the first NHLers to be fined $1,000 by the league for diving.

Could The Crossover Work?

An article in the Windsor star states that the NHL would be better suited if a cross-over effect took place in the playoffs. Personally, I wouldn’t mind it either. The article says:

Ftorek Fired

After starting a good streak, Robbie Ftorek was fired today by the Boston Bruins. GM Mike O’Connel will take over behind the bench.

Various sources.

Lemieux begins cleaning house.

In surprise move on Tuesday, mario Lemieux and team president Tom Rooney, relative of popular Pittsburgh Steeler president and owner Dan Rooney, have decided to part ways.

In Other News!!!!!!

Freddie Brathwaite has been placed on waivers.

Who will pick him up? No one?

Oilers Fans Speak Out!!!

They will clinch the playoffs, most likely.

Where are all the ones that bashed the trade?

And Lowe’s lookin` good uh?

Da voodoo cycle done put de spell on Lo-ahd Stanley: Crazy superstition abounds!

With the Detroit Red Wings solidifying their place in the hockey elite, I can pretty safely say the cycle continues. Now, what cycle would that be? The one that established itself following the Devils Cup winning season in ’95.

Observe the past Cup winners:

1995 – New Jersey Devils

1996 – Colorado Avalanche

1997 – Detroit Red Wings

1998 – Detroit Red Wings

1999 – Dallas Stars

Now, the cycle remains intact:

2000 – New Jersey Devils

2001 – Colorado Avalanche

2002 – Detroit Red Wings

2003 -

Look familiar? It should. So, pull out your phony Jamaican accents, look in something crystal or spherical and see that, barring some tragedy, the Wings have no choice but to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, even if they didn’t want to. And cheer up Stars fans: you have next year.

Sharks Fire Lombardi

Sharks fire Lombardi
TFP Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
The Fourth Period –

It was only a matter of time for San Jose general manager Dean Lombardi. The Sharks struggled all season and a team many picked to reach the Stanley Cup final will not even make the playoffs. Coach Daryl Sutter was fired by Lombardi two months into the season in hopes that the Sharks could turn things around and make the postseason.

San Jose continued to struggle and today Lombardi paid the price with his job. Lombardi’s last few weeks as GM were busy, as he dealt captain Owen Nolan and veteran Bryan Marchment, and was involved in very active talks regarding Vincent Damphousse and Teemu Selanne.

Lombardi may not be out of work for long if TFP’s sources are accurate. There are reports that Lombardi will be hired as the new GM in Chicago and current GM Mike Smith will be dismissed. Lombardi is the son-in-law of Hawks Senior VP Bob Pulford.

State of the NHL: Is Canada being caught up to?

Canada has long been the place where NHL-ers are bred, born, and brought in from. The game the Canadians made popular is, in the Canadians’ opinions, played best by Canadians.

However, is the rest of the world catching up to Canada? I point to the Detroit Red Wings as your answer- YES.

How about that call last night?

That Stars and Oilers game last night was a classic. The crowd was into it, the Oilers fed off it, the Stars played good, not great, and with a very depleated line up, and it was just a great game. Why the refs tried to ruin it boggles my mind!

What's going on in Tampa Bay?

Living on Canada’s west coast, Tampa is about as far away from me as the NHL gets. So perhaps that’s why I never really paid much attention to the league’s perennial losing franchise, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Battlefield of Leafs and Flyers Fans

Enough stories that will start a war between these fans of two great teams. Anyone who is not a fan of either team, sit back and enjoy!!!!

A Tough Time after the CBA Agreement?

There are big talks about the New York Rangers being “screwed” after the CBA agreement.

My problem with that is that people use their uninformed mind and express their opinions on that. Saying that the Rangers will have such a hard time once a CBA agreement will take part for the 2004-2005 regular season. I want to challenge that, and I will obviously say that will not be the case.

Gilmour Career May Be Over!

Doug Gilmour flew back to Toronto on Friday to get his injured left knee examined by doctors.

The Maple Leafs fan favourite didn’t have crutches when he got off the plane in Toronto but he did have a pronounced limp.

Time Running out on Sather/NYR

With a mere 10 games left on the schedule time is running out on the Rangers. They find themselves barely any closer to a playoff spot than they were 2 weeks ago with only 3 weeks remaining. With a third line that now boasts part of Edmonton’s old first line, they have more people who should be able to put the puck in the net than any team in the NHL. Their glaring problem after all these trades still seeems to be the same as the beginning of the season: lack of cohesiveness and defense. While Sather has gathered perhaps the most impressive collection of individual snipers in the league he ignored what the rangers really needed as evidenced by the keystone cops routine in OT that allowed a wide open game winner by Ottawa last night.

The Isles hold their own destiny

With an extremly tough schedule ahead of them can the Isle’s hold on to make the playoffs or will they fall short and let one of the oh so lucky 2 in instead.

Brisebois Would Have Refused a Trade to New Jersey

According to radio station CKAC and newspaper LA PRESSE, Patrice Brisebois would have refuse to be traded to the New Jersey Devils on deadline day…

Golisano to buy Sabres

Billionaire B. Thomas Golisano has signed an asset purchase agreement to buy the bankrupt NHL Buffalo Sabres, all but securing the team’s future in Buffalo after eight months of uncertainty, a league source said Thursday.

Golisano now must seek final approval of the purchase from U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Buffalo. Golisano’s offer is scheduled to be presented to Judge Michael Kaplan at 10 a.m. Friday.

The source, who is familiar with the negotiations and spoke on condition of anonymity, said more details will emerge Friday afternoon. Golisano has scheduled a news conference for 1:30 p.m. Friday at HSBC Arena, the Sabres’ home, said Laura Saxby-Lynch, his spokeswoman.


Thank You All !!!

I’d like to say thanks to the whole HTR staff for all of their hard work and research over the past week. This site has come along way since I’ve been a member and keeps getting better.

Pierre McGuire confirms a Leaf will put on waivers.

Pierre McGuire, TSN’s “hockey insider” and analyst, reported on the Mitch Melnyk Show on Team 990 in Montreal that a “high-profile” Leaf player will be put on waivers very soon.

He apparently got a call late last night, around 1 or 2am, from a reliable Leaf source.