The Kovalev Deal…Talk About it Here.

A possible steal for the Rangers, but mostly likely a fair deal for both sides.

Patrick loses out on valueable players again; GM Pat Quinn a genius.

What does this mean in the off-season for the Rangers?

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Kovalev Back on Broadway

The Penguins sent Kovalev along with defencemen Mike Wilson, Janne Laukkanen as well as forward Dan Lacoutoure to the Rangers.

In exchange, the Rangers sent defencmen Joel Bouchard, Richard Lintner and forward Rico Fata as well as an undisclosed amount of cash, believed to be around $4 million dollars in cash.

The cash is clearly the centre-piece of this transaction and the trade was initially held up while the league approved the amount of financial compensation going to the Penguins.

Kovalev has 27 goals and 37 assists this season. The 29-year old will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, and will be eligible for arbitration.

Details to follow.

Senators looking for some grit

“The Ottawa Senators will continue to search for more physical presence as they head towards the playoffs. Ottawa Senators GM John Muckler, despite obvious financial restraints because of the club’s recent bankruptcy declaration, is still searching for more grit for his first-place club. One player Muckler knows very well is Rangers agitator Matthew Barnaby, who was with Muckler in Buffalo a few years ago. So far, the asking price for Barnaby’s services, however, is too high. According to the LA Times, Muckler was reportedly rebuffed by Rangers GM Glen Sather when Muckler offered Swedish winger Magnus Arvedson for Barnaby’s services. However, Muckler isn’t likely to give up.”

Kovalev Does Not Anticipate A Trade Anytime Soon

According to the post gazette in Pittsburgh, PA Alexei Kovalev does not expect to be traded soon. Kovalev stated…

“My feeling is that, for the next month, I don’t think anything is going to happen. Maybe closer to the deadline, it might happen.”

Alexei Kovalev stated that he would like to play in Pittsburgh next season, but that does not look like the case because of financial troubles in the organization. No word was said on possible teams that Kovalev might be traded to, but so far rumors have it that it will be either, Toronto, Philidelphia, Colorado, or Detroit.

Satan Would Welcome Trade To Contender

Sportsnet has reported that Miroslav Satan the teams 5 time leading scorer is upset with the teams bankruptcy and apparently wants to be traded. Satan told Detroit News that he would definitely welcome the chance to play for a team that has high ambitions and would like to win something (Stanley Cup).

-Go Leafs Go-

Will Fedorov leave Detroit?

TFP has reported that Sergei Fedorov was very upset over his ice in Detroit’s 5-3 loss to Colorado.Federov played 14 minutes and 59 second that is well below his average of 20 minutes and 58 seconds.Federov also hinted that there can be other factors “maybe it’s because my contract is up. Maybe something else. I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m just upset.” Sources in Detroit say that actually is a possibility. But for all you Detroit fans I don’t think he will leave even though he is a unrestricted free agent after the season.

Bobby's not done?

Flyers Notes | More moves likely are in the making

By Tim Panaccio

Inquirer Staff Writer

The sense around the Flyers yesterday afternoon was that another deal is coming. Maybe not right away, but coming.

A Sleeper on the Market?

When I heard that Florida was willing to part with Kristian Huselius thanks to Mike Keenan persauding management and ownership if the right deal came for him to take it, I truely could not believe it. This kid was absolutely the brightest thing about the Panthers last year. Huselius had 45 points in his very underrated rookie season, and I’m pretty sure that led the team. He played on a pretty talentless squad last year. How he didn’t get more calder talk I have no clue. Any time I’ve seen him play, I’ve been very impressed! If I were any GM in the league I’d be calling Florida to see what they want for this guy. He’s been in Keenan’s doghouse (surprise, surprise!) and if Keenan has enough say to persuade the Ownership once to deal him, if Keenan gets offered something he likes, I’m sure he’d lobby for it. So for a new, kind of radical twist on Kovy talks, how about the possibility of some three way deals with any of the big budget teams rumored to be interested?

Will the Yotes make a trade?

Who’s Number One in Phoenix?

(theFourth Phoenix Coyotes goalie Sean Burke is ready to return to the line-up but coach Bobby Francis is not rushing him back.

Wings close to adding defenseman

Earlier in the week, it was reported by TFP that Glen Wesley would probably end up in Detroit.

