Sun Media Poll

This was taken from the Toronto Sun. Over the past couple of weeks they polled many members of the hockey media, along with GM’s, Assistant GM’s and Coach’s, players etc. to get the opinions of who is the best and worst in many different categories.

Should be an interesting read, enjoy:

Roy's #33 to be retired in Montreal???

Montreal Gazette columnist Red Fisher reported that he expects the Habs to retire G Patrick Roy’s No. 33 next year and that might not sit well with the club’s alumni because of the way Roy exited Montreal.

The Loser Point and New European League

Just my thought on these two subjects.

McCabe Out 6-8 Weeks With Broken Hand.

Bryan McCabe suffered three broken bones in his left hand, when he was thrown into the boards by Montreal’s Andrei Kostitsyn in the third period of the Leafs 4-1 loss Saturday to the Canadiens in Montreal. When McCabe went into Saturday’s game, he was sixth in the NHL in ice time with 26:33 per game.

All You Need to Know: Salaries and Cap

I just thought that I would share this with you all and I did not know exactly how to do this so I wrote an article. I have a website that will help all of you with your trade rumors and dreams, the site with all you need to know about player salaries and team caps!

Nik Antropov playing like an MVP

Nik Antropov if finally trying to play like everyone predicted him to play. THis is his 8th season with the leafs and he is truly fo rthe first time, making a name for himself throughout the NHL. He has 31 points in 31 games, on pace for 82. Although, the past few seasons, some would say he was injury prone, he looks as if he is starting to control that. He is more physical, he is working harder and he tries every second that he is on the ice. I think we all owe him a pat on the back for a job well done so far this season.

Habs scouted by two teams at Philly game

According to RDS’ commentators, the Oilers were scouting the Canadiens for the second game in a row in Philadelphia. Plus, they added tht the Anaheim Ducks were also attending the game.

It could be interesting to see what those two teams could offer to Montreal, especially the Ducks who have to clear some cap space for Niedermayer.

Montreal's offensive problems solved?

According to Helsingin Sanomat (the main newspaper in Finland), the Montreal Canadiens are in serious contract talks with Lukko forward Janis Sprukts. The article goes on to say that Ryder would head to Florida in order to obtain Sprukts’ rights.

There's Blood In The Water

In the first third of the season, many annalists and rumormongers were calling for the Sharks to be gutted, for lack of a better phrase. The team lacked a real backbone, they were inconsistant, and players werent meeting expectations; all reasons I had seen other people use to explain why we needed to restructure… This team is for real, and their only goal is to bring home a Cup.

Too Many Wacky Rumors

Since the begining of December there have been a ton of Hab rumors floating around. Rumors are rumors after all but some tend to be true. Here are some of the rumors going around that I find wacky/crazy.

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