Brian Leetch, the lynchpin for the NY RANGERS 1994 Stanley Cup Run, has officially announced his retirement. Say what you will, but he was one of the best ever!!!!!

If you were the GM

Time to play armchair GM: After following the 2006-07 season and most of the playoffs, if you could propose a trade in the off-season that would make sense from a dollars and sense and hockey standpoint, what one trade would you propose to improve both teams, not just your favourite team?


Three year contract, terms undisclosed.

Van obviously wants Kesler to be a part of the Core Group.

Crosby, Malkin win Sporting News awards

Just as before the Oscars come out, the winners of the Golden Globes (and other lesser awards) tend to predict what may happen in the Big Show, so is it true that before the rapidly approaching NHL awards are released, magazines like the Hockey News and the Sporting News announce their winners, often predicting what will happen in the Big Show.

In what is becoming a pattern, Penguins center Sidney Crosby was named Player of the Year by the Sporting News in a vote among league players.

NHL players also voted Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin the Sporting News Rookie of the Year.

Just Go For It!

First off I’d like to acknowledge the article by Tony Gallagher in today’s Province

Balsillie To Buy Preds!

After failing to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins, the CEO of Research In Motion has entered the frame again this time showing up in Nashville. This is a guy who wants to be a virus to a city and move the team out of whatever city to a city in Ontario. With the city agreement in Nashville, if attendance average is above 14,000 the team cannot move. I feel terrible for fans of the Preds in the Nashville area.

Finals are Set. Ducks vs Sens.

Well the 2007 Stanley Cup final is upon us. The Ottawa Senators will face the Anaheim Ducks for the grand prize. This should be a close, tight checking but still compelling series. Here is a preview.

Goal: Well in terms of how each of the goalies are playing right now, very little separates the two. Both Ray Emery and JS Giguere have been fantastic this playoff. The goals against is about the same with Giguere holding a slight edge and also ahead in save percentage. But regardless of the numbers both are hot.

Stanley Cup Finals

The NHL has released the schedule for the Stanley Cup Finals, and I for one am not happy with it at all and I would be willing to wager that the Senators aren’t either. The Finals open on monday the 28th of May in either Detroit or Anaheim. Now you might ask what is wrong with this? well I will tell you. If Anaheim wins tonight on home ice then they get 5 days off to rest and recover from their bumps and bruises while Ottawa has to sit and wait for 9 days-way too long a period without playing a real game of hockey. Ottawa should have won the advantage going into the Finals against either team because they won the Eastern Con. so handily instead they seem to be being punished.

Spring 2007 NHL Organization Rankings has updated their organizational rankings. These rankings show, in’s opinions, the rankings of the youth in each NHL team’s system.

Six Weeks Later….

After a dissapointing 82nd game to end a dramatic season, it was so hard to see the positives. People were calling on Carbonneau to be fired, as well as asking for Gainey to step down. Some questionable moves by our coaching staff had many fans scratching their heads throughout the 2nd half of the season. If things weren’t bad enough, the trade deadline (and days before) lost all confidence in our team’s push for a playoff spot. While many players such as Guerin, Smolinski and Forsberg were rumored to join the Blue, Blanc et Rouge, we came away empty handed. I

Hockeysfuture still a year behind

Popular prospect magazine Hockeysfuture shows leafs nation less credit, but is it justified?

Briere or Drury?

From what I’ve been reading and hearing it sounds like one of Drury or Briere will be leaving Buffalo this offseason, barring a salary-dumping trade by the Sabres to keep both.

What has intrigued me is the fact that most analysts say that Briere will be the one let go. Why do people value Drury over Briere? Won’t both make similar money next season?

Bad Journalism

Somehow the Senators achievements leads to a discussion about the Maple Leafs fans, go figure. It’s worth noting what exactly our world of hockey journalism has finally led to in the mist of the third straight Canadian team birth into the Stanley Cup finals.