It is very close to happening.

Iginla to the Flyers???

According to The Toronto Sun the Philadelphia Flyers are seriously interested in aquiring Calgary Flames superstar forward Jarome Iginla. Many names have been thrown around as potential aquisitions, Owen Nolan, Sami Kappanen, Miroslov Satan. Apparently the player that Philadelphia Flyers GM Bobby Clarke is most interested in is Calgary’s Jarome Iginla.

Kapanen traded to the Flyers

Sami Kapanen and minor leaguer Ryan Bast, were traded to the Philadelphia Flyers today for forwrad Pavel Brendl and Defenseman Bruno St. Jacques. While this seems to be a depth move for the Flyers due to their many injured players, I have to wonder what this does to their ability to acquire a bigger name closer to the trade deadline as Brendl is a name mentioned in almost every trade.

Beginning of the End

The Rangers have not played a single game with a full healthy roster. In fact, now the Rangers have played above 85% of the season with a team that is close to $45M in payroll. Now, it has currently dropped to roughly$37M after losing Mike Dunham and Vladimir Malakhov.

Paul Maurice Has Lost His Mind!!!

Has Maurice lost his players?
(Feb. 7th) It appears that its just a matter of time for coach Paul Maurice in Carolina. The NHL’s longest serving coach with his current team is on thin ice and will likely not be back with the team next year. Its really just whether management decides to make a coaching change now or wait until the off-season. If Maurice turns his best players against him any further it is likely that his dismissal date will be accelerated. Yesterday Maurice, at his wits end trying to motivate his players, singled out seven players after practice and put them through a gruelling set of skating drills that left centreman Craig MacDonald collapsed on the ice. The other six players were leading scorer Jeff O’Neill, Bates Battaglia, Aaron Ward, Niclas Wallin, Jeff Heerema and David Tanabe. “It’s a [expletive] joke is all it was,” said O’Neill, who tossed his helmet in disgust. “If that’s how he wants to carry on, that’s the way he can do it. Whatever. I don’t even care. I’m playing for my teammates.” Maurice had a different view of the matter, “There’s no sense skating the entire team. The people that hear you aren’t necessarily the ones that need to get the message” he said.

Brylin injury may force Devils to trade for Sniper!

On Wednesday February 5th the New Jersey Devils were greeted by the injury bug as versatile forward Sergei Brylin broke his wrist which lead to surgery being performed on the 6th and the Devils announced that “Sarge” would be out 2-3 months which would be the rest of the season and first month of the playoffs, a situation eerily similar to last year when Scott Gomez suffered the same injury. In light of this developement I believe that Lamerillo will be forced to make a deal, now whether it be for Owen Nolan, Kovalev, Palffy, Kapanen, Satan is unknown, but my intuition tells me that either Satan or Atlantas Slava Kozlov or Shawn Mceachern, seeing as they’d be the cheapest to fill the void left.


Leetch to Oilers?

Rumor has it the Rangers are thinking of renting out Leetch to a team with playoff potential. At the same time, Kevin Lowe has mentioned he is considering renting a player for the playoffs. Coincidence? I think not.

Golisano reopens talks with NHL over Sabres

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Renewing his effort to purchase the bankrupt Buffalo Sabres, billionaire B. Thomas Golisano had more discussions with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Tuesday.

Report: Leafs, Raptors up for sale

TSN reports:

TORONTO (CP) – Steve Stavro is in talks to sell his control position in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, owner of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and NBA’s Toronto Raptors, the Globe and Mail reported Wednesday.

Avs Acquire McAllister from Flyers

KKFN radio just reported that the Avalanche have acquired Defenseman Chris McAllister from the Flyers for a 6th round pick.

Sanderson to be moved ??

Don’t be surprised if Doug MacLean begins taking offers for UFA, Geoff Sanderson if the Blue Jackets hopes for a playoff spot fall short. Sanderson, who will be open to the free market come July 1st, is a player many contending teams would dearly love to add to their offensive attack. There is no doubt MacLean would like to sign Sanderson to a long term contract, but with no news on him re-siging the possibility of a trade being made is there. Teams that could use some added scoring punch in the form of Sanderson are Toronto, Detroit, Colorado, New Jersey and Boston. Look for rumours involving Sanderson to heat up by the time the March 11th deadline rolls around.