Canucks Season

Canucks came into the 2006-07 season with a lot of pressure. They were criticized of having no offense during pre-season and were predicted not to make the playoffs.

Which of these players do you want your team to pick up?

The following is a complete list of unrestricted free agents (UFAs) whose salary was over $750,000 last season.


Team Canada Wins Gold!!

An undefeated Team Canada won Gold in Moscow with a nerve-racking 4-2 victory over Team Finland.

Mats Sundin Needs to Have an Heir But Who?

Mats Sundin is still and elite player and a great leader. However, his years are getting to him. Now im not going out and saying get rid of him like many people on this website would. Sundin will need a heir and it will cost us. Our absolute best option would be send a package and steal one of Malkin or Staal but in all likely hood that wont happen. Our second best option would be making this trade.

Leafs would'nt be able to hack this years playoffs.

Here’s why the Leafs would’nt be able to compete this year in the playoffs.

Any buddy wanna argue it?

Rumors and more rumors: Scott Gomez a Leaf?

Here’s just a few things that I thought was worth noting to you fans alot of this I took form Eklunds blog and kinda re-typed it into my own words and changed a few things.

Flyers Lock Up Upshall

According to, the Flyers have re-signed RFA Scottie Upshall to a two-year deal. The 23-year old will be paid $1.2 million in 2007-08 and $1.25 million in 2008-09.

Leafs Reward Ponikarovsky. Why?

Once again the Toronto Maple Leafs have opened up their cheque books and spent big dollars on marginal talent. Today the team re-signed forward Alexei Ponikarovsky to a 3 year 6.3 million dollar contract. Ponikarovsky just about tripled his annual salary from last season.

Round Three…Ring the Bell! Second Round Losers, Sundin/Leafs

Well, I have finally recovered from PPED and back to talking hockey with all you good hockey fans. Som interesting topics to further discuss and so click away to continue reading.


Hey there guys, I’ve been away for a while but here’s a quick update to let you know who won what in the HTR Hockey Pool for the regular season and the ”Standings” contest as well as updating the standings for the Playoffs Pool.

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MLSE Announces They Don't Want To Win A Cup

Reports from the Globe and Mail state that MLSE does not want to win another cup. The news comes with the report that John Ferguson Jr is staying put.

My offseason plan for the Rangers….

After one of the most thrilling series I have ever witnessed, it is time for me to realize the 06-07 Rangers are over and to ponder how they could improve for the future. Although the Rangers flat out outplayed Buffalo for the majority of the series, they still had their holes, which lead to their ultimate demise. Some holes I have noticed are: The need for a high scoring blueliner, the need for a physical forward on the first two lines, and the need for a solid backup tender, in this article I will do the best I can to address these needs and justify why they should be made.

Gomez is going to test free agency.

Scott Gomez has announced today that he will be testing free agency. Let the arm chair general managers begin to see he would fit best. Seeing as I am a Habs fan, I think Gomez would make a great fit with the Habs. Any thoughts?