Long Summer Ahead in Buffalo

Despite winning the Presidents Trophy for the most points in the regular season and establishing themselves as one of the NHL’s elite, it was a bitter end to the season for the Buffalo Sabres. Once again the team was stalled at the Eastern Conference Final and again forced to watch the Stanley Cup Final from the sidelines.

This may have been their best chance to bring a championship home to Buffalo which has come close in past years, but never has tasted the thrill of victory. Their talent level was second to none and their depth was one of the best in the league.

Finally! Ottawa Fulfills Their Promise

Its about time. After 10 years of agony the Ottawa Senators have finally fulfilled their promise and have made it to the Stanley Cup final. They have done so in very fine fashion taking only 15 games to beat three 100 point teams in the East including the Presidents Trophy winning Buffalo Sabres.

Draft is fastest route to top. Why not explore it???

Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Pogge, Carlo, White, all have come via the draft something both Quinn and JFJ have somewhat succeeded at. Everyone wants to put together all these high priced UFA’s but lets look to the future and see whats in store for the 2007 NHL draft.

What the heck is wrong with Senator fans????

This is a copy and paste from sportsnet.ca…I am not claiming to write this below section:

Why Backstrom can affect the Buds

So Nicklas Backstrom looks like he is going back to Minni.

“An unrestricted free agent on July 1st, Backstrom said he feels his heart is with the team in Minnesota, and made that point clear to his agent last weekend. It’s believed Backstrom is worth over $3 million per season but re-signing him could force the Wild into trading netminder Manny Fernandez.ESPN.COM/AP

Isles NOT Buying Out Yash??

According to an article in Newsday (http://www.newsday.com /) New York Islander fans should expect to see Alexei Yashin in an Islanders uniform next season. The question I have is why? Prior to this article, I was ready to guarantee that he would have been gone by July 1st. Now it looks like he’s here to stay.

If you ask me, this is a BAD move for many reasons. I’ll highlight just a few:

The Plan: part 1

I have a two year plan for the Canuck’s that will make them big time contenders, and in reality is pretty realistic.

The Idea and The Hit

A Fresh Idea for the Playoffs
Head-First Homstrom

Stralman signs, so who goes?

(this is my first article so dont cut me up)

According to www.mapleleafs.com:

May 16, 2007) — John Ferguson, vice-president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, announced Wednesday that the club has signed defenceman Anton StralmanQuick View (STROHL-muhn) to a three-year, entry level contract.

Why not make a bigger deal of the CHL?

A few minutes ago Brenden Bosh of the Medicine Hat Tigers scored in the the 2nd overtime of game 7 of the WHL championship game to win the Western hockey league championship. Sounds like a good series from what i’ve told you so far right? Well it not only was a good series, but better then any recent NHL playoff series. This game was one of the best games i’ve ever watched. So why have most of never heard anything about this series if you don’t live in the Greater Vancouver area?


That’s all Ican say to this 3-0 lead the Sens have on the Sabres…..WOW!!!

This is not the same Sens team that has choked many years in a row with Stanley Cup-like teams…this team has it all! They’re defending, scoring (well it was 1-0 last night, but that’ll happen) hitting, clearing the front of the net, screening Miller, keeping up if not surpassing Buffalo’s speed…this team has Cup Champions written all over it, although Anahiem is a fantastic team (as I don’t see Detoit passing them).

Canuck's Offseason/Free Agency

While there is definately hope for the Canucks (Hope is spelled L-U-O-N-G-O), several questions arise concerning the draft, free agency and the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, the Canucks will not be big players in the free agent market due to their CURRENT salary cap status.

Big news out of the Sundin camp!!!!

TSN.CA and Sportsnet.ca are reporting this on there website take it for whats it’s worth.