Winds of change behind the Canucks bench?

Cory Schneider will play 20-25 games next season in the National Hockey League, but the Vancouver Canucks’ prized prospect will learn as much or more from his 70 or so practices and about the same number of morning skates.

Schneider has new NHL contract – Wonders about a trade

CORY Schneider
has a new contract, a two-year, one-way deal worth US$900,000 per season.

What does it mean in a world where Vancouver Canucks starter Roberto Luongo is about to start in on his 12-year, $64-million extension?

It means Cory Schneider has a new contract.

Burke puts Kaberle on auction block

Any pretence that the Maple Leafs are not looking to trade Tomas Kaberle has evaporated.

It can’t be done until the entry draft in Los Angeles on June 25 — well, technically it could be done before if Kaberle were to waive his no-trade clause — but it’s clear GM Brian Burke and the Leaf brain trust will be disappointed if they can’t move Kaberle for something substantial over the coming weeks.

Avalanche won't make waves in free-agent market

Any Avalanche fan who hopes the team uses much of its considerable salary cap room on a free-agent splurge July 1 will be disappointed. Avs general manager Greg Sherman all but ruled out any pricey forays this summer, preferring to continue a “build from within” blueprint.

“I don’t foresee any shortcuts,” Sherman said, following a meeting of league GMs at a Philadelphia hotel Wednesday. “Our plan is to build around the young, enthusiastic players we have now.”

B's, Oilers consider flip-flop at top

While there remains some debate about just how the first two picks in June’s NHL draft will work out, the Edmonton Oilers, who own the first overall pick, and Boston Bruins, who acquired the second overall pick in a deal with Toronto, have discussed a possible deal to ensure both get who they want.

The consensus top prizes are Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin , but there is no consensus on who should go No. 1.