Go all in?

Somebody wrote an article a few days saying the Canuck’s should go for the Cup this year, but most of his trades weren’t very realistic, the players he got wouldn’t fit that well, and the team gave up too much of it’s future. So my version will be realistic, and won’t involving giving up tooo much future.

Lightning triumvirate not going anywhere!

It looks like the Bolts won’t be forced to sell of one of their Big Three as their payroll is not expected to be cut, but may in fact rise.
This should quell and speculation of Lecavalier, St. Louis or especially Richards being shopped.

Markov Signing Soon

According to RDS.ca, Andrei Markov finally received an offer: +5M$ for the next 4 years, so that’s a +20M$ contract…

It's Almost Over, Preds Migrate North, Trade Possibilities, Bettman Talk

Hello hockey fans. I hope you are all getting ready for the Stanley Cup Finals, starting Monday. This means that for people who can buy beer, start stocking up your inventory. For people who cannot buy beer yet, get your parents to stock up the inventory. And for those of you who cannot drink at all, well….just eat something that satisfies you.

The Nashville Predators will most likely move up North. What a shame, I liked this team.

Some trade possibilities and other moves that may surprise you.

And yes….Bettman discussion time and I’m ready to get grilled for it! By the way, I prefer charcoal, not gas.

Toronto a Leaf city not a Hockey City…..

As talked about this morning on the fan 590; finally my exact thoughts were voiced across Toronto and it’s surrounding area. None of the NHL playoff games have ranked in the top 25 TV rankings within the Torotno and surrounding area poplulation.

This solidifies my thoughts and what I have preached about over and over again…Toronto is in love with the Leafs and not the NHL or hockey for that matter. It’s a Leaf city not a Hockey city.

NHL fans…are we whiners?

I think I have come to an understanding about the majority of NHL fans….damn they complain a lot!!

There’s the easy choice of saying Leaf fans are annoying whiners, so are Habs fans and Senator fans (notice the geographical pattern); there’s just less Habs and Sens fans so it’s not as noticeable as Leaf fans. Then there’s Vancouver fans which for the most part on HTR seem to be pretty good, but I here through the media all the time that they’re actually one of the worst fans to play for. Then there’s Flyers fans…they have this undeserved sense of accomplishment…kind of like Kevin Federline…this arrogant aura that says “we’re better than you” but nobody knows where they got this from…they’ve never won anything and were in last this past season.


Brian Leetch, the lynchpin for the NY RANGERS 1994 Stanley Cup Run, has officially announced his retirement. Say what you will, but he was one of the best ever!!!!!

If you were the GM

Time to play armchair GM: After following the 2006-07 season and most of the playoffs, if you could propose a trade in the off-season that would make sense from a dollars and sense and hockey standpoint, what one trade would you propose to improve both teams, not just your favourite team?


Three year contract, terms undisclosed.

Van obviously wants Kesler to be a part of the Core Group.

Crosby, Malkin win Sporting News awards

Just as before the Oscars come out, the winners of the Golden Globes (and other lesser awards) tend to predict what may happen in the Big Show, so is it true that before the rapidly approaching NHL awards are released, magazines like the Hockey News and the Sporting News announce their winners, often predicting what will happen in the Big Show.

In what is becoming a pattern, Penguins center Sidney Crosby was named Player of the Year by the Sporting News in a vote among league players.

NHL players also voted Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin the Sporting News Rookie of the Year.

Just Go For It!

First off I’d like to acknowledge the article by Tony Gallagher in today’s Province

Balsillie To Buy Preds!

After failing to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins, the CEO of Research In Motion has entered the frame again this time showing up in Nashville. This is a guy who wants to be a virus to a city and move the team out of whatever city to a city in Ontario. With the city agreement in Nashville, if attendance average is above 14,000 the team cannot move. I feel terrible for fans of the Preds in the Nashville area.

Finals are Set. Ducks vs Sens.

Well the 2007 Stanley Cup final is upon us. The Ottawa Senators will face the Anaheim Ducks for the grand prize. This should be a close, tight checking but still compelling series. Here is a preview.

Goal: Well in terms of how each of the goalies are playing right now, very little separates the two. Both Ray Emery and JS Giguere have been fantastic this playoff. The goals against is about the same with Giguere holding a slight edge and also ahead in save percentage. But regardless of the numbers both are hot.