Higgins VS Wellwood, who is better?

Time for a showdown between Habs and Leafs Fans… who has the better young star?
Is the small, playmaker/dangle show in Blue & White the winner?
or is goalscoring, PK whiz in Red White and Blue the king?

Go, argue!

just their stats over the last 3 seasons

Lewis Relieved as Bruins' Head Coach

Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced that Dave Lewis will not be returning as the head coach next year, but will instead be reassigned to an unknown role with the team. Associate coach Marc Habscheid was also reassigned.

Here is a link to the story:

Scotty calling it a Carreer?

according to eklund scott niedermayer is going to retire.

Are This Year's UFA's Overrated?

With only 1 week until the 2007 NHL entry draft, and 2 weeks until free agency starts, am I the only one who feels that the free agents this year are greatly overrated?

Canadiens Re-sign Higgins Komisarek

Once again GM Bob Gainey is up to his old self by re-signing key players. Bob Gainey has just re-signed Forward Christopher Higgins and Defenceman Mike Komisarek. They were both re-signed to two year contracts each. Terms of the deal were not disclosed as per team policy.

Niitymaki re-signs for 2 years.

The Philadelphia Flyers have re-signed goalie Antero Niitymaki to a two-year deal. A good idea for the former Olympic Games MVP.


Pavel Valentenko signed!

It’s been reported on Rds that Valentenko has signed an entry level contract. Emelin has also been reported to have signed a contract but it hasn’t been confirmed.

This is good news. Markov can the both Russians under his wing. We needed some good players a on D in case if Souray left.

The 2006-07 Award Winners Are…….

The award ceremony was today and not very shocking Crosby won everything he was nominated for.

Leaf Experts Look: Leafs Edition

Bryan McCabe, the NHL Draft, whats about Cujo and Ryan Smyth?

With the NHL’s draft not far away and free agency soon to be here by the end of the month. Here’s an inside track through what I’ve gathered the Leafs will be up to for this month and for the most part of this offseason….

Calgary in Flames, Panthers, Balsillly, Eklund…and more

Hello fellow hockey fans. It’s starting to heat up in South Florida, am I talking about the weather or the team?

Calgary in Flames, what will Keenan give?

Soon to be new owner of Nashvile makes a silly move.

Eklund….oh Eklund, it’s time I start giving a good talk.

Some Rangers spek.

What do you want us to do?

Leafs talking to Bowman?

According to the Sun Media the Toronto Maple Leafs are trying to talk the legendary Scotty Bowman out of retirement It is speculated that they are trying to convince Bowman to take over a senior position with the club “possibly even team president.”

Top UFA's and their potential new team and estimated salary

This is a list of the top UFAs, where they might end up based on the teams that have shown interest in them, and what their estimated salary could be.

Source: http://www.thefourthperiod.com/topfas.html

Blake to test Free Agency

Jason Blake of the New York Islanders is going to test free agency according to thefourthperiod.com.

Article is here:  Story